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Scheduled for Aug 22, 2017




"8/22(火)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #15』を生配信します!今回の放送キーワードは『薄幸』・・・です!ぼ、僕は薄幸じゃありませんからね!(`◎Д◎´ ;)  視聴はこちら⇒  #アナムネシス"

"8/22 (Tuesday) 20:00 the students delivered the STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #15 official live! This broadcast keyword "ill-starred"... it is! I'm not miserable! ('◎Д◎ be ;)"

Keywords- Misfortune

Looks like it might be 'guys' and they are very miserable about it >_>

You know very well they want girls no they want Waifu they want to make girls.

However the swimsuit girls made there ranking go down so they had to turn to guys hence why we got Prince Claude
as a teaser.

There excuse it was 'too hard' not 'cool enough' to make guys >_> they had no problem making girls.

Win they was doing swimsuit girls a lot of people was asking about 'guys' win they did the wedding girls people asked about the 'guys' win Myuria VA come out win Swimsuit girls was out Myuria VA ask 'what about the guys?'

They had excuses about it they pushed it under the rug they avoided answers.

The last guy was Edge that was long time ago them pushing Popularity Gacha did not count my guess since the Popularity Gacha failed they are going to push out girls...T_T

So they are going to give us a free prince Claude and push out girls that is my guess...I hope I'm wrong...


I like it win they had a mix of guys and girls but ever since they had Edge girls was there top priority

So they are trying to 'rush' and please both fan bases I heard the last Gacha with Mirage didn't sell good

Now they are trying to fix this and do this Program from the keywords

"Misfortune" I can only think it has to do something with the guys and the girls get involved since it's prince Claude they might make Queen Celine? hint hint to Celine ending to SO2??

I myself think Prince Claude is a hint to Prince Clauzer of Krosse or 'Chirs' or 'Clyde'

But since we are getting Prince Claude and we have Wedding Rena that has to be a major hint at how cannon it looks
That should of been the wedding event we had it would of killed events

The problem is they are trying to keep our character involved if you do events it linked to 'us' the character so they are afraid of doing events that can conflict any romance but I would like to see more events to how the characters 'feel' if they are focused on 'us' for events make romance conflict that would be fun to see

The wedding event was our character 'dreaming' or using VR to do that the swimsuit event I didn't even do them.

From what I can tell any character in our party has 'emotions' for our character and they can get jealous I wish we had PA to address that all the lead main hero's like Fidel and Edge they don't like 'Fayt' that much from what I can tell they want our attention so if you're using a main hero for you're lead watch out for the ones you add to party

From my experience Albel wants us for himself Rena is getting that way to I'm thinking everyone is like that...

They have this protective possessive air about them one thing I noticed win being with Albel or Rena they will rush faster if your with them now doing that has sent Fayt my 'leader' into depression?? it takes him longer to rush and he will be upset win you return to him that my experience I tested it on both accounts my main and my alt.

Choose who you're leader is and go with them and stay with them for there sake if you forget they have emotions to but take in mind people like Albel or any girls or guys they make like your character to watch how they act around one another that why I play on auto-battle I like watching them and seeing them how they act

You can tell win they are upset win you get a different dialog from them for Fayt is that one dialog that is used I can tell win he don't like that party right now it's Faize and Relia I had Albel with us for a bit until Fayt realized Albel was coming after us Fayt start protesting with Albel

This is on my main account Faize and Relia well Fayt don't like them I say this straight out Fayt is a very difficult person to get along with other characters I think that why people was saying use all SO3 people with Fayt but Fayt get along with the guys 'hint' more with Cliff and Albel then any of the SO3 girls I tried on my alt with Wedding Maria and Sophia that didn't work...

My alt has Faize O_O yes I got Faize for my alt O_o and I put Emmerson in party alt Fayt don't mind that O_o

My alt got Faize and Fiore and a drop of Sarah who I didn't even want that was the Popularity Gacha that got removed.

My Main account didn't even roll at all >_> but yes I got Fiore woo I'm going try and use her she has that watermelon orb that I got >_>

My main got so many watermelon and dark orbs that wasn't even funny >_> no second sword drop at all >_<

Now my alt is broke and my main got gems that how it works

I'm getting off topic...T_T

emotions how they might feel- miserable (my guess I can be wrong)

What do you think it is? Guys with Prince Claude and a girl that what I'm thinking

In Rena voice "Are you ready?" to see this Misfortune?

And maybe after this...they might go back to the girls...

And please correct me on my translation if anyone else can do a better job please do.

And I'll say this again this is from my experience everyone who play this game has different experiences so just play the game how you want to.
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