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SOA next


So we are getting Mirage and shooter Anne O_o >_>


Not very excited I heard Anne is still most loved in Japan that's why they picked her and Mirage artwork reminds me of Wedding Maria picture they look the same the style...O_o

however we did get...

Prince Claude O_o


Rena and Wedding Rena are going to be so jealous omg...

Honestly the site of prince Claude is so...smooth compared to all the girls we got since Edge

People noted Prince Claude looks younger and is missing his headband at first I thought he was Prince Clauzer of Krosse or 'Chirs' or 'Clyde' what name he uses the guy that looked like Claude in SO2.

Maybe that where they got this idea from?

So maybe the next program more guys?

Why pick Claude? Win they know Albel or Fayt are the ones people want?

Emmerson and Rena and Wedding Rena might protest...ouch we got the whole family here

If the next one are going to be 'princes' I'm all up for it but I think the next one will be more girls >_>

Oh right rumors are they listen to a site that voted 'Claude' most loved..>_> that was long time ago it was old rumors to...I don't know if the fan base changed or not but I don't like Claude that much he's alright but er...

His cannon ending is Rena hello Emmerson?

I think the same website voted for 'Anne' that why Anne was in the game fast however she wasn't that used in the game itself people didn't use her >_>

【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM 速報】 次回STAR OCEAN PROGRAM#15は8/22(火)に放送決定!新衣装クロードさんや初参戦するあのキャラやこのキャラの情報含め、内容盛りだくさんでお送りします!(`◎Д◎´)ノ #アナムネシス

"[STAR OCEAN PROGRAM breaking] next STAR OCEAN PROGRAM # 15 8/22, (Tuesday) broadcasting decision! Including new costumes Claude's first participation in that character and this character information, attractiveness and contents will send you! ('◎Д◎ be), #アナムネシス "

Star Ocean program 15 announced I'm excited now to think about the 8/22 program and who we might get

This time for Mirage and Shooter Anne I'm going to pass I don't need anymore girls seriously

And gems sales are coming back new weapon so say goodbye to the weapons we have now and try to roll for Swimsuit Reimi sword that is good for now.

So if you don't have the sword get it now before it's gone I tried and my alt account again and did not get it T_T
I'm thinking alt Fayt who wants to keep that The Holy Sword Farwell it not bad it just Fayt already has light elemental from his powers that sword don't do nothing for him except Attack and INT.

However I wish you good luck on getting Mirage or Shooter Anne I'm not going to roll this time so no dice for me.

As for Anne

"Character: Military Outfit Anne Patriceani
Role: Shooter ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Gun
Talent: Completely Flawless Support - All Elemental Damage +30% (All Allies)
Stubborn Disposition - Single Target Damage +15% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
Memories of an Unknown Planet - AP Recovery Speed +50% when distance between target is Long (All Allies)
Cat Shangri-La - AP Consumption -30% when Skill Chain 3+ (Self)
Rush Combo: Gunsmoke Arts - Critical Rate +50% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 19
Skills: Skyline Shooting
Stardust Aim
Bullet Locus"

Meaning she has Elemental Damage that is good if you don't have Fayt I heard that she buffs element weapons and is good in all shooter party O_o but from what I saw her defense is weak so you might have to dodge

Mirage is

"Character: Mirage Koas
Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Weapon: Knuckle
Talent: Skillful Kicking - ATK +20% (All Allies)
Klaustrian Bloodline - ATK Damage +20% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
Heart of Mercy - AP Recovery from normal attack +100% when distance between target is Short (All Allies)
Personal Teachings from Father - Critical Rate +30% & Critical Damage +30% when HP is 100% (Self)
Rush Combo: Avenger Charge - AP Consumption -30% % Recover 10% of Max HP every 3 seconds (Self 20 seconds)
Power: ATK x 4,000% Max Hit Count: 15
Skills: Trident Arts
Acrobat Locus
Electric Fist"

People was saying 'oh mirage is pretty' and after they saw this it was 'oh mirage is not good' some people says she good some people says she not that will be up to you to decided.

So far we got 2 people who use elements that is Shooter Anne and Fayt since I'm not rolling for Mirage or Shooter Anne I Don't have to worry about it however if you need a elemental user or play with a shooter party or have element weapons you might think of shooter Anne but watch out win you play with her she looks like she has the shooter defense.

And now people are saying 'Mirage' is dead before she's out? What?...

Ugh discord chat please...

moving on good luck with the RNG and I'll wait win the update drops later.

And yes if you're not farming do it now the events will change.
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