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I wish they make this game a MMO or put it on PS5 or something SO3 remake please. 💙
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Star ocean MMO? the survey [JP]


To star ocean 6 to a crossover star ocean game to a MMO what are you doing?

Get in the game and do this Survey if you had not check it out do so.

think PSO2 but with star ocean theme true to the star ocean name.

you got time to do the
Survey please do.

Star ocean as a MMO? I'll play it

they also listed remakes and

SO3 remake for PS5.

if you had not done the survey login game and do it now.

I told them what I want are you going to tell them what you want?

in order to do this survey you must be playing スターオーシャン アナムネシス/Star Ocean Anamnesis JP only login the game and click the banner it will take you into the survey.

You want SO6? you want a remake? you want a MMO? to get a group and fight Luther in the MMO tell them what you want.

Now is the time to check out スターオーシャン アナムネシス/Star Ocean Anamnesis and do the survey 🎉

#Survery, #Starocean, #StaroceanMMO, #MMO,

If you have are having a hard time doing the survery join the star ocean anamnesis facebook.
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SOA What I got [JP]


Collapse )

Don't this look like...this?? 歌星フェイト did leave rena alone win you two went to become idols?

Genshin impact?? If you look at 歌星フェイト outfit his cape looks like
This?? It might be a hint?? If you saw the stars in 歌星フェイト background is that hinted at astrology?

All this CAN be nothing it just a theory for now it just something I notice win looking at 歌星フェイト and seeing his rush it just reminded me of 歌星フェイト coming from another 'game' or 'area' or something and using his powers to do so.

Genshin impact on the survey???

May the RNG be with you win you pull for them.
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The new Idol event SOA [JP] part 2.


had to be part 2 
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The new Idol event SOA [JP]


フェイト!  💙 Omg his music video is フェイト singing and him playing as himself in SO3 game.

Not only that フェイト saved himself 👀 all the フェイト are all different フェイト 💭

I'm pulling for this new フェイト got to have them all

No winter フェイト if we are getting idol フェイト

I'll update this post win more info and my pulls come.

アイドルフェイト song to フェイト I'm getting a Kaito Vocaloid vibe going on with all the フェイト duplicate

the tension that フェイト had with 花婿フェイト and now アイドルフェイト is here this is going to be very interesting.

is this a love song to フェイト?  I like his voice and his singing they did a good job on this.

spoilers SO3 has a plot twist at the very end and now アイドルフェイト power can break into Multiple Realities

This is very rena and her emotions for claude

she did a good job on this one.

spoilers rena and cluade are a couple if you played SO2
look at his family tree

Summer Steven.

Pokemon masters Steven EX 🎉


Steven EX 💜🎉 yes I did a bit grind to get him unlock omg I love his new colors.

Summer steven kept knocking steven out win I was grinding for steven EX is steven EX worth it? He is ✨ it

I'm happy with steven EX and steven EX takes some time to get use to. rumors was steven was hard to use people was being discouraged to use steven because he not easy as red is.

Summer steven I did make a all ice team for him with MC with a Ice support pokemon it works good.

steven EX is now ✨ I love the colors.

I wish you luck with you're EX grind.

Can we get Winter steven now? ❄️ #wintersteven,

how many times steven showed up win I was pulling for cynthia? I got cynthia to help grind for steven ex mats
now I need to grind for summer steven mats.

May the RNG be with you if pull 🎉
Groom fate

公式生放送「STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #44」放送決定(11/24)


 甲斐 聖現(運営プロデューサー)
 コロ?(BAN BAN BAN 山本正剛・芸人)
今後とも『STAR OCEAN -anamnesis-』
宜しくお願い致します。  Winter outfits?? ❄️ Maybe a crossover? What do you think??


Pokemon masters EX winter teaser ❄️


Can we have Winter Steven? ❄️ #WinterSteven,
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Pokémon Masters Team (Vol. 14) is out and small update.


importance on sync pairs’ relationships with each other and have skills activate based on team themes, so we hope theme skills give you a chance to explore sync pairs’ relationships on a deeper level.

>>relationships on a deeper level.  👀

Collapse )

That a small update on my phone games and Pokémon Masters Team (Vol. 14) is out

>>relationships on a deeper level.

That got my attention.

it may be the start of romance like how SOA has it romance

I'm playing my phone games I'm also playing Genshin Impact.

happy halloween 🎃
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Venti: Skyward Sonnet


Venti is how old? it's over a thousand

Diluc?  How old are you?
If the voice is not Diluc who is it?

Barbatos creates its form based on the appearance of this boy.
The red head guy in this story IS Diluc? 💭 OR Diluc family?
Diluc has a history with Jean I would think that they did date long time ago but it never worked out.
Dilcu would look good with Lumine

I knew there WAS something between Diluc and Venti they are old old old old friends?

If we got all the gods of all the elements what is Diluc?

Diluc might be a divine? 💭

We know that Venti do drink and he is way older then the Aether

Maybe that's why Venti responded to the Aether, Venti might be aware of what Lumine is doing but Venti wants the Aether to deal with her.

It can be possible Venti did fight Lumine before Lumine knows about Venti she don't like him.

Why do the gods take noticed in Aether? He won't age like the normal people of that world maybe that's why they give him power?

Maybe that's why Venti showed himself to Aether? And becomes part of the group if you pull him?

The other possibility is Aether and Lumine might become Divine of that world and can't go home.

If you watch that story trailer it almost hints that Aether story IS at it's end that means no going to other worlds and one door remains.

Maybe in order to save Lumine. Aether will become a divine of that world? And Lumine will have to make up what she did and go with Diluc around the world and save people regain her humanity that she lost? (Theory)

There is a reason why Aether is getting all the elements the gods might be preparing Aether to become a divine of that world. (theory)

This gives me more reason to ship Venti with Aether now.

What the twins are the heirs and that hints Lumine being evil?

You remember that island in the sky pic? Maybe that it

Kingdom of the Heavens it was hinted at the twins had light powers.

Now do you see the story?

The gods are helping Aether to become more divine.