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SOA Prince Claude -update-


"【因果律のその先に】 8/24(木)メンテ後より限定イベント『因果律のその先に』開催! SO2の主人公「クロード」が時を超え、若かりし頃の両親と出会うオリジナルシナリオが展開されます。 イベント限定キャラ『★5式服のクロード(キャスター)』も報酬で入手可能ですよ! #アナムネシス"

"[The law of causality before] 8/24 (Thursday) maintenance after limited event "held"the destination of causality! SO2 hero Claude] over time, younger days of expands the original scenarios meet the parents. Events limited character "★ 5 ceremonial Claude (caster)" also is available in the rewards!"

So the rumors was win they had the radio event
That Prince Claude was 'not' Ilia son but 'another man' O_O

Wait so Emmerson is not 'Claude' and 'Rena' son also!?

This universe is...

So this event with Prince Claude is all about Claude and his 'emotions' for Ilia that triggers Rena and Ronyx they got jealous well you know how silent Ronyx jealousy is but Rena she showed it

So it started out romantically Claude got help from Emmerson hence 'Prince Claude' outfit to woo Ilia O_o

And it turn out to be friendship in the end I was like...O_O all the way

So what they said Prince Claude isn't there 'son' but another 'man' right?

But yes they did hint romance in this one I was surprised it's official give pretty boy Prince Claude out and push for straight romance so what fan base was they aiming for??

That last program they did was supposed to be 'guys' and we got this...

Not that I'm upset I'm all up for Claude and Rena romance it just...

They 'hinted' at this wrong people voted Claude as most loved among girls/guys I think they wanted...'Yaoi' but got this I don't know how the fan base feels this was straighter then a arrow alright

Now they are saying Albel is most 'gayest' now >_<

This event told me that RonyxXIlia, ClaudeXRena, are a couple it cannon they have kids get over it Claude will never be without Rena why people voted they wanted Claude again??

*sigh* out of all the guys we could of had this is what we got

I'm sad yet happy so bittersweet

That why we got M.Anne people voted her most liked and in the game people don't play her

I feel like we got 'trolled' here people want Claude but don't want him with anyone else
People voted Anne most liked and most loved and they don't even play as her

This event is fun and full of tricks it leads you to believe that what you see is there but is not you get the idea?

Prince Claude wants to impress Ilia this leads pretty boy who wants girl who was 'supposed' to be his 'mother' but is not his 'mother' not in this universe >_<

But in the end this event turn out to be friendship and then we get the big old
RonyxXIlia, ClaudeXRena, hints they are together

this event is cute but misleading the fact we was supposed to get 'guys' and we got this...

So take this mind they well never make a guy only event it will either be with there cannon girlfriend or has to do with guy likes girls


I'm disappointing but yes Prince Claude plays just like Ronyx if you want to know

But hey this prove 100% that Claude did end with Rena even now

So no more fighting that Claude and Prince Claude will love anyone else but Rena

That ship has sailed and is going 100%

Sorry for being upset it just...the way the story went and the event...It got me

So SOA is all to my point of view pushing out girls and making straight romance I'm going to say that because that how it feels so if you're into 'Yaoi' this might be not the game for you

If they ever go back into making nothing but girls let them do so that what they want

I myself am a fan girl I go both ways I like the fact they put ClaudeXRena in here it makes it more cannon

But the people who voted for Claude as most liked you got what you wanted this event was for you I do hope you enjoy Prince Claude he's not that bad

And yes I'm salty that they only given us Claude no Prince Claude sorry for all of this

I'm very salty

Sorry for all of this it just got my emotions I'm a fan girl

Prince Claude event is out and go see it for yourself

But don't fall for the trap 'Prince Claude' is pretty boy attract the girls but this event is 100% romance with guy and girl

And enjoy this update before the real one drops

Ashton it's all about Ashton

And I apologize for my 'rant' I was upset T_T sorry and salty...
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