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SOA SO4 side story.


Spoilers ahead if you had not played the new event do so before reading this.

Wow this event surprised me I was not expecting Fayt nor was I expecting VR...
And yes the only first event with Fayt and he wants to play Virtual reality it not expected that Fayt loves games more then anything even Sophia has a hard time getting him away from the games.

It's hinted in SO3 how much Fayt loves games more then anything and even in SOA it's hinted.

So it stars off with Fayt asking Faize about there 'past' in something about VR? In the end Koro sends them into the 'past' even Fayt is surprised by this not only that just 'us' and Fayt no Faize.

So in the past we see Crowe, Reimi and Edge talking about what they are going to do as usual Crowe taunts Edge who tries to make a comeback in the end Reimi picks up life signals on the scanner so they go off into the 'unknown'.

Lost in the woods Our character and Fayt are doing pretty much nothing until Edge comes around before that Fayt questions what 'they' should do win Edge shows up automatically Fayt calls his name confusing Edge as he asks 'why Fayt knows him' or 'Do I know you?' that leaves Fayt a bit speechless so that win Crowe asks if we are part of the 'USTA' that's win Fayt tries to explain what going on Crowe thinks that we are somewhat a captain and Fayt is something to us... hint hint :P before Fayt can make any commit we get 3 choices to pick

The middle choice tells 'Fayt to talk about Faize' witch stumps Edge even more he admits he don't know who 'Faize' is witch leads to Reimi asking Edge if he that forgetful or something along the lines as Edge gets a bit upset that win the foes arrival Crowe takes lead and orders Reimi and Edge who go with Crowe leaving 'Our character' with Fayt who orders us to go with him.

Seriously Fayt is that demanding he even says our character name witch Surprises our character and yes Fayt never calls us 'Captain' :P well not in this event Fayt don't.

After we fight the battle Fayt acts like he the one in charge and Crowe and Edge and Reimi let him be that is until they see what is going on that win Crow contacts Deputy Director Shimada O_o who is Deputy Director Shimada who isn't going to help them no hint there.

So win hope is lost Lightspeed Kenny er...Stephen D. Kenny shows up as Edge rushes over drooling over his idol as Stephen D. Kenny comes to help us win Director Shimada did not as Stephen D. Kenny gives us the codes or Reimi the codes the gate is unlock and we get to the boss and we find out it's...

In the VR room...O_O plot twist we was in VR game all we can assume this was whole 'VR story' Crowe and Edge and Reimi was doing... training.

Wait we know our character is not human no more since the story we might be a 'summon' like our party but that don't explain how Fayt come with us I thought the event characters was different from our party ones not unless it's Fayt powers...not unless event characters are group?...O_o never thought of that...I always thought event characters wasn't link to our party group but if they are...(theory)

After the fight Edge has to admit that boss wasn't supposed to end like that but everyone is relief after the fight as Stephen D. Kenny admits that 'Us' our character has proven worthy in the eyes of them even Edge is a bit grateful as Crowe thanks us and Fayt that win Fayt get that green start emote over his head and says something about us and our respond is ".......!"

(I'm thinking Fayt is now attracted to our power and wants to do more games with us)

Win Stephen D. Kenny leaves that win Director Shimada comes back over the picture as Director Shimada acts like he cares win he don't the same as Star Ocean last hope as Director Shimada gives orders to Crowe who has to leave as Edge and Reimi don't want Crowe to leave that win they part...
"[The dreamer in a sea of stars who] 10/12 (Thursday) maintenance after more special event "the dreamer in a sea of stars who ' will be held. Original stories meet USTA Academy age edge, Raimi, Crowe captain was involved in a failed battle simulator!"

Now the events after that is quite a surprise it starts off win Crowe is talking to Roddick and Millie they are getting along that is until Holy Mother Eleyna shows up she asks if they are getting along and are they happy win they respond they are getting along that win Holy Mother Eleyna brakes the Ice

Holy Mother Eleyna tells Crowe and Roddick they are related by blood witch makes both guys say
'What!?' after that Holy Mother Eleyna tells them that Roddick is her descendant down the line witch makes the guys say 'What!?' again and after that Holy Mother Eleyna tells them that Roddick is the descendant from her and Crowe...leaves Crowe to freak out.

Not only that Crowe asks win and where and how that win Holy Mother Eleyna explains to him that is was 'fate' or something like that win Crowe pouts that well Holy Mother Eleyna is not his 'type' of girl that win she gets upset and says that he will get use to her one way or the other she also hits him.

Dun dun dun forceful ending is explained my guess is that Holy Mother Eleyna got Crowe drunk know until she got pregnant they never did get along and Crowe wasn't happy with her win he got stuck with her hint to Star Ocean last hope ending.

Second event is Edge who goes to talk to Emmerson...O_o as Emmerson asks whats up Edge explains he needs 'help'...>_> as Edge explains how he wants to get stronger to protect Reimi as Edge tried to protect her from a dangerous sound that ended up being a 'cat'...needless to say Reimi wasn't pleased as Emmerson takes this the wrong way and thinks Edge needs help with women problems as Emmerson is happy to teach Edge how to be a flirt with the girls as Edge thinks it's training to make him stronger as he agrees to it as Emmerson is left thinking about Celine and Reimi with a smirk dialog.

After the 2 events that end no word on our character or where Fayt went to my guess we might be alone or with Fayt that just my guess.

But yes Gunner Edge wishes to be Defender Edge that is my guess Defender Edge is what Gunner Edge wants to be powerful enough to protect everyone even Reimi or should I say caster Reimi.

You can say they are past of Edge, Reimi and Crowe before last hope did happen.

But one thing is for sure to do anything with Fayt you have to go through the games and VR if that possible that might be the the last event with Fayt since he is busy with games and maybe something to do with us (our power my guess I can be wrong)

But yes this event win the 3 choices come along that is the first time we actually call Fayt by his name but sadly to say Fayt never call us 'Captain' he address us by our name and Fayt personality is how I guessed it was demanding and possessive quite the opposing how he was in SO3 in SO3 Fayt wasn't that much spoken and kept almost quite that is until SO3 help Fayt emotions to come out.

In SO3 people labeled Fayt as a 'uke' because of his personality that why girls loved him they liked to pair him with Cliff or Albel however SOA is quite different Fayt lost his girly abilities and become more dominated role that left SO3 fans...bitter so they turn to Albel trying to make him girly.

But that won't work it hinted that in SOA Albel is also a dominated role that why him and Fayt now clash I know how many times in auto-battle how Fayt protested win Albel was around.

And I also feel in SOA that us our character is not...a dominated role the way people order us around and how Fayt taken charge of us in this event we might be...Uke materiel that why everyone is attracted to us guys and girls.

But man this whole event screams fan materiel somehow it hinted that Edge might like Reimi somewhat win he didn't show that emotion in last hope at all as I said before Reimi in last hope was more forceful and Edge was more glued to anyone but Reimi there.

And this event shows Fayt personality alright it shows how much he changed since SO3 and how demanding and possessive he is and how much Fayt loves games and ordering us around :P I say that because that order was quite serious shocking our character that much.

Now I got the picture of Fayt dragging us around in the VR world :P taking lead as usual.

So that just my experience play this event and see for yourself but oh boy this event I was not expecting this at all now I wonder who will be for Halloween?

Save gems for Halloween we don't know who we will get.

Thinking it over now I think this event was aimed for girl player base...there no way guys would be talking about this event O_o just like the dozen of girl events was aimed for guys and the swimsuit girls was full of it.

So they might acknowledge girls play this game? or was they aiming for the guys that like guys? There are some like that that play this game you can find them on twitter but the fan base they like to go with is the guys who love girls hence all the girls we get and they forget the fan base is not one sided.

But my fan girl senses did pick this up.

Now watch after this they randomly throw a Sophia and Fayt event to even it out saying they are a couple it is hinted that Sophia likes Fayt more then friendship but in SO3 and in SOA Fayt never gives her any time in the school event they did Fayt was liked by a lot of girls O_o Sophia was pissed it showed off Sophia personality more in the school event they had Fayt was more into fighting Albel.

Swimsuit Sophia is a different story they showed off her body and make her breast bigger to make her liked by guys to make her more appealing to guys so she can be loved away from her school event counterpart.

This Icon is the home picture of the school event background the school event did happen.

I always thought that Fayt had a closeness to Sophia as a childhood friend but Sophia wants to be more wife material then childhood friend stage even in there ending if they are forced together by PA in SO3 it never hinted or said they are a couple not like Claude and Rena ending.

In SOA it true Sophia even here is trying to get Fayt attention but this is Fayt he will ignore her Fayt is almost drawn to swimsuit Sophia more I tested it out with both on my main account in auto battle that is until Fayt glares at Swimsuit Sophia and pushes her into the wall...

That why you want to play this game on auto to see who likes and dislikes who and yes I will say this again Fayt is a hard person to put with anyone he will either like or dislike them so putting him with a party is difficult putting Sophia in the party makes chaos she is clingy with Fayt and Fayt will reject and watch Fayt go way over on the other side of the room don't help and yes Sophia will react if there another girl rented she gets jealous that jealousy can make it tense and it can get so bad that Fayt will start to protest that Sophia is getting on his nerves that he start attacking recklessly...yes recklessly what I mean by that Fayt will swing his sword toward Sophia who runs in the other way...I seen this all on auto battle in SOA...O_O

Now Swimsuit Sophia is very flirty a rented one she will go up to Fayt and push her body forward almost pushing her breast in his face with her ball O_o...yes I seen that happen more then enough however Fayt will give her a little time second battle Fayt will run far away from Swimsuit Sophia or glare at her.

This gives a little bits of personality that Sophia has and if her and Fayt did become a couple I think Fayt would not be happy with her

Win you look at Rena and Claude that is romance and warm win you look at Fayt and Sophia that like Sophia trying to get Fayt who ignores her that my feelings and I know a lot of people will disagree with me.

However in SOA they might try to make it look like Fayt loves Sophia win we all know the hints says otherwise I'm expecting a event between Fayt and Sophia in the future if they are pushing for couples.

But this is my take and wow this event got me thinking about them.
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