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2019 Halloween Characters SOA [JP]


---From facebook---

[2019/11/7 Gacha Thread | 2019 Halloween Characters: Demonification Precis, Exorcist Faize]
- Main 2019/11/7 UPDATE | 2019 Halloween Event / Autumn Campaign / Character Awakening: Yrian Luxter
• Pickup Gacha (Demonification Precis / Exorcist Faize)
Start: 7 November, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 28 November, 2019 (Thu) After MT
- Increased rates for the newly added Limited Halloween Characters: Demonification Precis & Exorcist Faize!
—— New Character : Demonification Precis ——
Role: Caster (Ace)
Weapon Type: Gun
[Battle Skills]
『ポッピング・ネクロマンス』Popping Necromancy
  INT x1,210%, Hit Count: 4, AP Consumption: 36
『ファイアボルト・愉』Fire Bolt (Joy)
  INT x350%, Hit Count: 6, AP Consumption: 20
『フレアトーチャー・愉』Flare Torture (Joy)
  INT x1,480%, Hit Count: 5, AP Consumption: 5
(6★ Evo)『ペリオス・インジェクション』Pelios Injection
  INT x280%, Hit Count: 1, AP Consumption: 14
[Talent 1 : Strange Scientist of Darkness]
Critical Rate +30% (All Allies)
While Demonification Precis' is at 100% HP, Critical Rate +50% (All Allies)
[Talent 2 : Strange Medicine]
When Skill Chain is at 3 and above, absorbs 5% of Damage Dealt through Skills while「Popping Necromancy」animation is active (Self)
When using Rush Combo at 100% HP, INT +20% & Critical Damage +100% (Self)
[Talent 3 : Robbie, Squirming in the Night]
When Evading, Damage Taken -100% (Self / 0.5s)
When HP is at 100%, Evasion AP Consumption -80% (Self)
Begins with 200% Cancel Bonus when using Skills during Evasion animation (Self)
[Talent 4 : Research for Another]
INT +20% (Self)
HP +30% (Self)
When HP is at 100%, AP Consumption -20% (Self)
When using Heraldry, All Allies AP Recovery Speed +100% (20s)
[Rush Combo : 『ファニー・オペレーション』Funny Operation | INT x5500%]
Effect: Critical Rate +100% (All Allies / 10s)
—— New Character : Exorcist Faize ——
Role: Shooter (Ace)
Weapon Type: Rifle
[Battle Skills]
『パージング・スピリット・AF』Purging Spirit (AF)
  ATK x200%, Hit Count: 3, AP Consumption: 18
『プリフィケイション・ブロウ』Purification Blow
  ATK x930%, Hit Count: 6, AP Consumption: 40
『スプレッド・レイ・祓』Spread Ray (Exorcise)
  ATK x650%, Hit Count: 5, AP Consumption: 28
(6★ Evo)『ローテイト・ケイジ・祓』Rotate Cage (Exorcise)
  ATK x350%, Hit Count: 3, AP Consumption: 21
[Talent 1 : Exorcist Who Eradicates Evil]
When HP is at 100%, Damage Dealt +40% (All Allies)
While HP is at 100%, improves effects of「Purging Spirit (AF)」to ATK・INT・DEF・HIT・GRD +40%
[Talent 2 : Silver Bullet]
After using「Purification Blow」, recovers all allies' HP by 20% (Self)
[Talent 3 : Fluttering Cloak under the Moonlit Night]
When HP is at 100%, recovers Rush Gauge by 3% every 3 seconds (All Allies)
When Skill Chain is at 3 and above, AP Consumption -40% (Self)
[Talent 4 : Oath to Oppose the Darkness]
When attacking, will not stagger (Self)
Damage Taken -50% (Self)
When Skill Chain is at 3 and above, ATK Damage Dealt +50% (Self)
[Rush Combo :『ジャッジメント・バレット』Judgement Bullet | ATK x4500%]
Effect: AP Consumption -50% (All Allies / 20s)

---End of facebook---

playing around with my new alt account Exorcist Faize is not that bad.

he makes the boss just melt playing on my main account it was painful even with the wind swords it just felt like SRF Fate was weak...very very very weak even using Minato who I got maxed out
his def is bad he can get one shot by the foe if you are not maining him so it taken me roughly 3-4 hrs farming the event with all fate party it was bad it almost made me want to roll for
 Exorcist Faize almost for my set up I was using two wind swords on groom fate and srf fate I had fate keep his dark sword on it was rough, playing around going from my main account to my new alt
I noticed SRF fate is weak weak weak weak he needs a buff bad very bad, the new account I have Exorcist Faize he is good with fate and groom fate he can melt the boss and that
 Exorcist Faize is only at LB 3 he's that good.

The buffs they put on Exorcist Faize and the skills they given him is good if you want a healer that can do damage he the one to go for but if you got a healer that you like keep them.
okay this got me to warm up to faize just a bit not enough to like him yet.

I think the painful event was farming with rental who had no heals they did die most of the rental I am seeing is mostly Souji and Kasumi and Swimsuit carleen/caleen and none of them had healing at all no heal stacks so they did die...so if you see a Exorcist Faize as a rental use him he has heals and can do damage there are a lot more souji and kasumi rentals out people must love them.
the rentals for minato did drop a lot since P5 event even win I did have minato up for rent I got less coins after P5 event so...I replaced him with groom fate as my rental again.

I did one last roll before the P5 banner went away on my main account and my new alt account my alt zero did not roll...I did get....none for zero's account.
I'll post pics later.

one thing I did noticed Exorcist Faize he was making our party rush go faster and I think fate's long rang attack was going faster it was going faster then before
even I test with my new alt account with a rental 9S with fast move and fast long rang that battle did not last long at all that was more easy then what I did for 3-4 hrs farming with all fate team and having the rentals die on me with no heal stacks it was painful just using 3 rushes to kill the boss but hey I did get the new deco out of it for my main account all that for deco...T_T

it really makes me want to roll for Exorcist Faize for my main account but I'm going to hold off to see who is coming next I want to see who coming with Eve and I want to see who is coming for winter.

We got winter coming don't know who coming with that no hints at all.

if you are going to roll for them good luck may the RNG be with you.

Did you say goodbye yet? SOA [GL]


GL is coming to the it's end soon did you say goodbye yet?


I will never hear Groom fate GL voice....😭

I'll miss my GL team a world that fate will never know about srf fate or groom fate and alt world...

a world that fallen into the abyss thanks to several reasons the captain of that world is asleep forever
a world where they given up hope and fallen into the void.

omg sounds like a fanfiction...💭 maybe...I can...📜

I'll think about it I'm sad about GL yet I'm relaxed knowing that fate is on JP side I'm ready for GL to shut down.
now my main focus is to be JP side and support them.
I played GL today it was bittersweet I'm not used to fate GL voice they changed I'll never be used to it. But I think I got used to
fate JP voice so much I love it  💖

GL will forever be in my heart.

into the sea of twilight another dream lost.
one thousand dreams we will remember one thousand tears we cry
but we will remember the happy the joy the love
you will be in my heart my joy I will see you in my dreams
until we find one another again may you rest in peace in the endless twilight.

Goodbye GL you will be in my heart in memory of my GL account I have made another account on JP side
on my newly Ipad yes I have now 3 accounts to this game on JP side with my GL acocunt closing it takes a memory a memory that is passed onto my newly account on JP side I might show off my newly JP account maybe...

Luna is my main Zero is my alt and...dun dun dun is my 3rd account it's name "3897" error in decoding the name.

I'm going to stay with GL account until it done for good in a few more days GL can RIP ⚰️ ⚱️
alright goodbye GL....😿 🥀 💝

SOA weapons P5R [JP]


----From facebook---

—— Featured Weapons ——
5★ Dagger :「Paradise Lost」
  Adds Dark Element to Attacks & Dark Elemental Damage +40%
  If enemy is weak to Dark, Dark Elemental Damage +80%
  (LB5) While Hit Count is over 200, Critical Damage +70%
5★ Greatsword :「Tsubaki-Otoshi」
  Adds Thunder Element to Attacks & Thunder Elemental Damage +40%
  While Attacking, ATK Damage Taken -30%
  (LB5) While Hit Count is over 150, Critical Rate +50%
5★ One-Hand Sword :「Deus Xiphos」
  Adds Fire Element to Attacks & Fire Elemental Damage +40%
  While Hit Count is over 150, ATK Damage Dealt +40%
  (LB5) While enemy is stunned, Critical Rate Received +20% (All Enemies)
5★ Dual Blades :「Moonshadow Edge」
  Adds Dark Element to Attacks & Dark Elemental Damage +20%
  While Hit Count is over 100, Critical Damage +60%
  (LB3) Stun Rate +20%
— Notes —
※ These Weapons will be added to the Permanent & Ticket Banners on 24 October, 2019 (Thu) After MT.
※ ONLY「Moonshadow Edge」will remain after the P5R Collab period ends. The other 3 Weapons will be removed from the gacha pool.

---End of facebook---

If you want the weapons pull for them.

I got sword on both accounts.

5★ One-Hand Sword :「Deus Xiphos」
  Adds Fire Element to Attacks & Fire Elemental Damage +40%
  While Hit Count is over 150, ATK Damage Dealt +40%
  (LB5) While enemy is stunned, Critical Rate Received +20% (All Enemies)

This sword is good for Minato if you have Souji pull for the
5★ Greatsword :「Tsubaki-Otoshi」
  Adds Thunder Element to Attacks & Thunder Elemental Damage +40%
  While Attacking, ATK Damage Taken -30%
  (LB5) While Hit Count is over 150, Critical Rate +50%

it's a good weapon for him.

now lets talk about the story...
Claude you had one job ONE job omg Rena need more time with Claude that says it all.
win part 2 of the persona story comes hopefully claude will show up for rena...maybe...

Minato was good I almost maxed out romance with him and I wasn't even trying...he was falling hard that win...
Fate noticed...I only had a few more battles and it would of been maxed that win fate stop it...

*sigh* that what happens win you romance fate...so sadly to say SRF fate is back in party on both accounts.

Minato is on loan on both accounts however on my main I need more LB hammers I used most of them on
the dark sword that come out for fate and groom fate.

I tried one more time to get joker on my main rolled one last time got gold gate joker is not for me
>>looks at フェイト who looks away

So no joker on both accounts as they was saying joker ocean is real 2B ocean was forgotten now Joker has taken her place.

on the bright side I can now change SRF fate hair color now that made me like him a little more...

I have to say the small time I had with Souji and Minato they are worth it they are fun to be around with
Minato has a protective possessive side and Souji is Souji spending time with Minato he almost had the same
possessive side that fate had no wonder fate protest big time before minato become fully maxed out in romance.

In maid sophia event it hinted that fate has a possessive side to him that no one knows about win you do romance fate
he always remind you somehow that you are married to him lately what fate is saying to luna my main he wants to go to the
battle simulator and take us with him they did change his lines he is no longer saying it's cold like he was before the
persona event come along.

out of the 3 fate's groom fate has to be the most non possessive side to fate and groom fate loves blue roses.

No more rolling for me now unless they put another alt fate *cough* school fate please or sky prince fate or winter fate.
time to save gems on both account I will buy the new deco they put out.

may the RNG be with you win you pull for rena.

SOAXP5 R What did I get?


What I gotCollapse )

So I'm happy with what I got may the RNG be with you win you pull for them and no I'm not pulling for the girls.
I see a lot of guys was asking about the girls.

Minato is fun to watch he reminds me a bit of groom fate somewhat keep in mind that Minato is not a defender
And look for a good sword win using him for my main and alt I'm going with healing stacks.

I'm not going to push for romance with Minato or Souji.

Unless they make a Persona fate that might be another story...that teaser of Persona fate alt...😭 don't
tease me win I just pulled for Souji and Minato.

sky prince fate looked amazing and a persona fate alt would be amazing to but we are getting rena alt.
rena alt looks good may the RNG be with you win you pull for her.



The time is very soon.


I'm set to pull on both accounts may the RNG be with you.

I need Minato and Souji.

SOAXP6 R song [JP]


#アナムネシス #P5R #残り2


ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤルコラボ楽曲「Stab Unjust」
Lyric/Vocal:Lotus Juice
Music Arrangement:小林哲也
▼『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』 情報
©ATLUS ©SEGA All rights reserved. © 2016-2019 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Developed by tri-Ace Inc.

that song it's good a remix of SO2 song done by Lotus Juice with Persona.
it almost feels like a story or something the song...

I thought it had to do with P3 since people think P6 will be saving Minato but now hearing the song over
and over...I think this song has to do with...our captain? Or P6 hero?

Or maybe this all ties into P5R that has Souji and Minato that wil lead up to P6?...somehow mixing
P4 and P3 and saving Minato?...I don't know.
I was more shocked that Souji and Minato are in P5R maybe this crossover will say how they got into
P5R?...from the Star Ocean Universe? (theory)

But this song is good I wished Lotus Juice did more star ocean songs.

PlayStation 5 launches holiday 2020


PlayStation 5 launches holiday 2020



PS5 is real and is not dead.

Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS5? 🤔

holiday 2020 is the year of PS5.

I hope you did not rush out to buy a PS4 just to play FF7 remake win the PS5 is coming.
they might put FF7 remake on the PS5 maybe we don't know yet.

PS5 is alive what do you think about it?

SOA campaign [JP]


#アナムネシス #P5R #残り3

【P5R Collaboration Information】 Captain! It is a [Chara Deco] function that was implemented the other day, but collaboration limited deco item is scheduled to appear Today I will introduce a little how i put on such a deco item! And today I'm going to have another one more notice!
I'll post this shortly!
Special Site ⇒ https://sqex.to/JfN0L  #アナムネシス #P5R #残り3



in other news
【P5R Collaboration Information】 Captain!
The decision to hold the second round of the campaign is held in a well-received way.
Follow this account & rt of this tweet! ※ The target present is added according to the RT number. The character will be presented on the day of implementation.
The deadline is until 11:59 tomorrow!
※ The winner will be drawn from rt! #アナムネシス #P5R

フェイト omg it almsot made me think they was going to add another alt フェイト

campaign is up and going if you have twitter help them out by doing the campaign.

SOA Deco [JP]

【Notice of Temporary Suspension of Premium Shop】 When purchasing a deco set in the new "Premium Shop", we have temporarily stopped publishing the function because we have confirmed the phenomenon that deco is not granted successfully.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
https://sqex.to/VWmXe  #アナムネシス


Deco is stopped I did get it for Luna win I go to my alt it was stopped but I did get to do this...

"Do you care about this place appearance? It's certainly cold in the climate of Airyglyph"
Fate was stubborn on asking that it almost like fate was worried that the 'captain' would not love this place.

Hair color changed and maid フェイト is now done 💖💙 I might need to work on this a bit more.
Fate has blue hair but this new color gives フェイト a more blue feel.

SRFフェイト looks good as a blond they don't have all the hair colors just some.
花婿フェイト can almost pull off the white hair color almost.

I will take more pics win I'm done with fully editing my フェイト party.

now seeing this I want more hair colors and deco 💙

this works for me my main account Luna has this my alt Zero don't have it yet.

Now twitter saying app falling during the battle, my battle was smooth must be non-Apple device??

all my deco was showing and it worked in battle so did the hair colors so...it must be non-Apple device?
I don't know but it looks like this update did have a few bugs.

my gameplay was smooth and everything worked.

SOAXPersona news incoming [JP]



[P5R collaboration information] Captain! October tomorrow ... The collaboration event is finally approaching! We will deliver information at around 20:00 every day from tomorrow for the start of collaboration. Follow-up tweets and RT campaigns! Do not miss it! #アナムネシス#P5R


Persona news incoming it's coming I hope you are ready for this.

I am I hope you got gems saved for this.

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