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So we know the rumor that SOA was going to go with FFBE right? a.k.a. final fantasy brave exvius right?

New info has come out



Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is getting



I'm surprised one thing I did noticed Fayt eye color is...gray looking and they all have SOA weapons and accessories and this Fayt has the Holy Sword Farwell O_o in SOA not that good for him

However this is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius world so it might be useful for him? I don't know.

(Also Rena has green eyes so maybe her and Fayt need to switch eye color...O_o)

This is from Discord chat and Reddit


So this says we are getting Final Fantasy Brave Exvius crossover?

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is getting Free Reimi, Fayt, Rena, Fidel and Roddick?

And we only get a hinted picture of Lasswell?

I'm starting to think Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is getting more characters >_<

The only hint SOA got was Lasswell so we will get the same amount of characters to right?

*sigh* this makes me want to get into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius so I can roll for Rena and Fayt :P

But this is info from Japan no info on if 'NA' will get it.

Remember SOA is not out of Japan so if they do this event most likely NA will not get it not unless they release SOA that soon.

If you're playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius JP I would say roll for them go for Fayt and Rena.

So the links are up and the pictures are done...

Collab with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius...


I'm a little bittersweet by it...

I'm happy and yet...'blah' about it it hard to say but I hope we get someone useful.

I did want FF7 and other FF games but it looks like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius so that might be coming with all the new info we got or should I say...leaked info right?

I'm just posting what come over discord chat and reddit that's all.

So what are you're emotions for this? Hyped liked? not hyped keep that in mind win this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collab comes.

With all this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius coming might be true...O_o


Check twitter reaction Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are excited for this win SOA fans are...
not even lukewarm that says a lot one person says Star Ocean Anamnesis is going to end the series.

On the NA side of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius they don't even know about Star Ocean Anamnesis...
>_> and they want this event and a lot of NA people want Claude >_> and they talk about SO3 and Rena.

Mixed emotions alright

"本日21:30~「超!A&G+」にて、 中村悠一さん、マフィア梶田さんによる 公式ラジオ「スターラジオーシャン アナムネシス」が放送です! 明日メンテ後のイベント情報も公開! スマホ片手に正座で待機です!#アナムネシス"

"Today 21: 30-"Super! A & G + "is broadcast by Yuichi Nakamura, mafia kajita's official radio"Star Radio Ocean anamnesis"! Publish event information on the maintenance after tomorrow! The Smartphone in seiza is waiting!"

Talk about the new 'event' win people already know what it is so check out the 'radio' if you can.

Check twitter again now people are talking about this ^_^ and now some NA people do want Star Ocean Anamnesis...*sigh* I know I do so this looks like Japan event only.

Makes me wish Star Ocean Anamnesis was out in NA to...T_T
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