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SOA ranking low?


So we find out SOA a.k.a. Star Ocean Anamnesis fallen in ranking bad.

People say it not the characters but the events really?

My guess it's the girls you make a star ocean game and deliver girls after girls it just get tiresome after that many.

You see if you just 'aim' for one fan base witch is the guys at this point it didn't work you can tell by how far the ranking is I think they noticed the 'fan base' win the fans requested Albel to be made they tried to ignore it but it was a too big of a demand and win Fayt come out later the fan base went wild

Not only that Albel and Fayt was the both best selling at that time that win they ignored it again and pushed for girls.


The last guy we got was Edge that was long time ago they been pushing girls and girls out after another hoping to get the more of the 'guys' fan base in and it didn't work it flopped.

if they had wedding guys and swimsuit guys it would of sold but no they wanted girls and girls and girls.

That was a bad move on there part I think even that other guy was asking 'where the guys at?' or hinted to that even Swimsuit Myuria VA asked 'where the guys at?' whoever making this decision to put girls in needs to stop

The fan base is not one sided we got both fan bases here you can tell in the last swimsuit video everything was 'smooth' until Swimsuit Myuria VA ask 'where the guys at?' that win that guy got red I can tell he got upset I'm getting the feeling the person who working on this wants to make nothing but girls.

The last CM they made was aimed to draw in more guys I don't know if it worked or not.

So yes you can see that this was there latest push to draw in more guys so they can keep on making only but girls

The real girl players at this point like some big named youtubers who are girls might of dropped this game and some of the girl player fan base might of fallen a bit

And the guys who are into the whole 'I want guys' might of dropped a bit also yes 'Yaoi' is still big over there

I say they need both fan base to survive not just one

And even facebook group was like 'girls don't play this game' they stop saying that win the girls start posting in there facebook group

So yes girls DO play this game

Sorry for getting upset it just 'ugh' me that people don't think girl's play games at all and to see this from a series that you care about it just got to me

From now on I'm going to support this game but if they keep making nothing but girls that will ease up a bit

I won't be throwing money into this game every time more girls come out

The only girls I do like are

Rena, Wedding Rena, Wedding Maria, Clair, and Swimsuit Reimi and Reimi.

These are the girls I did play with and have in party at one point on both accounts that was fun

The other girls I never did get or never felt attached to I almost did like Swimsuit Miki that was a almost

To say over all my upset emotions I don't hate the girls it just they are making too much and it get boring seeing them

Not only that the events they are doing are...Easy they need different events they need more fun events

Everyone has different feelings and there are some people who just want nothing but girls but for me I want a mix of both I don't mind the girls it just give me a guy every now and then

And yes this was a random talk about SOA and there ranking and how far they fallen and what made it fall?

Do you think it was the girls?

The events?

The story?

Or the fact the last guy we got was Edge it has been that long

And yes everyone has different ideas and I apologize for sounding negative and if I have any bad spelling here it my nails >_> my nails are getting long and...typing with long nails are...

Back on topic overall SOA is the best phone game I ever played I will continue to support it

And I hope we get some guys in the future in the game and the next big event we will get 'Halloween?' might have a mix of guys and girls for both fan base so it not one sided

For the crossover event something for both fan bases but we might get girls for that one.
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