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Info from Sight.

(-The name of Ovan's AIDA is , and the case on his arm to keep it in check was created by Corbenik.
-It's confirmed that Kite was aiming his DD not at Haseo, but at Ovan as he entered the Cathedral.
-Ina met Phyllo, who introduced her to Shino, who she introduced to her brother.
-Ina found Harald's room due to the AIDA corrupting The World, and fell into it kinda like with the glitches in Roots. Since no one else knew how to get there, she and Ovan used it to spend time alone. Since Ovan knew about Harald, and was an investigator for the NAB, he quickly realized what it was.
-The reason Ovan "had no time left" was that Aina, due to her illness, desperately needed a kind of surgery that would be very dangerous to perform if she was in a coma.
-As in G.U.+, Shino is an Innis Epitaph User. She never fully awakened though, and after becoming a Lost One the Morganna Factor detached from her PC and found the next "Chosen One", Atoli.
-It wasn't the Rebirth ability that created Cubia after all. Cubia was created by Harald to oppose the Key of the Twilight (being the sign which leads to truth, I suppose he didn't want anyone to interfere). Before, when the Key was the Bracelet, Cubia opposed it. This time, the Key was Haseo's Xth form, which had absorbed all the Epitaphs. This is why the Core looks like Haseo.

More in a minute...

-As opposed to Aura, whose birth was desired and who was created by a system, AIDA are virtual lifeforms spawned "naturally" from bugs that occured somewhere on the net. AIDA were originally harmless, but after several thousand were born, an aggressive mutant appeared, and this one attacked Ovan. AIDA are all connected, so the malice of this one, known as Tri-Edge, spread to the rest of them. People PKed by AIDA form an "AIDA tumor" responsible for their coma (I know it's dumb, don't shoot the messenger), but since AIDA are connected, the tumors disappeared once the AIDA did.
-The OVA will have at least some part having something to do with Ovan and the AIDA.
-Sleeping Aura brought the Azure Knights to life to fight the AIDA, from her memories of the great heroes. She didn't have time to fully complete their forms, and that's why they look weird. She sent them after Tri-Edge.)

This info is not my own it just something I wanted to share with eveone.
This answers some Qustions and leaves some more for me like is Haseo the new Key of Twilight?. and Cubia is the Anti-Shadow of Haseo X-from so yeah this would Explain why Aura given Haseo the Azure Knights in Vol.3.

Let's seee...if Cubia was the Shadow then all 3 Keys have a owner?
-Key of Twilight- Haseo X-from(That would Explain why he is able to DD in Vol.3)
-Key of Dawn- Kite (I think if you recall Vol.4 Aura gives him a new Key that IF he sitll has it in G.U.)
-Key of V- Valtent...or Valtime? the one that Ovan did have it. but it was lost win Ovan died...I think Eina or Haseo has it now I forgot...

So Ovan did have the Key of Twilight for a bit until he died that win he was put in Haseo X-from? and Va-la Cubia was born....uh that don't make any sense...Remeber this is not my Theory it was told by to find out more info.

But yeah this suprised me bit. but yeah this Proves Azure Knights are Memories of the Real Kite, Balmung, Orca who Quit the World before R:1 was Destoryed. but why they look Zombie looking way is Aura doing. so yeah good info or bad?. Up to you this Explain a bit of .Hack//G.U. I think...old or new news to you but it something to post here.

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