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hack//GU Last Recode update Japan date


"『.hack//G.U. Last Recode(ラストリコード)』2017年11月1日発売決定! 『Vol.3』に続く新エピソードも判明!【先出し週刊ファミ通】"

".hack // G.U. Last Recode (theatre code) ' 11/2017 1 released! New episodes following "Vol.3' turn!"

"1 November 2017" Japan release date.

If you look closely to this pic you will see 'Premium Edition' So maybe almost like a CE?

Now this is for Japan no word on NA or outside of Japan yet.

Another episode has been added I'm thinking it has to something to do with 'Ovan' and to rap up G.U. ending.

You know the whole Haseo 'I want to hug Ovan' moment in G.U. ending yeah that...or Haseo resolve of his desire for Ovan.

So Now I know to save money for November the 1st for Japanese version good I'm going to buy that also.

By the way Ovan hair looks fabulous here it almost like Ovan is...'Waifu' O_O much as I don't like Ovan *mutter* I can see why Haseo likes him >_> who knows maybe Ovan might be a party member >_<


If you watched .Hack//Roots or played .Hack//G.U. even in the e-mails Shino will tell 'Haseo' that she knows the he liked Ovan it was hinted a lot very lot...and yes Shino did like Ovan to...

Sorry that was spoilers but in the end he kind of ended up with Atoli almost...forcefully to me G.U. love story was...
Hopefully this new episode will fix that leftover emotions kind of tie up G.U. ending and all that

end of spoilers

and if you watched .hack//G.U. Returner it was hinted that 'Ovan' will return so this might be the episode win he do return now this is just theories of mine nothing is said about this new episode.

Out of all of this fan girl muttering we got the release date for Japan

1 November 2017


So I'm all hyped about that...wait what do I do until November?


Plays Star Ocean Anamnesis I guess I'm playing that and SO3 for my PS4 I might think of getting the Japanese ver of SO3... maybe. (I'm getting into Fayt Japanese voice a lot and I'm starting to like it) thanks Star Ocean Anamnesis.

So get ready to experience all the emotions of .Hack//G.U. all over again I'm ready to go.

And Yes I will post some of my pictures of .Hack//G.U. win the game is out hmm let me think.
(As in pic I'm talking fan art)

"For the first time in a year and three months, Haseo logs into The World R:2, and he discovers a frozen Ovan in a cavern located at Qua Holme. He attempts to break the ice to no avail, and learns that he currently doesn’t have the power to melt the ice. Haseo gathers with his old friends and goes on a new adventure in hopes of finding a way to save Ovan."

This story...

Ovan frozen...hello

Kite was frozen many many times by Fluegel this is .Hack//Link the story that everyone dislikes.

Fluegel A mysterious male player character with long white hair and a right monocle. He holds a pistol called Brieler Rössle that is able to freeze the player character and encase them in ice/crystal (time control or possibly changing of the Akashic data). Kite was frozen but the pistol has no effect on Tokio. At the end of the battle against Kite, Fluegel was hit by Kite's Data Drain. He was saved from the attack and now has shorter black hair. Schicksal's leader.

.Hack//Link story takes place in the year 2020 this in the timeline comes after G.U. and .Hack//Link HAS time travel with the Akashic Record so are they setting this up?

The whole G.U. new story with Ovan almost like it connecting to .Hack//Link maybe...I'm hope I'm wrong...

Yeah seeing Ovan frozen like that reminds me how many times Kite got frozen in .Hack//Link and how many times Tokio and Kite almost become a couple...>_> but BlackRose stop that.

So maybe this might be a little crossover with Schicksal and Haseo? and maybe even Tokio might show up after all Tokio is still using the Akashic Record or that time travel whatever it's called...sorry.

And in both .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. Tokio was still looking after this game somehow...

So we might see a new confrontation between Haseo and this? Omg this might redeem the fact Tokio changed G.U. timeline.

But back to the new story 1 year and 3 months that long after G.U.? alright did Haseo get far with Atoli?
And why is Haseo on a quest for Ovan? >_> I know Shino was G.U. first story and now it's Ovan sorry girls.

If it's not Schicksal or Fluegel it has to be someone new or 'testing' it before .hack//link.

That is my thoughts for now we won't know the whole story until we play the new story.

Ugh...just thinking about this I went from excited to anxious...
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