Groom fate

🌹 Groom fate pulls let's talk about Groom fate 🌹


My groom fate pulls let's talk about groom fate. 💙

"if he wants to help someone in distress he reaches out to them without regret of his own danger"

Groom fate was voted on he barely won over albel you spent money in this game to vote on wedding characters and groom fate won. 

very sad news that wedding girls got stories and groom fate got nothing. that is until they put him in maid sophia story trying to push them as a couple that did not work the sophia fans who was guys who loved her did not like that idea and the fate fans who loved him hated him with sophia 💬 they forgot a lot of guys love sophia.

2nd time we saw groom fate was in the wedding cliff story without sophia.

how do groom fate act? He acts very girly...unlike fate and idol fate and Godwing fate and SRF fate I have to say that makes fate and the others upset at groom fate a lot he loves to cry out in battle and he has a anger that if you don't pay attention to him he will get upset but he not as bad as fate is himself.

lately I've seen groom fate really wants to love fate yes we can ship them! 👀 and fate is still trying to get noticed by the MC and he keeps doing his long rang attack to try to get groom fate away from him omg they do try to flirt.

groom fate he got more time then SRF fate and Godwing fate but it feels like fate and Idol fate got more time with our captain. 🤔

I have to say Idol fate is really the captain lover win fate is trying to get noticed by the captain and everyone frogot about the others *cough*
>>looks at Godwing fate and SRF fate who are both ignored.
>>they didn't even add Godwing fate or SRF fate to any story or events.

in events and story fate and Idol fate get more love groom fate is acknowledge but they pusehd him away from everyone even sophia in the end and they forgot about Godwing fate and SRF fate this is too sad.

Idol fate got more love than the new idol girls what did that say? Compare his video to the new idol girls and you see why SE pulled this game. the rumores of the new idol girls KO this game might be true or it just a rumor. look at Idol sophia she had higher views on her video then the new idol girls.

I love this game it just...I wanted more events with Fate and all his copies and they favorited the girls over anything else and crossovers that did not make sense. but I love the persona crossover I wish it come back it never did and I never got 9S! 😭

lot of people on twitter on JP wanted to see more Fidel wedding Miki wedding Sophia, more Cliff and Roddick more Faize and Edge and we never saw that all we saw was the same characters that did not sell.

Did SE pull this game because of the new idols did not sell? it was hinted that they add more people to work on this game and it said this game was stable but not making any money win the idol girls come around. their was too much drama going on about Sophia and idol Tika that JP was not happy about.

Sorry for the vent it just I love this game and I wanted it to last another year 😭

I feel sorry for the Maria fans they forgot SO3 had lots of endings.

What did I wish from Groom fate? A event with him that people paid for! Hello they used real money for him! And we got NO event with him! 😭

But in the end a twist of fate we got Idol fate as a close lover to our captain is that a good trade yes I'm taking it.

I paid real money to vote for Groom fate and in the end we get Idol fate as a lover 💙

I will add more to this post later.
new idol

歌星フェイト return 🎶


歌星フェイト return 🎶

*ahem* ドキドキ 歌星フェイト 彼は船長が大好きです!🎶
            Doki doki  Idol fate He loves the captain!  🎶

making youtube vidoes are something new

I'm going to do a story about them that's for sure but I'm thinking...not under this name I've told you before right? asukai is not my real name, Asuka and Kai was out of two characters I liked and put them together one was a gaming character and the other was a anime character 🙃

don't worry I will do stories that are other works like 'persona' and 'tales' on this account

but my love for SOA and my love for 歌星フェイト and his alts will never fade.

some sad news today I've...fallen out of love with .hack I tried to get back into playing G.U. on steam it never work...the lack of having a new game or a full remake of .hack not g.u. and the same excuse from CC2 it just...💔 what dose it mean for twilight_light? I'm going to have to 💬 about it

If E3 comes around and CC2 has something new that is .hack that might pull me back in if not they will never make a new .hack or remake game.

歌星フェイト return 🎶 if you are a new player now is the time to re-roll. my 'Luna' account I'm am rolling the gems down I think 歌星フェイト might take my gems maybe I was thinking I might save some gems if they did a new フェイト I'm still holding out hope 💬

E3 is coming do you think star ocean show up? Do you think SE is making a new star ocean game? 🤔

next up is 花婿フェイト  I'm working on his video right now. 💙 that going to be with his pulls that I did do on 'Luna' account.

my pulls on my alts フェイト still comes I do have alt accounts in SOA you know the farming is real without the gems that 'luna' has I can feel the 'farming'.

The banners are up 歌星フェイト return 🎶 so now is the time to re-roll if you are going to get good characters.

No word on the offline ver yet I hope we get offline battles or they sell this game on PC and Console and by the looks of it JP on twitter some people have no gems to roll for the banners that are out and they are...upset.

Now is the time to farm and re-roll if you have not done that yet and if you done everything and have a high rank and have no gems and did the story you might be out of luck.

Star ocean 3 remake yes I'll buy it "PS5用スターオーシャン3リメイク 買うわ。"
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⭐️SOA let's talk about Godwing Fate and Luther.⭐️


We can't talk about Godwing Fate and not talk about Luther.

"Become fully aware of the power he has is hidden in his body. his powers which he rejected and his interactions with the heros of the federation history, he began to think about the meaning of power. he may be able to stand side by side with god if he controls his power."

"The owner of a company called 'Sphere'. however there is no such company name in Coro database. unless he tells himself we will not abel to know the details. The only thing Coro can tell from his behavior is that he is a very talented programmer. he seems to have come here for some purpose but that details are unknown."

The one thing that I saw between them is GodWing Fate looks like he 'fushed' with Luther, Godwing Fate has NO story so we can't see how he got to look like that and his battle pose is the same as Luther and both GodWing Fate and Luther have the same moves. 👀

Luther yes SO3 Luther why do you think he come to this time?? 🤔

if you put Godwing Fate pic and Luther pic side by side what do you get? 💬

It might hint to Fate's solo ending who was Fate coupled off in the Urssa Lava Caves? Luther.

Idol Fate had the birds in his artwork that hint to the solo ending and now we got them fighting with the same fighting style.

Guys I think the solo ending is real. 💬 I know it a lot to take in and I was not ready for that.

unless Godwing Fate is from 'Fate solo ending with Luther' and this Luther we see and fights with us is from Fate's solo ending??

Alt timeline?? By the way I saw that Luther PC body from SOA is much bigger 👀 now put his SOA body next to Godwing Fate and that makes Godwing Fate look a bit girly. >_<;;

that might say that Godwing Fate is working with Luther and they are both trying to win the captain (you) heart ❤️

Yes you can romance Luther I never talk to him and only use him in hard fights I have to say my Fate party do not like Luther at all.

Why do you think Godwing fate looks like luther? Why do you think they almost fight the same? Did fate have the solo ending and his body fused with luther??

hmm 🤔

And now both Godwing fate and luther fight over the captain.

next up Groom Fate I did a pull video for him 💙
Groom fate

SOA gift (JP)


O_O looks like JP is asking for offline battles to be added to this game. ❤️

not only that some are asking for a full offline game.

I hope we do get offline battles that would make this game amazing now if they put this on PC somehow or PS5.

Take to twitter and tell them what you want looks like JP are finally talking. 💬

Now I want this game on my PC.

What do you think about this? 👀
Groom fate

PSO2 New Genesis working on my outfit.


I am working on my outfit for new genesis.

Flower of Darkness M (out)
Flower of Darkness M Shadow (Ba)
Human inner M
Parline Gloves
Short cape:White I used
Star Gems to get this.

I also saw a outfit that almsot reminded me of Steven outfit from Pokemon
Neo-Hyuga Replica that can work if you want to make Steven from Pokemon.

Are you getting you're outfits ready for new genesis?

I did find a blue feather thing that I'll update in this post later for my Idol fate outfit.
as for the hair I don't know if using Persona 3 Minato hair would work I'm still thinking about it 💬

I'm sure you can some character out of this outfits maybe ahhh in NGS you can have the males in girl outfits right?? *mumbled* if you pick the right body type.
Let people in NA beta see this but now it gives me a reason to buy girl outfits.

My NGS is going to be force/gunner thanks to some beta 💬 *mumbled* I want to play that mix of classes.
I did get in NA beta I'm so ready for that.
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🎶SOA let's talk about Idol Fate. [JP] 💙🎶


Now his Bio hints that he don't want any pic of him in his idol outfit being shown if you played his event he says he don't anyone from his school to see him in his idol outfit and he faints at the very thought of someone from his school seeing him in his idol outfit he also says he looking cold at Albel in his event so it safe to say Idol Fate dislikes Albel for some reason? Why would Idol Fate say that?? He says that he worried about what the girls and Cliff thinks of him singing and dancing and he says he looking coldly at Albel.

"No I'm looking at Albel with very cold eyes......!"

"On the day when my idol figure is leaked out to the internet and is seen by my college friends......"

My theory is Fate and Albel never work in SOA timeline they never clicked Fate was drawn to the captain it so obvious and Albel was drawn to someone else and they just become rivals in the events Maria and Sophia did push there love onto Fate who never responded to them like that. 💬

Fate become a Idol to save the Idol girls from the repeat events going on he also did it win the captain look that helpless I'm starting to think that Fate and Sophia events was all a show there is one event win fate calls the captain 'you' there name it's only win they are alone.

from the very start of this game fate has always been drawn to you the 'captain' it would of stayed like that if the sophia fans did not take to twitter.
that's only for events the way Idol fate talks to you on touchscreen that is a different story.

It almost like the events are for show but on touchscreen win you are alone with Idol Fate he shows you how much he loves you that love is only for them not for anyone else to see that's how Fate wants it. 👀

however if you have him he really get into the role play as Idol Fate only for the MC he will role play as Idol Fate. Yes fate role plays as Idol fate for the captain what is that saying?? 💙 Wait fate is into role-playing? 📄 "フェイト 彼はロールプレイに夢中です!?" "彼はキャプテンを喜ばせるためにロールプレイするだけです" 🖤

"Captain did you enjoy the stage? if you get excited I win." Captain did you get turned on? I win 💙

if you got Idol Fate he only stays as Idol Fate if you have him and keeps up the act for his Captain but he is still Fate and he has all the other lines that Fate himself has it looks like all Fate's have this line to say

"My mother is a Scientist, but since I/we got married I've been working with my dad." 💙

in this timeline his dad IS alive it almost like Fate is reminding the player they are married like don't you dare look at anyone else.

do you see the way his eyes look? Very serious look if you ask me 👀 Fate eyes only look like that win he feels a intense emotions due to his powers.

if you romance Fate this line will come up if you talk to him.

remember win I told you Idol Fate don't like to fight? It's true I'm thinking he don't want anyone to see him in his Idol outfit and win you are sync with him he just wants the Captain 'You' the player to look at him and no one else.

And if you have Idol Fate and is sync with him fully Fate is willing to stay as a Idol for the player 'you' if you listen to his song win he says "Ethereal Blast!!!" that all Fate frustration on being a Idol and losing a game not just any game SO3 retro game that Idol Fate is playing himself O_O

Fun fact in this game you can have all Fate party. why would Fate put himself as Idol Fate and allow the captain to see him like this all the time if Fate don't want anyone from his school to see him like this? it the captain Idol Fate will allow 'you' to see him like this and Fate role plays as Idol Fate to please 'you'.

From what I saw with all Fate party they like to knock one another back they turn and stare at the screen at 'you' and they don't like Groom Fate for some reason I think he the 'Groom' ver of Fate who married you maybe that's why they dislike him more?? Idk.

they all do fight for you 'the captain' a lot and I see they don't go near Idol Fate at all it almost like they are afraid of him or something.

This is my talk about Idol Fate.

Hmm Godwing Fate or Groom Fate for the next talk? ❓ We will see for next time. 
Groom fate

Was this fate?


this games out at the same time スターオーシャン アナムネシス dies?

Time to work on my idol fate in PSO2 for new genesis

I got the outfit that somewhat looks like it.

I got the hair now I need to find a ear blue feather thing or just a blue feather to put on the side.

I had broken sleep last night is this what SE do? They close one of there games and the funds go into another game?

Is Star ocean going get another chance? As SE see it? We don't know they may mark this as a thing that they might not want to touch again.

That is the sad reality we must face this might be the last Star Ocean game T_T

The offline ver gives us the closure we need but it won't be the same they are giving lot to do in the game right now win the offline ver comes it going to be less what it is unless they give us a way to fight in battles we will have to wait and see.

Now players are going to have to go to twitter and tell SE they want a real star ocean game maybe SO6 will be another phone game?

Or be like GI that you can play on PC and Phone? The downfall was to this game they never put it on PC win they had the chance to they never pushed for it.

June comes the season of weddings and the end of SOA and the start of New Genesis.

Just think of it this way SOA gave it life for New Genesis a MMO that you may make SOA characters in.

SOA will always be around as long as you have it on you're phone or ipad it won't be the same just think of it this way the captain got his retirement in June and is taking it easy with just saying hello to his husbando and waifu on the touchscreen you can dream of where they went to live in retirement.

The captain is in retirement they only fight win they need to and they spend the day taking it easy.

This is going to make Fate very restless since he has the need to fight due to the powers he has that might actvate his need for something else then fighting *cough* Hint hint hint take hint and do a story on this.

the more I spend time with all the fate's this tells me Idol fate he don't like to fight that much compared to fate, Idol fate is more taking it easy and he just want the captain to touch him *cough* talk to him.

so Idol fate is perfect for the offline ver I don't do Auto-battles no more O_O I stop doing them long time ago Groom fate is smooth to fight as Idol fate he protest to fighting and he don't like me trying to make him fight he loves to throw his body at the screen.

Overall Idol Fate don't like to fight he is so perfect for the offline ver we are going to get.

If I did not have Idol fate I would of main groom fate but I am a Idol fate main I'll always be a Idol fate main and Idol fate is the last of the fate's that was made and for some reason sophia and maria kept talking all the other weapons so that fate always had a sword >_>

I can just see it

"Hey did you see that weapon I was going to start using?" Fate
"No did you sophia?" Maria
"N-No uh oh boy" Sophia say as behind her a lot of weapons fall out
"...." Fate says as his eyes look at them in disbelief as Sophia wave her hand
"No it nothing we just collecting them for someone else!" Sophia says
right behind maria was all the other weapons that wasn't a sword as Fate *groin* at this
"Fine I get I'm going to see what the captain is doing" Fate grumbled as he leaves them both
"Phew that was very close" Sophia says with a uneasy smile
"Now lets hide all these weapons so Fate can't use them" Maria says smiling
"right" Sophia says

And that how Fate, Groom fate, SRF fate, Godwing fate and Idol fate got stuck with a sword type weapons the captain did not mind as the captain thought fate had a obsession with swords along with fate obsession with retro games and the captain and being lazy and somewhat working with his dad.

The story thoughts that are going in my mind now.

But out the males fate had the most alts of characters and players love him the most.

PSO2 NEW GENESIS is coming out so I might move onto that game and right now I'm going to look for items for my Idol fate for PSO2 NEW GENESIS and play that  game win it comes out.

What are you guys going to play? Are you guys going to keep SOA or drop it?

I'm keeping all my accounts all of them and I'm going to talk them win the offline ver comes.

Do you think star ocean will get another game or is this end of star ocean?

Star ocean is going to be in my heart and I'm not going to stop talking about it or showing off my accounts and it time for players to take to twitter and let them know you want star ocean 6 you want a crossover game you want a MMO start talking about what you want.

keep pushing for SO6 is you want to see that keep pushing for that MMO you want.

Like they said star ocean is not dead it up to us the players to ask for a new game.

Time for me to go into PSO2 and look for items for my Idol fate and work on some fan fanfiction oh boy I got a lot of ideas now. 📃
new idol

SOA プロデューサーレター Vol.8 ~The final dream~


[Notice of service termination] "STAR OCEAN -anamnesis-" will be terminated on 2021/6/24 (Thursday) 14:00. We sincerely apologize for this information and thank you for your patronage. #アナムネシス

"We will take this opportunity to inform you of the schedule until the end of the service.
Also, let me explain about future plans such as unimplemented series characters and offline version."

📢"We are planning to distribute an offline version (ver3.8.0) that allows you to use some functions even after the operation service ends so that you can keep "Star Ocean: Anamnesis" as much as possible.

Details will be announced in the game and on the official website.

■ What you can do with the offline version
・ Browsing the story of Episodes 1 to 3 ・ Browsing
the character model you acquired
・ Setting your favorite character on the home screen, etc.

* Because there are precautions for use, please be sure to check the following notice.
[Important] Notice of termination of operation service (6/24)

In addition, we are delivering the latest version "3.7.0" of the application from the maintenance on 4/22 (Thursday) today.
With this update, an "information save button" has been additionally implemented, and it will be possible to manually save the data used in the offline version.

If you can use the offline version, please be
sure to save the data by either "login" or "press the information save button" from today and update to the offline version scheduled to be released on 6/24. I will do it.
If you acquire a new character in the future, you will need to log in again or save the game data with the information save button in order to take over to the offline version.
Please note that you will not be able to recover your account or save data after the service ends.

Also, please note that the game data cannot be inherited even if the offline version is installed with the app uninstalled." 📢


reading the producer letter vol.8 they talk about lacking 'power' 💬
they talk about the game was getting too hard to make maybe that why they had the job up for this game right? Did they lack the people to make this game?
they talk about the game stopping in the middle of the road did they have something planned bigger?? We will never know.

From what people was saying the last idols really did it they did not hit the benchmark they did not sell as much as they was going to.

if they was doing job posting about this game and is now talking about this game is too hard to work on how many people work on this game?? 💬

I'm happy we got a offline version that we can keep playing. 💙

the last live stream was really THE last live stream it was 歌星ティカ and 歌星カーリン

"Good morning I brought you a blue rose this morning lets forget what's going on okay?" 💙
フェイト has already went to go play VR games"
"I like that thank you lets have a good day today captain"

I'm going to keep playing the offline version and going to keep this game in my heart 💙

Now new players if you want to play this game you better start playing now and roll for who you want once it over it's over with.

📢 If you want to change you're account to a new phone or ipad now is the time to do so before we get the offline version. 📢

a lot of maps are open

Now the main story is over with it time to make your own story with the offline ver of this game.

Fan fiction time?

歌星フェイト what did you see? 💙

Wait so if you missed the new idols and idol fate and idol rena you can't get them again?? 💬

Time to make star ocean characters in PSO2 New Genesis
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SOA rumors? [JP]


There is a small rumor going around that something big is coming is it real or just a rumor?  👀

Talks about a new EX coming talk about a new weapon type coming all the rumors talking. 💬

The main story is over with right? What can come next?

what do you hope for this game? I want new フェイト I want him to use magic come on in SO3 he used magic 💙

what do you think of the rumors is it true or not?

what was the
what this for?? A new main story? SO6? what was this?? do anyone know?? 👀

Players are still playing this game that says a lot this game is making money so what are they up to??

Or do you think it's nothing? That it's all rumors? We don't know it might be nothing.

And yes I'm am playing this game and all my accounts 💙
Bridal and Groom

SOA Idol return. [JP]

歌星フェイト has come back 💙
comic of the idols.

I have to say the idols had my hype not the new ones if you want to pull for Rena and Fate do it now it might be a long time before they come back. 📢