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.Hack//Fan book vol1


"お、ま、た、せ……しました! 明日発売の #ドットハック記念本 「.hack//Fanbook」第一巻、「Vol.1」の表紙カバーを初公開っっ!! 『G.U.』のキャラクターデザインを担当した細川誠一郎による渾身の新規カラーイラストを使用! #ドットハック #dothack"

"And, well, the let. ! Tomorrow launched #ドットハック記念本".hack // Fanbook" unveiled the cover of the first volume, volume 1 was gone! "G. U." The new color illustrations of of Hosokawa Seiichiro was responsible for character design! #ドットハック #dothack"



That looks pretty <3 more .hack related stuff coming in now

And yes I'm loving all the .hack info even if it a book

Makes me want to import this for my collection *sigh*

But yes this art cover is nicely done like the whole Atoli, Haseo and Azure Kite going on it makes it look epic and thus the triangle has been nothing...

But yes they are posting I'm surprised

Strangely enough they are posting the same time SOA goes into maintenance

Hmm oh well maybe it's nothing right.

So a new art book is coming out Vol.1 if you get it good.
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