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Hack Versus Wall papers!


I think I might get this out of the way or else it will bug me bad

Wall01, Sora
Sora she is our hero after all

Wall02, Kite
here is Kite

Wall03, Haseo
Haseo look very girly uh deadly

Wall04, Sakuya
Sakuya as usual

Wall05, Tsukasa
Tsukasa the silent one

Wall06, BlackRose

Wall07, Ovan

Wall08, Tokio

Wall Tokio, Tokio wall paper
Tokio wall

Wall all, Everyone
Everyone I love this pic

Wall 3 of them, Sakuya, Sora and Kite team
Now if Kite, Sakuya and Sora was a team I think Kite would be still the leader sorry Sora

Wall BlackRose, BlackRose
BlackRose ends it

Now the rest of them are just pic of the title and game and that's it so yeah enjoy now!

See post below for DL for the music that I so much like! I will get over it soon...I hope
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