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STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #11 and talk.



Scheduled for Apr 25, 2017




"Star Ocean Anamnesis Live Stream #11! The stream starts on 4/25 20:00 JP Time. This website has links to both Youtube and NicoNico. Like before they'll show previews of New Characters, New Event, and future contents. Welch is back like always as guest."
Link- https://discord.gg/brcCKRb

So yes Star Ocean Program 11 is going up people theorize we might get another Welch SO3 Welch but we have a caster and a fighter so maybe a healer?

And yes look forward to something new btw.

 photo IMG_0718_zpsj1ph65xp.png
Blessed main account on Iphone Fayt drop twice this happen win the banner was up it changed today this was yesterday drop.
At first Albel drop 3 times and now this makes 4 Albel's I was like enough Albels give me Fayt dame it and this happen on the second roll and Yes I started off with a 4LB Fayt I was slowly working on him until I got the 2 drops but I used the small stone now Fayt is up to 7LB not bad.
So this is my main account I keep Albel 6LB with the team I'm working on either Claude or Fidel to be a 6 star hey my last 5 star ticket I got I finally got Fidel he was the last to come seriously that guy.

(For harder boss I got a 6 Star Dias or a 6 Star Rena or 6 Star Faize to help out and Dais got that 5 star fire sword from last weapon draw they had I tried to get the same weapon on my alt no luck T_T)

And yes Luna is named after my character 'Luna' from .Hack//N.U. I still miss that game dearly.

My alt account got Sophia and Anne >_> my poor Alt... my Alt account name is 'Zero' I think that was my .Hack//Guilty Dragon character name and Xion was also a name I favor in .Hack//N.U. he's special to me.

So this is what I'm playing I'm guilty of spending my money in this game I apologize I told myself over and over I will not get hooked unfortunately that didn't work the hooks got me good T_T

By the way I mostly play with Auto battle and I noticed how Fayt sometimes acts...it's cute and poor Albel from the school events to the fights I see that Fayt has a dominated air around him I still don't get why they make him a Uke in some stories I finally heard Fayt Japanese voice and wow...he can sound girly compared to Albel but Albel is more feminine so...

However if you are in auto and have Fayt in lead and have him in favor/leader whatever you call it on his state page he can act very...possessive I think I did play SO3 and had Fayt not 'leader' and Fayt did act possessive back then to...so it must be his nature or something but I also noticed compared to Fayt in SOA Claude and Fidel are the most laid back people in party.

But in SOA do not make Dais or Albel jealous it's not pretty I noticed Dais and Albel both have his withdrawn attitude a bit but Victor is a bit more open compared to them and yes I noticed this playing my main and my alt on auto and yes Faize has this weird aggressive side if you played that game you will know that Faize is Faize he has that nature his anger makes him rush faster if you ask me.

So you're character you named in SOA is the main character right? So I noticed that anyone is drawn to them naturally it makes a lot of drama if you ask me play in auto battle and see what happens I find it funny and cute.

Enough of this sorry for my chat but yes I had to say I did get a good roll on my main account.

But hopefully we will get a new event and maybe Edge? he's the last to arrive he better have different skills and no mirror blade on him please.
Ugh I still don't know why they given Fayt that skill and not Dimension Door I'm still a bit upset about that sorry.

And no I did not roll on the last Gacha but I heard people in Japan dislike Shooter Lymle? And some people was getting kicked win using her?
That a touchy subject I myself never did like Lymle but I almost did find Shooter Lymle a bit cute but I never used her but so far I'm saying that's a rumor for now.

However that story with Lymle it was drama all over again and Faize oh boy I felt like Faize trust the main character yet somewhat misses Edge given the fact Edge isn't even in the game yet the school stories are cute and funny if you are not aware school stories are in the game and going on for a limit of time and some passed last one was with Sophia, Fayt and Albel the new one is with Fidel and co there banners make the more chances you get to draw them.

So yes be ready for this upcoming live program and wish for the best a new event crossover or the very very late Edge.

I'm also using the background from the school event as wall papers for my Iphone and Ipad love the cherry blossoms I like it over the default one so if you're going to take pictures of who you like take it now.

SOA thoughts.


So people are saving up for the new event.

However as you know hard Luther is out and people say you have to dodge if your going to use Albel.

I never did try fighting hard Luther but they say he has more HP and that attack.

So mainly I have both accounts on auto and just playing around doing normal fights.

I noticed something odd my main I have Fayt as leader and he acts normally right? So on my Second account I set Albel as leader and Fayt second and Fayt is...stalking Albel I think that might be another throw back to SO3 if you put Albel as leader it's cute and kind of funny.

And yes I got to save up money to buy SO3 and DL to my PS4 off my Japanese account so this might be the first time I'm going to play the Japanese version of SO3.

From what I can tell people are having a hard time playing as 'Albel' with the harder Luther fight so my guess is they are not dodging right or don't know how to play as him as Faize he's kind of hard to play as also but yes you really have to dodge a lot playing as Faize.

I think I also seen a video where all girls was fighting hard Luther and won...it was on youtube so I don't know what to say.

As for hard Luther I think have Rena for her fast healing.

However as for now people want the new event to start already and there is a new weapon draw in the store you have to have gems for them.
I did here they are somewhat good.

So yes this is a small update and for now I went back to SO3 on my PS2 and I just realized how much I missed that game.

I'm also playing SO2 the original version not star ocean second evolution I'm playing the original version on the emulator and wow I missed the old voices.
Link- http://coolrom.com/roms/psx/40031/Star_Ocean_-_The_Second_Story_(Disc_1).php
You can find it here but somehow I lost my disk 2 of this game >_> but yes this game works alright on my windows 10 PC.
For this I'm using a simple Logitech controller and it works I got it at fred meyer I never used so I put it to use I think last years.
The Emulator I'm using ePSXe200 it works alright.

So I'm getting my Star Ocean fix seriously this is Star Ocean madness.

This makes me wish they have Star Ocean on Steam I would buy them in a heartbeat but yes Star Ocean 3 HD is out for Japan for the PS4 and you have to have yen to buy it so I'm going to go after that next no word on English version yet.

SOA Top.


I thought I'd share what I've heard.

Caster mage-
Faize for fast cast and yes so far Faize is the fast caster and if you get him max out he can tank however playing as Faize you have to do a lot of dodge.
Sophia for fire and buffs they say put her with Faize.
Lymle is alright for fire damage but I never did like her sorry.
Myuria would be last sadly to say Sophia and Faize outshine her.

Rena is top for now you want to get Rena she also has buffs put her with Sophia for major buffs.
Millie she not as fast as Rena but she can heal you want her if you can't get Fayt for buffs.
Miki she is the last resort healer she has that Light AOE I think if you get her to 6 star but people say she not good no more.
Hana she's good for heals if you don't want to go for Millie try going with Hana I use her for heals.
Nel healer Nel is alright if you got nothing.

Dias is a tank if you get him to 6 star.
Victor people say that Victor has come back I have not yet to see that if you can't get Dais get Victor.
Stephen D. Kenny I see a lot of people use him so maybe?
Miki defender Miki is pretty good she not as powerful as Victor or Dias but will do if you don't have any.

Attackers- Oh boy
Cliff people say that Cliff is still the major tank if you have him I don't have him on either accounts.
Fayt his attacks feel much smoother then Albel if you ask me but yes Fayt is powerful once to 6 star.
Albel is a tank if you can dodge and keep using air slash of fury he is pretty powerful after get him to 6 star.
Claude people say Claude is good over Albel I'm not going to argue about that omg.
Lenneth she was good? Before Fayt and Albel and Claude come out lately she fallen in behind in popularity.
Fidel would be dead last people say that Fayt replaced Fidel and people say that Fayt is more powerful then Fidel so I'm not too sure about that I don't have Fidel.
Daril no use for him at all poor Fidel dad use him if you got non of the top 'Aces'.

Maria is still tops.
Clair would be second people like her.
Phia is pretty good if you can get her people like her because of her element and attacks she might be up there with Maria and Clair as a must to get.
Reimi is up there I think she is one of the tops If I recall.
Nel would be good to get but she's not that great.
Valentine's Day Clair she alright.
Pavine people do use him I think he's not that good maybe it's his character? (I think he's creepy and he love to stalk my accounts)

As for rushes so far I noticed Fayt, Albel and Dias have major tank rushes Rena's rush is alright along with Sophia and Faize but people are starting to say Sophia rush is OP for a caster.

So it all depends and who you like and what party you're going with.

I only use Rena if I need to for now I'm using Fayt and Albel and some random one but on my other account I finally made Hana into a 5 star so she can heal.

Now If I use Rena in party I put her in main so I can control her and put Dias on party maybe Sophia or Faize.

But yes you don't want to use all 4 stars cards you might want to try and get 5 stars at least 2 in party.

So go for the rainbow win you do random RNG draw and wish for the best.

Oh right I spend my last...money on another RNG draw...>_< and got Fayt for my main account but all that money...omg.
"@#%^&$@" don't ask how much I jut spent for Fayt...I don't want to remember...But I had fun.

And yes I'm seeing a lot of Sophia and Fayt cards going around so yes it looks like they are popular now.

So last hero to come out is Edge they might pull a random SO4 event but I'm not too how they can do it now since SO2 and SO3 are out in events and yes SO3 is the all 'end game' it's still confusing for timeline.

Link- http://dengekionline.com/app/sp/soa/
This page is more updated then Wiki that what people say.

Link- https://www.dopr.net/anamuneshisu-cheats/%E3%83%AA%E3%82%BB%E3%83%9E%E3%83%A9
Updated Wiki??? Alright here is SOA Wiki update for top characters.

So far I'm having fun running around as Fayt maybe it just the whole nostalgic feeling? I mean Star Ocean 3 is most loved and yes Fayt is more faster in attacking I mean I just go and hit everything and he attacks more...faster?
Compare to Albel yes his normal attacks not his skills attack it's hard to explain.

And some other time it just me attacking nothing with Fayt is kind of funny Fayt just owns the monsters to fast.
Either that or Albel uses air slash of fury and destroys the monster before I can hit it >_> I'm having fun.

So this time around it looks like they made real money Fayt might of drawn a lot of people.

SOA Results of drawing.


The results please get this taste out of my mouth...T_T

6 rolls on my main for Fayt got Sophia twice >_> and on the last roll got Albel my main is the iphone.
Oh right and it given me Victor too late for that Dias covers that in that deck I got mostly 4 stars it was yuck.

Now people are saying Sophia is good with Faize if you have them put them on the same team.
I just thought of something Rena, Sophia and Faize as team that might work I might have to try that.

Now my Ipad air I only had enough for 2 rolls first was yuck but my tickets got me Fidel dad >_>
Now my first roll was mostly 4 stars and Lymle ugh...the second roll I said to myself if I don't get Fayt I would scrap that account I was serious so mostly blue card one I mean ONE rainbow and I was nerves clicking on all the blur stars but yes it was Fayt I cried in joy...

so needless to say I switch to Fayt on my Ipaid air and switch back to Albel or Rena on my Iphone.

Fayt using mirror blade it looks....odd win he uses it I mean he never had it before but now I got to make him a level 6 star Fayt is alright he's more cheerful and serious like himself so on my Ipad I do have Albel already 6 star yes I got Albel for both accounts however I'm lacking a healer I either finish up Hana or Millie.

I might go with Hana since she coast less but her orbs...that one drop is 'acting' hard to get.

So over all that cursed account given me Fayt so it's not so cursed anymore.

Luther fight is easy if you have someone like Dias who can tank his way and Rena who can heal fast however I never tried on my other account I'm going to have to so I just made Dias into a 6 star his Illusion attack omg it pawns.
But that account is on my Iphone.

now back to my Ipad account
my team is Fayt, Albel and defender Miki I think I might need a healer for the Luther fight.

I don't know Rena and Dias made it look way too easy...and Luther never used that dark attack hmm...but I did noticed he did go after Fayt a lot the Fayt you can use in this fight.

From the Discord chat and twitter it looks like Fayt card is acting like a super rare drop most of them are getting Sophia so if you get Fayt get him to 6 stars.

Now having both Fayt and Albel on the same team put on auto is...funny a throw back to Star Ocean 3 if you will.
I was like will you two stop starting at one another and fight I wonder what Def Miki thought of them...omg.

But oh wow did they put personality with them so it looks like they might have emotions O_O maybe I'm noticing something off...strange the are called 'AI' many times in the story however they are in events like normal people so...yeah I don't want to go to deep into that.

And yes the whole Luther story is worth it.

SOA twitter.


Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844809963469910016

So close to twitter yes this is a campaign going on twitter and LINE I can only help on the twitter side.

so twitter this link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844526626981404672
We can see how far we can go but if we get the end free crystals gems.

However if you make a new account and you reached this twitter end you will have lots of crystals from being 'new' and the story just to keep that in mind.

But sadly to say no word on a English version of this game yet I heard you can play this game win using a APK however I can't get this game running on Bluestacks 2 or KOPLAYER so I'm using my Ipad and Iphone.

And yes Fayt and Sophia drop tonight soon very soon this is going to be madness I tell you.

People was saying they want Fayt and Sophia but they want to save gems for the collab win they do events it looks like the cards are a one time thing so it's rare if you draw them like Valkyrie Profile Lenneth she's rare her card never drop back into the game yet.

So yes I hope to use some of my luck tonight time to do some drawing.

And don't forget Luther is drop into the game for a boss event so get ready and have a healer and fire element.

【3/23(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 現在実施中のメンテナンスにて、一部問題が見つかったため、延長させていただきます。終了時刻は現時点では未定となります。皆さまにはご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません。
"[3/23 (Thursday) maintenance ③] will be to extend the current part in the ongoing maintenance issues was found, so. The end time and undecided at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience to our guests"

Nooooooooo *dies*....dun dun dun Luther said 'No'...T_T
Link- http://www.jp.square-enix.com/soa/dame/comic22.html

So time for the new maintenance is...'unknown'...noooo.

Update 2
【3/23(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ④】 現在実施中のメンテナンスにつきまして、終了予定時刻を19:30頃とさせていただきます。ご迷惑をお掛けして申し訳ありません。メンテナンス終了までもうしばらくお待ちください。
[3/23 (Thursday) maintenance ④: now with regard to ongoing maintenance, scheduled ending time will be 19:30. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Maintenance end now please wait for a while
link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/844847766673154048

I'm still waiting...O_o... for Fayt I can stay awake but some people are upset Fayt has no Dimension Door but they already rated Fayt as a 'Ace' so get him if you can.

SOA Fayt and Sophia.


It's Fayt and Sophia.

New event is Luther er...Lucifer.

New campaign.
"【Wシェアキャンペーン開催中!!】 このツイートをRTして、達成数に応じて紋章石や☆5確定キャラチケットをGET♪ そして5,000RT達成で「エンドオブエタニティ」イベント実施!! ▼詳しくはこちら"

For the power of twitter please share this.

So Sofia-Sophia she a fire elemental she like Myuria but better that's what people are saying.

I also heard people in Japan don't like Sophia but they did make her cute...I myself don't like her I always thought she was too...clingy and ugh I did not go for Sophia ending in SO3.

As for Fayt I heard his elements switches between fire and light or was lighting? and he has buffs that supports so no more Millie so depending on the boss Fayt element switches or so that what people said.

another thing that was said

SO3 HD remake for PS4 will be out March 31 in Japan.

No word on a English version yet.

So tonight live video felt more SO3 then anything else not that's bad.

Huh someone tried to translate this...Fayt skills are
"side kick, mirror blade and shotgun bolt" mirror blade...? what? Fayt never had mirror blade I wanted that dimension door anyways we will see tomorrow how his skills are really are.
Link- http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/489/1489186/
RIP blade of fury and dimension door omg why give Fayt that they should of given him explosion.
And yes his air raid looks...odd I'm calling sideways air raid with angel feather effects it looks weird but cool.

So in this universe I'm saying Fayt forgot his symbology and learn Mirror blade.

Now that Mirror has gone around don't you think so many characters has that or double slash? er...maybe it's me?

People was saying Albel is the only one that stands out differently somehow in skill wise?
So today I switch to Rena and did some events switch back to Albel and man Albel is OP very OP win he's at 6 stars it's his whole Air Slash of Fury I tell you that's all you need to take them down.

But as I said before my Iphone has all the good characters and my Ipad don't I almost think that account is cursed.

back on topic so yes Star Ocean 3 madness is almost over with tomorrow will be the day of the highlight Fayt and Sophia will drop into the game I hope I get Fayt.

I'd advise you to watch Program 10 it's a must.
link- http://asukai.livejournal.com/84825.html



Scheduled for Mar 22, 2017


.アルティメットヒッツHD スターオーシャン3発売日・価格発表


SOA Twitter.

Link- https://www.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/
side link on reddit to join discord join the one that is somewhat active.

dengeki SOA info.

Well I did make a new account I did get Albel on both accounts he's alright if you like using long rang attack go with him and make him a 6 Star right away.

Rena still tops as a major healer she is needed if you can get her along with Dias.

So far I'm telling myself not to spend any more money in this game.

I still want Fayt but tonight program should tell us who we are getting.

So my Iphone account has the most good characters versus my Ipad account witch is bad...we got Albel but they keep giving us bad cards.

However the AI in this game is...*cough*...

So don't miss tonight program.

SOA 本日14:00~18:00 update.


1/26 (Thursday) maintenance today 14: 00 ~ until 18:00

[Upcoming events] 1/26 VP events are held after the maintenance


So yes get ready for the new event that looked hard and new cards er...gatcha hopefully.

I'm surprised they pushed for a crossover right away is the new VP game doing that bad?

They said it did $$$ a lot to make new characters but they want to make new characters.

But they said that Rena might come later to the video they did at that last event.

People are guessing sometimes win Claude is out Rena might be out at the same time.

But yes we got to wait for the new update.

A couple more hours to go

"艦長!今日も公式サイトで謎のメッセージの出現を確認しました! 今晩の公式生放送で何か明かされるのでしょうか……??"
translate- Captain! Today confirmed the appearance of the mysterious message on the official website! What is revealed in the official live tonight?
Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/823366575361179648

Link- https://twitter.com/SOA_SQEX/status/823365701410750464
No must resist on making a...anyways I think Victor was more of a Fidel father's person--er never mind.

So I'm guessing in SO-A any couple can happen?? I'm thinking SO-A is a shipping paradise you know *cough* moving on.

Back on topic tonight program.

We might know that it's a crossover with VP but I hope we get Fayt and here
Link- http://soa-matome.xyz/archives/11164806.html
Rennaaa wait...post about Rena being made and people want her however they said
"Sorry we did not have enough words.
Caster's down is awful" >_> no Rena anytime soon...noooo! if someone else can translate this please do.

My guess they don't have enough 'time' for Rena right now with this live event going on...

But hopefully tonight they will tell us if the rumors are true.

star ocean anamnesis info update.


This link might help people who are playing SO-A

Link- https://translate.google.com/translate?act=url&depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://altema.jp/soa/buki/91

go it from SO-A discord.

You can join SO-A discord link from
Link- https://www.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/ side bar location it has SO-A discord link.

So going over after making Faize into a 6 star card his power is pawns however there a downside.

He's weak like earth spells or really fire attacks you name it that hits him and damages him and he can die even at 6 star.
So running around sometimes is your job avoiding attacks is part of it.

And at ranked

Magic top user-

are the top ones you want to get for magic users Myuria for ++SS however Lymle gets buffs after rushes attacks so the rumors say.

the best healer is
Miki is the best.

second is

third is
Hana and Raffine.

last ranked would be Nel poor Nel.

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