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.hack//TERMINAL DISC - File 01 - Infection


Spoilers this video will have major spoilers

The question is What is .Hack//G.U.?

And yes all this leads to .Hack//G.U.

Jyotaro Amagi hello .Hack//Link

R;2 hello *cough* .Hack//G.U. hello

Now this last one I'm posting is major spoilers it links to .Hack//Roots and .Hack//G.U. alright let's go

Ovan yes Ovan begging of .Hack//Roots please go watch that anime for more info

This confirms Pai...Pi is Reiko that's her real name

This all leads up to .Hack//G.U. this is the background story are you ready to go?

I'm hyped so this is .Hack//G.U. and what it is people asked what .Hack//G.U. was so this is the answer I give...:P

As for Jyotaro Amagi who Pai dislikes it's obvious that why she has that 'avatar'
Jyotaro Amagi story continues in .Hack//Link going into .Hack//Link the black sheep of the games that's another story yes Japan wasn't into .Hack//Link it faced many many backlash.

So that why I don't mind if Tokio from .Hack//Link shows up somehow in .Hack//G.U. Last Recode it would make sense if they keep saying .Hack//Link did happen in the timeline.

But since .Hack//Link we also had .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. both for phone games we also had .Hack//Versus and .Hack//Quantum.

To find out what happened 'after' this we have to play .Hack//G.U. yes it's a shocker.

But it's good to know the background story first right?

But I'm hyped for .Hack//G.U. Last recode I wonder who they will added to the game.
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