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.hack//TERMINAL DISC - File 01 - Infection


Spoilers this video will have major spoilers

The question is What is .Hack//G.U.?

And yes all this leads to .Hack//G.U.

VideoCollapse )

This all leads up to .Hack//G.U. this is the background story are you ready to go?

I'm hyped so this is .Hack//G.U. and what it is people asked what .Hack//G.U. was so this is the answer I give...:P

As for Jyotaro Amagi who Pai dislikes it's obvious that why she has that 'avatar'
Jyotaro Amagi story continues in .Hack//Link going into .Hack//Link the black sheep of the games that's another story yes Japan wasn't into .Hack//Link it faced many many backlash.

So that why I don't mind if Tokio from .Hack//Link shows up somehow in .Hack//G.U. Last Recode it would make sense if they keep saying .Hack//Link did happen in the timeline.

But since .Hack//Link we also had .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. both for phone games we also had .Hack//Versus and .Hack//Quantum.

To find out what happened 'after' this we have to play .Hack//G.U. yes it's a shocker.

But it's good to know the background story first right?

But I'm hyped for .Hack//G.U. Last recode I wonder who they will added to the game.



So the news is FF7-R is getting new graphics...

Or the rumors is that


We know that Square Enix fallout with CC2 a.k.a. CyberConnect2 is big we know that CyberConnect2 was kicked from the team win they wanted new people in this game right?

And that win CyberConnect2 announced they was going to push for .hack more likely that what triggered us getting .Hack//G.U. Last recode

This news is like oil and water CyberConnect2 and Square Enix are going at it and it something I wanted to avoid talking about but win it linked to FF7 remake that's a go

So far the interview just talks about them wanting to use a different graphics
"Yoshinori Kitase has stated he looks to shock fans by introducing technology"

That the quote from youtube video yes I'm trying to keep up with Ff7-R news also

Over all this might mean FF-7 R for PS5...yes PS5 if the rumors are true *sigh*

I'm worried but I'm also upset I got the PS4 Pro for this game >_>

I also got a 4K TV for this game >_>

If you don't know CyberConnect2 was working on FF-7 R with Square Enix it was no secret but Square Enix wasn't 'pleased' with CyberConnect2 work so they kicked them so the rumors was after that 'break up' CyberConnect2 announced .hack//G.U. Last Recode and why we are getting .hack//G.U. Last Recode from CyberConnect2.

There also hints that if .hack//G.U. Last Recode do well we might get another new game out of the .hack series or another remake *cough* .Hack//infection anyone?

CyberConnect2 said they wanted to introduce fans to the .hack games that why they started with .Hack//G.U. this is why we are getting .hack//G.U. Last Recode.

Now on Square Enix side there break up with CyberConnect2 was big they was saying CyberConnect2 was going to be replaced with people with new ideas so far no big names they replaced CyberConnect2 with.

More likely Square Enix 'hand picked' who they wanted to replace CyberConnect2 with people we don't know or heard about.

What dose this have to do with FF7-R? Well the fact is that we never got a new update since CyberConnect2 break up with Square Enix and this news coming out they want

New 'technology' in says a lot that means PS5? That the only thing I can think of

If it not the PS5 what is it?

If anyone else can translate this better then me please do.

Square Enix also said they are working on a bigger game that will be better then
Final Fantasy XV O_o

That was my reaction so if they are going to push FF-7 Remake to PS5 and working on another game that is bigger then Final Fantasy XV where dose it leave FF-7 remake??

So where do FF7-R come in again? If they are going to make a new game or FF game that means...FF7- R is getting pushed back?

This is all my thoughts and news coming from youtube people who try to keep up to FF7-R remake news

One thing oddly... .hack G.U. last recode news always drops win...Star Ocean Anamnesis updates...or do anything I'm starting to see that CC2 is watching Star Ocean Anamnesis and yes Star Ocean Anamnesis is still working with Square Enix so...

Hmm maybe it nothing? I don't know but it always win Star Ocean Anamnesis drops news and updates I get more .Hack news.

As far as I know Star Ocean Anamnesis has no issues with CC2 more likely Star Ocean Anamnesis is worried about FGO and trying to beat them somehow.

The other two games I see going at it is Star Ocean and Tales you should know there bittersweet history it all started with Tales of Phantasia for those who don't know Star Ocean and Tales use to be 'One'...O_O

Yes that was before they broken up in two different factions they split into Star Ocean and Tales games that why Star Ocean fans and Tales fans don't get along and win a new Tales or Star Ocean game comes out they are at it.

For those who wish for a Star Ocean Anamnesis crossover with Tales it not going to happen.

So what do you think about this news FF-7 new graphics or the fact we might get it on PS5 or more later?

I myself is disappointed I do want to play FF-7 remake one day and I wish they would stop worrying over the graphics and how the game looks...*sigh*

Looks like .Hack//Last recode broke my theory they just posted hmm.

Alright this is the word this topic is just...'ugh'

I'm calling this BS topic to have fun.

However the Final Fantasy 7 remake news is??...

I might try to translate this page but I have broken Japanese so...

If someone can translate this page please do.

Looking good <3

I'm not going to say spoilers are in this video :p

But yes I'm excited very excited this means G.U. last recode might be ready to go

Just waiting for Nov to come can't come any sooner

I'm going to put hours into this game that for sure

"GULR】「.hack//G.U. Last Recode」公式サイトSTORYページ にVol.1紹介・オープニングムービー追加! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW0r4TrVJ2A … 公式サイト http://hackgul.bn-ent.net/ #dothack #ドットハック"
"[GULR] ".hack // G.U. Last Recode "Add Vol.1 Introduction and opening movie official site STORY page! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW0r4TrVJ2A … Official site http://hackgul.bn-ent.net/ #dothack #ドットハック"

So who excited for .Hack//G.U. I am

The tension between Square Enix and CC2 is...you will see in the next update

Oh boy here we go.

SOA What I get alt?


To pass the time

waiting for update right

So I rolled for Ashton on my alt got nothing but doubles however one rainbow stand out

I wasn't expecting this roll and I've rolled on Ashton banner only to get...

Celine O_O

O_o Celine

On my alt yes my alt got Celine

So I tried Celine in party with Prince Claude needless to say Fayt protested that was the end but it was Celine this Celine is 0LB she not LB at all and I don't know if I want to use her she slow I don't have her weapon so...

The amusement itself was seeing Celine almost 'cling' onto Fayt who protested badly
Celine is Celine that's all I got to say and watching Fayt go way on the other side of the battle was amusing itself needless to say Fayt went so far away from Celine that was about it otherwise Prince Claude didn't mind Celine.

More hints from twitter people come to theory

This might be our future >_< people are starting to see...
Lasswell from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius T_T

The fan base is mixed some people like it some don't some people just love Star Ocean

As I said before Square Enix is pushing out Final Fantasy ever since...Final Fantasy XV you know...*sigh* the madness that comes with that.

It has to be bad if they are paying SOA to do this crossover it's all about the money you know it again I wish they picked something other then Final Fantasy Brave Exvius but looks like we might be getting it maybe.

Like Final Fantasy 7 or some other Final Fantasy game if they was going with Final Fantasy to go with.

But for now we just say this is all theories we don't know if it's Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or not people are guessing and making theories

But if you look at that picture it do look like Lasswell *sigh*...well it can be worse

People guess it might be Lasswell and Fina no Rain (rumors) we don't know yet we might be getting Lasswell and Rain and no Fina but they are going to add a girl so has to be Fina.

Oh man SOA fans are protesting they don't like this crossover at all from twitter the people are salty very salty

If you look at this pic what do you see?

I want to see Sephiroth but that not going to happen T_T

Do we know anyone else who looks like that? Beside Lasswell?

But this is a small update and posting what people are saying on twitter.

SOA update


--From discord--
Maintenance on 9/14 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

New Event
Revision on Ashton's Rush Animation
Minor Bug Fix

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Mavelle/Ashton Pick-Up
New Weapon Pick-Up
Guaranteed New Weapon Pick-Up
SO3 Executioner Event
Claude Coin Shop
Micheal Coin Shop
Micheal (Destruction) Coin Shop

New Event "Ten Wisemen Lucifer/Cyril Advent". Cyril is capable of teleporting across the map and surprise players with attacks. His attacks can inflict Seal status. He is weak to the Fire Element more so with symbology. Status Effects are hard to inflict as with Elemental Breaks. The reward for the devs beating Cyril during the live stream everyone gets 1000 gems.

Character Status Up Function
Using stats separate seeds, you can raise each characters individual stats by 1 for each seed. These can be farmed in a permanent mission unlike hammer or thread missions. AP can be raised with AP Seeds however these are not found in the permanent mission but event achievement rewards.

---End of discord--

So farm farm farm the skill seeds and Cyril a.k.a. Lucifer is weak ageist fire so get the fire weapons ready and if you have someone who uses fire you're good to go

Sophia would be nice for this fight also Fayt if you have him maybe Ashton fire only

And don't forget your healer Rena or Relia might be good Swimsuit Sophia if you have her but she more lighting

Prince Claude might work he is fire element if you don't have anyone better

Mavelle is not going to work nor is Fiore not unless you have them with fire users

You can use a defender or Albel with the
"Weapon Name: Godflame Sword・Kagutsuchi
Type: Sword and Sheath
Factor: Gain Fire Attribute
+50% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks
Limit Break Factor: 60% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 20% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 960 ATK / 958 INT
Obtainable From: Gacha"

weapon and use sword and sheath user or anyone with a fire weapon that's why Fayt users are good with fire weakness Fayt already has that in his powers give Fayt the Ice sword and he has 3 elements to him but you can also use Military Anne she also has that.

Elemental we only have 2 so far Fayt and Military Anne they feel rare to me but that just me correct me if there is someone else I'm forgetting.

But you're leader must be a 10LB win starting the events it helps a lot going in without them being LB would be...bad if you're under 10LB find the party that will help you do the events and focus on 10LB the party as soon as possible

doing events it not impossible doing them under 10LB it will just take longer that from my experiences I played around with my alt account and yes it taken longer me to LB them and I'm still doing it today my alt account is not full 10LB party like my main but with a 10LB Fayt it works for my alt.

And my alt account don't have a good healer expect Relia she perfect for the mage type party or my alt party Fayt, Faize or Prince Claude all 'INT' boost and yes I still think that Fayt 'rush' is based on INT I noticed that win choosing swords for Fayt he needs a good damage sword with 'INT' in it so if you're wondering why Fayt isn't doing much damage it can be all in the 'INT' in the sword.

As I said before I always look at what sword I'm using I don't just put anything on Fayt and some people need INT for there rush and some don't but yes people say that Relia works good with Rena both buffs going will help.

(Remember Relia buffs INT win Rena buffs Power)

However I think once you get the skill seeds and upgrade you're character that might help to I'm going to start working on Fayt and Rena on my main my alt I'm going to work on Fayt and Relia.

For the Wedding girls Wedding Maria on my alt and Wedding Rena on my main I might work on them I don't know I never touched them in a long long time T_T

For both accounts I'm working on Swimsuit Reimi who drop for both accounts and slowly LB her to 10 and both accounts I'm working on Prince Claude who us somewhat useful and people will say that Sophia is way better then Prince Claude I have to say yes for now but if you get the skill seeds you can...

Boost the lower Tier class...that no one likes O_O

So if you have a skill seed Emmerson or Nel you might not get kicked and you might be able to play the lower class Tier that no one likes or even make Clair better again or Reimi think of all the possibilities.

Someone from discord was thinking about boosting 'Michael' so look at the characters you have and think of boosting them with skill seeds that is coming with this update
Or try to make Dias a tank that might work.

If you're worried about Tier ranking and all that don't worry about it once this update drops and the skill seeds are out you can upgrade the character you want I also think this is going to wreck the Tier ranking if all the characters are fully upgraded.

For attackers focus on attack skill seed sand Def and mage type focus on INT and def
Shooters you want to focus on Def and attack defenders you want to focus on Def and attack (that my thoughts people might tell you otherwise)

For attackers that use INT you might want to have INT skill seeds also and for anyone else who uses INT in there rush go for INT also.

So farm farm and farm get the skill seeds.

I'm excited for the skill seeds then more I am for the Gacha that says a lot right there.

And I think some people might go straight for the limited characters and start working on them like the wedding girls or swimsuit girls or even some characters we never seen in a long time.

So this update I'm excited for it what you think about it?

"[9/14 (Thursday) maintenance ②] today 14: 00-16:00, add a new event or failure will be doing maintenance work due to fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site"

I'll update again win the update is up.

Skill seeds are 1.9.0 update next update T_T so far away...

SOA we are getting


No Leon

It's Precis and that girl from the story the pink hair girl.

The pic they hinted at

People are saying it's...Sephiroth?


They say he looks like Lasswell from Final Fantasy brave exvius (Rumors)

>_> T_T

And nope no Valkyrie Profile collab returning so the chances new people getting Lenneth are low.

People wanted Valkyrie Profile to return people on twitter said it was going to return but the hints lead up to something else and that picture proved it not Valkyrie Profile.

Looks like Final Fantasy Collab incoming long hair guy with sword that means new sword type weapon hopefully a dark one.

People on discord are salty they wanted someone else not Lasswell and they wanted girls?? And they are upset it might be with Final Fantasy brave exvius.

I'm not excited that we get two girls little small loli girls for the new gacha I know people wanted Precis and they really wanted Leon the youtube chat was pissed and we get the pink hair girl not Leon however Leon was mention that was about it.

They also said they wanted to beat FGO ranking? or fan base?
I doubt that will happen the way they are going nope not going to happen

People are also upset they didn't pick a more liked Final Fantasy game or even Nier Automata but if they are going with Final Fantasy brave exvius why?

I played Final Fantasy brave exvius and it 'ugh' to me just a bit it really more cash then anything the story is alright but...it's...ugh

The new update also has skills seeds to upgrade attack def you get the idea

no word on new skills yet

but the most event I might be hyped for is Cyril return...er Lucifer return people already think he might be in a future Gacha we don't know

No info on weakness yet he is a SO2 boss and he has a lot of wind elements

However Final Fantasy has been making a lot of crossovers that says a lot

And if we are having a FF Crossover I wonder who paid them for it?

The Final Fantasy mobile games are pretty well...*sigh* depends what one you talk about I'm thinking they are trying to make up for the Final Fantasy XV loss in what they made and it failed I'm not going to get into that subject sorry.

So all of this is just theories for now we don't know if we are getting a Final Fantasy brave exvius crossover or not so keep that in mind

For this update new event I'm most excited for and skills seeds I want to boots my party attack except for mage types I might pass on this Gacha but good luck to the people who roll this one.

I'm still salty I did want Leon but the new Gacha is loli girls small girls sorry Waifu
you're taking a break and sorry for being negative who do like them.

So good luck on rolling for Precis and the pink hair girl who people are saying is another Wedding Maria clone so keep that in mind if you get her she even has Maria moves and Wedding Maria moves but no Wedding Maria or Maria rush.

And yes people was salty she was almost Maria and Wedding Maria clone the only thing is her rush is different and she has pink hair not blue.

This is my thoughts and it can be different from other people point of view so sorry for being negative but watch the youtube video and see how you feel about it.

So until we get the next update we can say the Collab is all theories for now that guy can be anyone but if you look the picture you can guess who it is.



"9/13(水)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #15.5』が放送決定!!今回の放送キーワードは『天才』だそうです!(`◎∀◎´) 視聴はこちら⇒http://sqex.to/zT4  #アナムネシス"

"9 / 13 (Wednesday) official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #15.5' broadcasting decision 20:00 more! Broadcast key word seems to be "genius"! ('◎∀◎ Be), watch here ⇒ http://sqex.to/zT4 #アナムネシス"

Keyword- Genius?

スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、 新規キャラクター情報や新規イベント情報などゲーム実機プレイ交えて公開予定です! 今回の放送キーワードは『天才』です! ■出演者 ウェルチ・ビンヤード(MC) 小林秀一(プロデューサー) 甲斐聖現(運営プロデューサー) その他ゲスト

Wow I just got done posting and now this shows up next week is STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #15.5

It was supposed to be this week but I think they pushed it back people was anxious I was one of them

So Genius Leon and Precis that my guess if it Genius if my translation is correct if not please correct me

I'll look at Discord to see if they translated this also

Nothing yet *sigh* I'll update the keywords if discord says it is different

So program 15.5 will be out next week get hyped for that

SOA update



"[Scenario: a new chapter released! 】 9 / 7 stage of the adventure, after the maintenance of the (Thursday) of the new lanbyulance this star "published! The heroes grabbed the clues for the treatment of viral diseases. And in "planet lanbyulance" headed for the manufacture of the vaccine, wait for them. New chapter of tension, so stay tuned! #アナムネシス"


New story is out I have not played it yet I'm charging my phone >_>

So I don't have any info what is going on with the story yet once my phone is done I'll go into game and play

I'll update this win I do the story

New comic updated and new this might link to the story?? I don't know yet

Luther is back and weak ageist Fire if you have Fayt or Sophia that will work

New weapons are out Ice gun and Ice orb
I think we have way to many guns and not enough swords that my take on this

Ice gun is good for Wedding Maria or anyone else who uses guns for that matter

Ice Orb that looks black okay odd that would be good on Swimsuit Sophia, Mavelle and Fiore if you have any of them

Now Mavelle did get a buff right? Why only her and not Ashton?
(Because Mavelle is a girl??)

I might roll for the weapons but I'm not into them I don't want any more guns

But if your a gun user or a orb users I would try to roll for them and we do have a Ice staff already so for this new weapons we get

"[Hunting Staff Cat's Paw : Staff]
- Damage to Avian Race +40%
- Will not flinch during Symbology Chants
LB Factor - Ease of Stun +10%"

That good if your working with staff users I'm not that staff would be good for Sophia or Wedding Ivilish if you have them or any of the staff users out there

"[Levin Orb : Orb]
- Ice Elemental Damage +40%
- Dark Elemental Damage +20%
- Critical Rate +10%
- Critical Damage +15%
LB Factor - Ease of Stun +10%"
Dark and Ice orb good for orb users that the new weapon

"[Ice Gun - Kirisame Rokka : Gun]
- Imbues Ice Element on attacks
- Recovers 10% of normal attack damage as HP
- At 20% HP or higher, 70% chance to survive fatal attack"
New gun good for gun users

3 new weapons in the weapon gacha if you have gems to roll for them and have the right characters go for it I might and might not I'm thinking about it


Alright did the story on my alt my phone wasn't done charging and win I got done with the story my phone was done charging >_<;

*ahem* now this story is short spoilers no one dies there are some moments but nothing serious

And our character is now fully stable no more fainting and our character can eat

The jokes about food is in this story I think it's the bottom choices

But we do get a picture in the end 'Part 1' has finished and the famous

'To be continued' and it was in English so this whole story was about...

From my broken Japanese it was 'meh' they did have sad moments and serious ones

And where on from here? We don't know how this will end we don't know

It might be a bit before they make another story but yes Part 1 has ended

The hints of Ivilish liking our character is still in this story but toned down a lot you can 'agree' with her or not disagreeing or choosing a different choice will make her 'groin'

If you want to make your character not paying attention choose the bottom and the middle choices in all the choices you can see other outcomes

I tested that on my alt the choices are funny and 'what' moment

Even with Ivilish tone down in romance it still hinted in this story I think we might have a ending with her rather if we like her or not

Or some can skip this story and pretended it don't exist and just go for the gems

Well you can tell I'm not a big Ivilish fan she just...'ugh' me the wrong way

I know some guys who do like Ivilish and some people who don't like her the fan base is split but I do know the guy in charge says he likes 'Nel' that's why we get lot of Nel stuff but he never quoted if he liked Ivilish or not

This story slowly pushes the hints of romance and Wedding Ivilish was supposed to be the icing but people never got the hint that why they stop forcing Ivilish in the gacha

So far our character has been in awkward maybe forceful with Ivilish just the two of them alone and we are the 'Silent hero' it was awkward that why they added that girl

But the dialog that we say we either 'agree' with Ivilish or talk about our love for food O_o the game and the story set us up to like Ivilish but our character don't really feel or talk about liking Ivilish that the problem

The wedding event with Ivilish omg that did not go good with the fan base it failed badly that was supposed to be our character feelings for Ivilish if we agreed to it or not it was supposed to draw the fan base into seeing that we like Ivilish it didn't work.

So it don't matter who we like the story says and suggest that Ivilish might be a romance interest there is no doubt that she like our character but you know the fan base they will like who they like and sometimes it not Ivilish.

From what I can tell 'the main game story is Ivilish likes us' right?

However I think our summons a.k.a. party members might be fallen in love with us also
the way they act and they can show some jealousy you can tell by the dialog and how they act there was a few times I wish I caught it with a picture

And our leader whoever we are with all the time 24/7 I think they are possessive over us and some party members don't like one another they conflict a lot

Fayt is one of them he is a hard one to place with others the only guys he do likes is Prince Claude and Faize he crashes with the other guys I don't know of the easy going guys like Claude and Fidel and Roddick are like that

The girls are whole different story expect for Rena I know she is like that also I know from experiences she has that possessive nature about her (from being with Rena)
Maybe that why Fayt don't like her? I know he don't like Rena and Wedding Rena

I'm going way off topic again lol but yes the story is out and go play and see for yourself how it is the last and the middle choices are funny to pick

And this is from my experience everyone has different experience.

.Hack//Fan book vol1


"お、ま、た、せ……しました! 明日発売の #ドットハック記念本 「.hack//Fanbook」第一巻、「Vol.1」の表紙カバーを初公開っっ!! 『G.U.』のキャラクターデザインを担当した細川誠一郎による渾身の新規カラーイラストを使用! #ドットハック #dothack"

"And, well, the let. ! Tomorrow launched #ドットハック記念本".hack // Fanbook" unveiled the cover of the first volume, volume 1 was gone! "G. U." The new color illustrations of of Hosokawa Seiichiro was responsible for character design! #ドットハック #dothack"



That looks pretty <3 more .hack related stuff coming in now

And yes I'm loving all the .hack info even if it a book

Makes me want to import this for my collection *sigh*

But yes this art cover is nicely done like the whole Atoli, Haseo and Azure Kite going on it makes it look epic and thus the triangle has been born...er nothing...

But yes they are posting I'm surprised

Strangely enough they are posting the same time SOA goes into maintenance

Hmm oh well maybe it's nothing right.

So a new art book is coming out Vol.1 if you get it good.

9/7(木)発売号で新情報!URL先の記事も必見です! 『.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)』新規描き下ろしイラストとともに、『Vol.1』~『Vol.3』の名シーンを振り返る!【先出し週刊ファミ通】

"9 / 7 in the (Thursday) release of new deals! URL of article is not to be missed! ".hack // G.U. Last Recode (theatre code) ' draw new illustrations and "Vol.1-recalled scenes from"Vol.3!"


Famitsu post.

It's official we have...5 different Haseo from G.U. alone


I think Ovan can have one of them that's it >_> I'm being nice that all I'm going to say about the whole Haseo and Ovan deal >_>

So .Hack//G.U. is known as .Hack//Glow.up. a.k.a. Grow up it hints to Haseo story

Now the 5 Haseo don't count from the ones from Link, Guilty Dragon, N.U. you get the idea so Haseo has lot of copies he can almost outmatch Azure Kite and Kite copies...lol

I want the game now but we got a bit and I hope we get new characters added to the game like BlackRose, Kite even Tokio you get the idea and maybe dlc?

I'm loss with all 5 Haseo copies personalities that will come in omg and that don't count Phantom Haseo from Guilty Dragon...hey that gives me a idea I'll save it for later

I'm always happy to hear some news from G.U. even something like this I still want this game badly

But yes this is little info on .Hack//G.U. that was posted by famitsu

I'm just re-posting it here

5 Haseo copies with the Kite copies we can...er...*cough* moving on

So who hyped for .Hack//G.U. I am.

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