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So we got

スターオーシャンシリーズ最新作『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の公式生放送です。 MCにウェルチ・ビンヤードを迎え、小林プロデューサー、甲斐運営プロデューサーと共に、 新規キャラクター情報や新規イベント情報などゲーム実機プレイ交えて公開予定です!

Keywords-Last Hope.

Dramatic name eh? Perfect for the arrival of Crowe and whoever coming with him.

We know they did tease Crowe here

Crowe was here

And tonight keywords IS Last hope so Crowe is coming.

I don't know why but I think...Reimi might be in the triangle with Crowe and Edge if you played the game you will know...

But if you did play the game you know who Crowe ended with rather forcefully ended with hello Holy Mother Eleyna so recall Star Ocean last hope and then Star Ocean 1 the timeline is confusing a bit.

But yes Edge and Crowe always did have a rival between them and I always think that Reimi was always torn between them in friendship and romance wise since they was always together that is until Star Ocean last hope started and Edge has a deep bond with Crowe rival and maybe something more.

I like to think Edge wanted Crowe attention somehow but win Edge got it he rejected it Edge character is hard to say Edge like to hide behind smiles and all that that why win you play Star Ocean last hope you want to pay attention to that now Edge and Faize friendship is almost the same Faize treats Edge like his rival however Edge feelings might be deep the ending prove that a lot hello shipping.

And yes it don't matter who you want to be with you're going to end with Reimi one way or another that the bad thing about Star Ocean last hope Reimi is...alright but I never did like her at all >_>
However in SOA she warmed up to me a bit but yes it proven in SOA and Star Ocean last hope she wants Edge as sad as I say this I think Edge had more chemistry with anyone else beside Reimi.

That why I think we need the Apostle of Creation fight hint to the ending.

As for Crowe coming if he do come are you going to roll for him?

I might not I want to save for Halloween characters and hopefully we get a mix of guys and girls this time around and not all girls like the wedding girls and swimsuit girls.

But we will see who we get so are you ready for tonight upcoming STAR OCEAN PROGRAM#17?

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"

And if you're going to roll for the FFBE characters do so before they are gone that is the reminder for the day and if you're farming do so now.

SO4 for PS4 4K >_> Whatever you do you will end up with Reimi that is your warning
Not that SO4 story was bad it just...something to get use to.

Crowe as expected the discussion if SO4 or SO5 is the worst of the series is on people minds.

SO4 has no other endings but Reimi and SO5 people did not like it overall Japan and outside of Japan wanted a full remake of SO3 that did not happen.

normal Reimi, Swimsuit Reimi and now caster Reimi another Reimi....enough Reimi please.

So this means no...Halloween Reimi?...

People say this caster Reimi might be on Celine level (maybe)
"【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM速報】 軽快なテンポで紋章術をあやつる風属性のINTバッファー型キャスター! SO4より「連邦レイミ」が参戦です! #アナムネシス"
"INT buffered casters of the style attribute in [Flash STAR OCEAN PROGRAM: a light coat of arms of Aya! "Federal Rami" SO4 is war!"

Remember this guy who makes girls loves girls can you tell? Wedding girls to Swimsuit girls, girls get special treatment here just a reminder on that.

Gunner...Edge? That's interesting yeah defender Edge got outdated thanks to Rain looks like they are hinting Edge and Reimi are...a couple? O_O Reimi was the forceful ending you had no other ending.

So if we get another Fidel he would be with Miki? Are they hinting at straight couples?
Or if we get Roddick another Millie? Or if we get Fayt he would be with Sophia?.

And yes gunner Edge preview mirrors Wedding Maria preview.

Gunner Edge is...a mix of Emmerson and Maria? his rush is...Gundam 'Last Shooting' Chat from discord.

I'm not going to roll for this group I don't need anymore Reimi or Edge even if Edge is a bit temptation.

People saying on discord Crowe is Albel 2.0. spam that one attack.

They did talk about...Halloween but no hints who do you think we would get for that one?

I'm saving my gems for that one I'm calling Reimi, Edge and Crowe side characters until Halloween.

And yes I feel salty now they made Edge and Reimi special for PS4 release but they did not do anything for SO3 release win it got it's PS4 release >_> sorry for my negative thoughts.

And yes first time 3 characters in the Gacha not 2 this time it's 3.
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