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SOA FFBE event.


So did the story mission and...

Ivilish don't even show up at all this OP is false but yes Ivilish has no part in this story.

It starts off win you find Spoilers Fina alone you do a battle with her and Rain and Lasswell come.

You do more story missions after explaining 'what's going on' to the confused Fina and Rain

First mission to the left is Rain and he hits on Nel who is clueless to this yes Nel appears Tynave and Farleen are also here they make note loud that Nel isn't that 'type' of girl...flirt flirt you get it.

after so on Rain shows off his soft and caring side win Tynave and Farleen both get hurt and Nel back to her 'cold' actions but Rain cant believe it and he carries both of them in the end Nel warms up to Rain somewhat.

Right story is Lasswell it begins with him Celine and Albel nice combo Celine get a whim of treasure in the 'area' and go off recklessly making Lasswell call out to her as Celine falls into a trap Lasswell rushes in to save her as Celine 'thanks' him with a 'heart' emote Albel noticed how Lasswell moves and attacks him O_o Lasswell ask 'what wrong with you Albel!?' or something like that and Albel wants to fight him more and reply Albel style they go at it

That win 3 choices come out the top one is thinking the same lines as Celine after the 1 battle Lasswell and Albel are still fighting and talking and fighting and none of them are wining it a draw and Celine hits them with her magic...I'm brought back to SO2 moment win she did that.

After that Celine tells them to stop fighting and Celine style she scars them both.

Fina is the middle and last event it starts off win Fina is exploring everything and missing Fiore 'notes' experiments something alone the line Edge shows up saying Fina needs to be 'watched' as Fina reply she having fun you get 3 choices the middle one leads to...

Something about Faize and Fayt being 'boring' to Fina? O_o 'whatever they was doing' was too hard for Fina to enjoy my guess is Faize training and Fayt into gaming that my guess after that choice Fiore and Edge both get that 'gray' emote over there heads like 'we know'

(So both Fayt and Faize was mention in this event and we might know why Fayt has not appeared at all in events he is too busy :P)

After that for some odd reason Edge gets very depressed hint to how he was in his game after Edge dark emotions seem to surprise Fina who is left speechless that win the alarm goes off.

In the last event that win that boss appears Fina answers Edge question about moving on and being positive I'm itching to do EdgeXFina now sorry Reimi...*ahem* after that pulls Edge out of depression but Edge says that 'his reasons are his game' basically he tells why he is leader from his 'world' and his mission is get it Star Ocean The Last Hope all over again.

It ends with Fiore telling Edge not to give up 'hope' my guess he is down because of no Crowe and arumat and bacchus.

Now here the odd thing Edge was in the middle of his mission win you encounter him and win you encounter Fayt he just saved SO3 world...isn't that odd?

Another hint is go play Cyril a.k.a. Lucifer event where you start and you're alone in that dark room...
That computer that turn on it sounded a lot like the computers they use in SO3 more likely the ones they used in Arkives that computer that Flad used to show SO3 cast that fight?

Well win you start Cyril event and you're in that dark room alone that what it sounded like how it turned on and it wasn't the first time I heard that sound.

So...maybe this is tied in SO3 timeline after all? I know SOA starts off before SO3 but...maybe this is a hint to who is 'playing' as our character...I'm saying this since SO3 is still end game and the ending is 'Star Ocean is a game' all the timelines are games right?

Spoilers to the ones who did not finish SO3... so that voice says you're character name and
"....wake up!" I'm thinking someone from the Fourth-Dimensional Space or even from the
in Eternal Sphere a.k.a. Sphere Corporation.

But if you recall in SOA story we're not...human no more?'s confusing to me from what I can tell the summons was 'destroying our body' and we kept fainting a lot in main story of SOA so in the end we got turn into summons thanks to Ivilish who saved our 'data' but we got fully soiled in the last story.

But you know that can be it maybe out Character is being safely stored away on Ivilish computer that will lead to them being made in SO3? Maybe that voice was Ivilish.

But this whole event things confuse me the characters are out but if we're still 'data' and we still summon our party to fight with us are...they copies of the ones on the ship?...O_o

I think we got copies and our party is aware of the other copies that are around and react to them somewhat I know both my main and Alt Fayt react to to another 'rented' Fayt they both don't like the rent Fayt at all T_T

It would make sense I'm just waiting for the to end SOA in away that links to SO3 somehow being a 'game' or something that wasn't out to the public and that Blair or Flad or even Fayt was watching us this whole time that would be one twisted ending.

But that just my theories that random voice we heard and that sound of the computer turning on started this it can be anything so don't take this seriously yet.

So this from my experience and they did say SO3 IS still end game.

But play this event in SOA and see what you think?

The hints I saw as Rain and Nel somewhat Edge and Fina somewhat and Lasswell fighting Albel someone put them in the closet please...:P wait isn't that how Albel tells you that he likes you?...O_o er...

Albel is a hard one I know Albel emotions for Fayt is off I think it might be 'sexual' but it sure isn't love so far I can tell Albel has a odd way showing his emotions play SO3 to find out why in all the PA's in SO3 I recall Albel is mostly attracted to Nel...but not really hints lead to Albel was coming to see Clair not Nel I think Albel might like Clair not Fayt not Nel it's confusing.

Fayt on the other hand is pretty much how he is in SO3 one thing I'll say is that Fayt gives no time to Sophia not even in SOA however Fayt will almost pay attention to Swimsuit Sophia I say almost until Fayt glares at her and forces her into the wall...>_> yes Fayt emotions are...difficult.

In SO3 I thought Fayt had it for Albel the hints was powerful in SOA not that much Albel acts like he more attached to our character then Fayt himself witch leads to Fayt glaring at Albel in the end.

So I tested this out again in SOA on my main account put Fayt, Albel and Clair into party nothing
Albel just went far away from Clair and Fayt glared at him but Nel also who 'rented' will glare at Albel also (I don't have Nel on both accounts)

So whatever 'romance' they had in there game is dust to the wind in SOA I'm thinking all of them have some kind of love for our character I know Fayt is difficult to play with others he will either not like them or dislike them fun fact Fayt gets along with Faize very good and Prince Claude.

That why if you're a Fayt player put him on Auto and see for you're self you will see how he reacts to others and who he likes or dislikes.

Another thing I noticed Fayt won't get along with Claude, Fidel, Roddick they will work together what I saw is that Claude and Fidel will work to get Fayt to be quite so they can talk more...O_o if you have Fayt as leader I'm thinking they are jealous they have emotions for our character so if you have Fayt as leader and Claude, Fidel or even Roddick in party good luck.

It almost like they are fighting to be our...leader I almost never mind the girls act that way to.

Another odd thing is we don't have a character to fight with right? So we just fuse with characters our leader right?...Rockman EXE Stream anyone?? That what it reminded me of...O_o maybe it just me??...
I was thinking of what SOA battle reminded me of and Rockman EXE Stream come to mind with the whole 'fusing' thing...since our character in SOA don't have a character to fight with.

To go along with SOA story...O_O maybe I'm getting the wrong hints...>_<;;

*cough* moving on I'm saying this is random talk now omg...

I think I can stop now I'm getting way off topic lol :P

So play the new event that is out and see for yourself what is going on.

And good luck to getting the FFBE limited characters that will be rare in the future.

I'll post my pics later and how much I spent to get...*sigh* you will see later.
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