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It's been Proven...


(I guess you're right, actually, a grammar nazi you are not. Sorry.

In other news, it's confirmed by the Perfect Guidebook, which by its very title can't make any mistakes. Sora is Ryou Misaki. Have a nice day.)~

(Oh wow. So it is finally confirmed then. Ryou is behind Sora and Haseo. Hah. Its kind of interesting how Skeith was like 'i've finally found you'. now we actually know why.)~

All from the Bord at

Wahhh so Ryou is Sora! for those who read .Hack//Zero this has been proven. no wonder Skeith says in Englisn 'I Finally Found You!' in Japanese it sound more like 'Meee Skeith!!' altough my Japaense suck so I don't know if that true or not.

btw You can order .Hack//G.U. Perfect OR...

For about 12 dollers and soemthing but they put it SO cheap that the Truth had to be so cheap and eveone knew about it all yeah there a lot of OLD players in G.U. now we just need to find a BlackRose and Tsukasa look a like lol.
but it would Explain why Skeith act like the OLD Sora in Vol.3 win he treats to leave Haseo becuse Haseo/Sora has Changed a LOT...Whatever it time for me to let this go. no Not G.U. but thinking about Sora=Haseo being the same as Atoli said. "Haseo-san is Haseo-san right?" Good or Bad he still one of my Fav.

But yeah it would Explain why Skeith had a hard time chosen someone maybe Haseo acting too much like a Newbie lead Skeith not to think he was Sora until...Until at one point
he acted like his old safe Sora win he thought of something hatefull that win Skeith found him?...ugh no more thinking of this... been PROVEN Haseo/Ryou was Sora but had his Memories Erased so yeah he forgot eveone in .Hack//Sign and his freindship as a A.I. with Kite and his pain in .Hack//Zero...

Dame it and I did like 'Slash' Sora and Tsuaksa....oh well...I'm NOT putting Haseo and Tsukasa tougher...nope sitll love the Idea of Endrance and Kite fighting over him lol.

*Cough* as I said before I'm a Girl who loves Many Couples. don't worry I well bounce back form this a Cat allways land on it feet they say...

So yeah talk to you guys later.


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