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"10/11(水)20:00より公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #17』が放送決定!今回の放送キーワードは「最後の希望」です!最後の・・・希望!?まさかっ!!(;`◎Д◎´) 視聴はこちら⇒ #アナムネシス"

"0 / 11 (Wednesday) broadcasting decision on official live "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #17' 20:00 more! Broadcast keyword this time is the "last hope"! The last... desired. Believe it or not I! (; '◎Д◎ be),"


Keyword- Last Hope


スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、 新規キャラクター情報や新規イベント情報などゲーム実機プレイ交えて公開予定です! 今回のキーワードは「最後の希望」です! ◆出演者 ウェルチ・ビンヤード(MC) 小林秀一(プロデューサー) 甲斐聖現(運営プロデューサー) イヴリーシュ その他ゲスト.

So the anime they hinted at had Crowe in it so it might be him.

But they also are having Halloween so...we don't know who else we are getting with Crowe.

Not unless they do this short focus on SO4 and after that we get Halloween in the end...

For the Halloween event I do want some guys but they might use this SO4 event as an excuse and then make girls and girls for Halloween that my guess...>_>

So we know Crowe is coming that might relief Edge's depression a bit...maybe.

I don't want Crowe I got enough SO4 Characters if Leon did come I might roll for him.

Arumat or Bacchus will round up the remaining SO4 Cast so it might be Crowe with either of them.

If they do another SO4 event they have to do the Apostle of Creation seriously.

So expect heavy SO4 story time with the next update? If the keywords are Last hope it's SO4.

And if you're doing FFBE event farm and upgrade the Accessories that what I'm doing right now.

And yes Crowe would be the second twin sword user beside Ashton so expect more weapons.

And since we had a sword weapon Gacha I'm not expecting to see another sword gacha soon to me they like to do that one last...

Right now
Guaranteed SO1 Character Pick-Up Gacha. Use 5k gems for a 10-roll pull, on the 10th slot you are guaranteed either Roddick, Millie, Mavelle, Ronyx, Ilia or Phia. Each account is limited to 3 - 10 rolls. (Total of 30 pulls)

And with the update now we got another set of weapons Orb, Gun, Bow and knuckle witch none are interesting to me at all in fact some people say this orb we got is ugly that was the chat on discord.

And the Thread Mission is up from now to 10/12. Grind these missions for materials that can be used to level up your accessories.

So farm the thread for the accessories if you can.

Farming is FFBE event and Thread and skill seeds before they all go away.

I myself are done with the skill seeds for now I'm working on my main account to get that last accessories that random RNG box...omg...the luck has to be with you my alt got it fast my so much.

So the next program is last hope that would be Crowe and?

If you're excited for Crowe good for you I myself kind of maybe not that much.

But we need to see some drama between Crowe and Edge and Faize...come on.
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