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Thinking about the past...

You know.
I would never belive if you told me Elk a.k.a. Endrance would become a boss let alone whirl a Phases. beside much Angst losing Mia. but all this time it still sends me shivers that he is Endrance and that he thinks poor Haseo is his new *Mia* as he don't take the news vary well if you let Haseo marry one of the Azure Knights or some one else I got the hint win I sent him
a Card asking him 'How he was doing?' I can tell the Change becuse I ask him in Vol.2 his answer was diffrent.

But as I recall I'm still upset about the whole Ovan being Tri-Edge. you know Earth Signs hold there memory of anger longer even for people who was born in May.

I just Start Using Tabby her attacks are much diffrent from Pai's but she won't allow you to change her Lv.5 Weapon the one that was given from Shino.
(Tabby stalker to Shino slash) lol.

And not sadly I never finsih the Frost of Pain. (It's becuse I don't want it to end) and becuse every time I give SP Items to any of my party memeber they get rid of it win I relode and pick ware I left off so Forst of pain event must do and not quit...dame.

I'm thinking of doing of Posting one of my Fics. I really had a lot LOT of Fics but my old PC is whiped out from a dame Virus so I had fanfiction block. for a bit but I'm trying to get back my Sprit that is why you havn't seen me posting Fics about. sorry about that.

I just seen a Video on Youtube showing Haseo Lv.3 Data Drain, I was in aw. I was avoiding that becuse I was so use to the Old DD back in the days win you DD you're Virus intake would go 'Red' zone you remeber?. but it seems in G.U. that don't happen man I still love this game So Fair the DD I have with Haseo is Lv.2 well almost 3.

"But sometimes life well go on and sometimes you well forget what was most Importion to you back time chagnes so do people."

Dear God...I'm getting Angsty now. Wahhh...dame if I do a Fic now it well turn into a Angst one so what is this use of talking now 'Uh' sorry this time it only useless talk nothing new about .Hack//G.U. yet. I'm just posting how *I* fell right now so bare with me a bit.

Nothing new but my Cat who name is *Azural* (Nothing to do with the Azure Knights Promise!) who being clingy with me who know those offices chirs that spin around. well he setting on one right now -_-;; lucky he don't fall off win I move...and he asleep for that matter...*Sweet drop*.

but yes my Japanese have not Impoved well maybe a tiny bit I still don't know what they are saying hafe of the time lol.
Only in Root town ware people 'yell' at Haseo maybe angry with him since that Idoit Sakaki did, but saving people form being PK has not changed only the PKK who know who Haseo is do they really have to freak out like...
"Oh it's The *Terror of Death!* PKK Haseo!!" mints Ex-Terror of death since you remeber Haseo said he didn't want to be Terror of Death no more. that suck I kind of like Haseo being 'Terro of death' act.

If you clar all black list and full 50 get...*Dundun* a crapy pice of Aumor no Rare 5 Weapon like in Vol.1. so sorry for people who do love this Aumor but I got a good one from the Doubleganger it much bitter form the blacklist one. yeah I fought the Doubleganger agin...and agin...the 2nd time he give you a lot of good Items that can go on Haseo but got to love that ring thing that heals you up a lot. but I never EQ the well lower my HP points. and if you beat him agin he'll give you useless Items as usual.

So yeah what is all 'This usless talk about?!' just some random form a fan girl who wanted to update but didn't know what to put lol, sorry about evething. but next time it well not be useless I hope so. but see you all later.

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