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SOA update



"[Scenario: a new chapter released! 】 9 / 7 stage of the adventure, after the maintenance of the (Thursday) of the new lanbyulance this star "published! The heroes grabbed the clues for the treatment of viral diseases. And in "planet lanbyulance" headed for the manufacture of the vaccine, wait for them. New chapter of tension, so stay tuned! #アナムネシス"


New story is out I have not played it yet I'm charging my phone >_>

So I don't have any info what is going on with the story yet once my phone is done I'll go into game and play

I'll update this win I do the story

New comic updated and new this might link to the story?? I don't know yet

Luther is back and weak ageist Fire if you have Fayt or Sophia that will work

New weapons are out Ice gun and Ice orb
I think we have way to many guns and not enough swords that my take on this

Ice gun is good for Wedding Maria or anyone else who uses guns for that matter

Ice Orb that looks black okay odd that would be good on Swimsuit Sophia, Mavelle and Fiore if you have any of them

Now Mavelle did get a buff right? Why only her and not Ashton?
(Because Mavelle is a girl??)

I might roll for the weapons but I'm not into them I don't want any more guns

But if your a gun user or a orb users I would try to roll for them and we do have a Ice staff already so for this new weapons we get

"[Hunting Staff Cat's Paw : Staff]
- Damage to Avian Race +40%
- Will not flinch during Symbology Chants
LB Factor - Ease of Stun +10%"

That good if your working with staff users I'm not that staff would be good for Sophia or Wedding Ivilish if you have them or any of the staff users out there

"[Levin Orb : Orb]
- Ice Elemental Damage +40%
- Dark Elemental Damage +20%
- Critical Rate +10%
- Critical Damage +15%
LB Factor - Ease of Stun +10%"
Dark and Ice orb good for orb users that the new weapon

"[Ice Gun - Kirisame Rokka : Gun]
- Imbues Ice Element on attacks
- Recovers 10% of normal attack damage as HP
- At 20% HP or higher, 70% chance to survive fatal attack"
New gun good for gun users

3 new weapons in the weapon gacha if you have gems to roll for them and have the right characters go for it I might and might not I'm thinking about it


Alright did the story on my alt my phone wasn't done charging and win I got done with the story my phone was done charging >_<;

*ahem* now this story is short spoilers no one dies there are some moments but nothing serious

And our character is now fully stable no more fainting and our character can eat

The jokes about food is in this story I think it's the bottom choices

But we do get a picture in the end 'Part 1' has finished and the famous

'To be continued' and it was in English so this whole story was about...

From my broken Japanese it was 'meh' they did have sad moments and serious ones

And where on from here? We don't know how this will end we don't know

It might be a bit before they make another story but yes Part 1 has ended

The hints of Ivilish liking our character is still in this story but toned down a lot you can 'agree' with her or not disagreeing or choosing a different choice will make her 'groin'

If you want to make your character not paying attention choose the bottom and the middle choices in all the choices you can see other outcomes

I tested that on my alt the choices are funny and 'what' moment

Even with Ivilish tone down in romance it still hinted in this story I think we might have a ending with her rather if we like her or not

Or some can skip this story and pretended it don't exist and just go for the gems

Well you can tell I'm not a big Ivilish fan she just...'ugh' me the wrong way

I know some guys who do like Ivilish and some people who don't like her the fan base is split but I do know the guy in charge says he likes 'Nel' that's why we get lot of Nel stuff but he never quoted if he liked Ivilish or not

This story slowly pushes the hints of romance and Wedding Ivilish was supposed to be the icing but people never got the hint that why they stop forcing Ivilish in the gacha

So far our character has been in awkward maybe forceful with Ivilish just the two of them alone and we are the 'Silent hero' it was awkward that why they added that girl

But the dialog that we say we either 'agree' with Ivilish or talk about our love for food O_o the game and the story set us up to like Ivilish but our character don't really feel or talk about liking Ivilish that the problem

The wedding event with Ivilish omg that did not go good with the fan base it failed badly that was supposed to be our character feelings for Ivilish if we agreed to it or not it was supposed to draw the fan base into seeing that we like Ivilish it didn't work.

So it don't matter who we like the story says and suggest that Ivilish might be a romance interest there is no doubt that she like our character but you know the fan base they will like who they like and sometimes it not Ivilish.

From what I can tell 'the main game story is Ivilish likes us' right?

However I think our summons a.k.a. party members might be fallen in love with us also
the way they act and they can show some jealousy you can tell by the dialog and how they act there was a few times I wish I caught it with a picture

And our leader whoever we are with all the time 24/7 I think they are possessive over us and some party members don't like one another they conflict a lot

Fayt is one of them he is a hard one to place with others the only guys he do likes is Prince Claude and Faize he crashes with the other guys I don't know of the easy going guys like Claude and Fidel and Roddick are like that

The girls are whole different story expect for Rena I know she is like that also I know from experiences she has that possessive nature about her (from being with Rena)
Maybe that why Fayt don't like her? I know he don't like Rena and Wedding Rena

I'm going way off topic again lol but yes the story is out and go play and see for yourself how it is the last and the middle choices are funny to pick

And this is from my experience everyone has different experience.
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