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SOA we are getting


No Leon

It's Precis and that girl from the story the pink hair girl.

The pic they hinted at

People are saying it's...Sephiroth?


They say he looks like Lasswell from Final Fantasy brave exvius (Rumors)

>_> T_T

And nope no Valkyrie Profile collab returning so the chances new people getting Lenneth are low.

People wanted Valkyrie Profile to return people on twitter said it was going to return but the hints lead up to something else and that picture proved it not Valkyrie Profile.

Looks like Final Fantasy Collab incoming long hair guy with sword that means new sword type weapon hopefully a dark one.

People on discord are salty they wanted someone else not Lasswell and they wanted girls?? And they are upset it might be with Final Fantasy brave exvius.

I'm not excited that we get two girls little small loli girls for the new gacha I know people wanted Precis and they really wanted Leon the youtube chat was pissed and we get the pink hair girl not Leon however Leon was mention that was about it.

They also said they wanted to beat FGO ranking? or fan base?
I doubt that will happen the way they are going nope not going to happen

People are also upset they didn't pick a more liked Final Fantasy game or even Nier Automata but if they are going with Final Fantasy brave exvius why?

I played Final Fantasy brave exvius and it 'ugh' to me just a bit it really more cash then anything the story is alright's...ugh

The new update also has skills seeds to upgrade attack def you get the idea

no word on new skills yet

but the most event I might be hyped for is Cyril Lucifer return people already think he might be in a future Gacha we don't know

No info on weakness yet he is a SO2 boss and he has a lot of wind elements

However Final Fantasy has been making a lot of crossovers that says a lot

And if we are having a FF Crossover I wonder who paid them for it?

The Final Fantasy mobile games are pretty well...*sigh* depends what one you talk about I'm thinking they are trying to make up for the Final Fantasy XV loss in what they made and it failed I'm not going to get into that subject sorry.

So all of this is just theories for now we don't know if we are getting a Final Fantasy brave exvius crossover or not so keep that in mind

For this update new event I'm most excited for and skills seeds I want to boots my party attack except for mage types I might pass on this Gacha but good luck to the people who roll this one.

I'm still salty I did want Leon but the new Gacha is loli girls small girls sorry Waifu
you're taking a break and sorry for being negative who do like them.

So good luck on rolling for Precis and the pink hair girl who people are saying is another Wedding Maria clone so keep that in mind if you get her she even has Maria moves and Wedding Maria moves but no Wedding Maria or Maria rush.

And yes people was salty she was almost Maria and Wedding Maria clone the only thing is her rush is different and she has pink hair not blue.

This is my thoughts and it can be different from other people point of view so sorry for being negative but watch the youtube video and see how you feel about it.

So until we get the next update we can say the Collab is all theories for now that guy can be anyone but if you look the picture you can guess who it is.
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