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SOA 10/19 (Thursday) maintenance.


"現在「連邦エッジ」にステータス強化用の各種シードを使用した際、上限値が本来とは異なる設定となっている不具合を確認しております。本件につきましては、10/19(木)のメンテナンスで修正予定です。お客様にはご迷惑をおかけし、大変申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス"

"When current federal edge with a variety of seed for enhanced status limit originally and the bug has become a different setting is confirmed. Regarding this matter, 10/19, (Thursday) maintenance is fixed soon. To customers for any inconvenience, we apologize"


Fed Edge bug is going to be fixed it has to do with his stat so look out for that.

"【10/19(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもって「SO4発表記念ピックアップガチャ」や「SO2ピックアップガチャ」などが終了となります。ご了承ください。 #アナムネシス"

"10/19 (Thursday) maintenance: after tomorrow, 14:00-we 16:00 to add new events due to maintenance work. With the maintenance starting "SO 4 notation just pickup Gacha" or as "SO2 pickupgacha" will end. Please note that."


Maintenance adding new events my guess it a harder boss and SO2 Gacha will be removed yes Rena and Claude are up now and whoever comes with SO2 if you want Rena the chances are high now.

No word on anything Halloween yet I'm saving up gems for that.

Now the word on Fed Reimi, Fed Edge and Crowe who is the best.

Crowe in doubt the most liked among people in discord his one spam attack.

Fed Reimi is useful for her buffs.

Fed Edge is lukewarm among the people in discord.

One thing you can do have Crowe, Ashton and Albel in party and just have Crowe and Albel spam that long rang attack over and over you get the idea but people like putting Crowe with Ashton *cough* O_o

People say Crowe is Albel 2.0. in every way and better (rumors)

I myself did try Fed Reimi and well...she slow on casting and weak but Fed Reimi has buffs that why people play with her or as her.

As weak as Fed Edge is he is fun to play as I tried him and I did get...I'll save that win I post the pictures of my RNG luck...O_o >_> >_<;;

I know I said I was not going to draw but...I did T_T I will say both of my account did not get Fed Reimi at all so I don't have her.

One thing I did noticed Fed Reimi has one new line win Fed Edge do not.

However I find this Star Ocean last hope win Edge get his symbology it is in the game that Reimi cannot get anything and SOA she is a caster she has symbology.

Yes fun fact like Fayt in Star Ocean series Edge can use symbology and Edge is noted in Star Ocean last hope that Edge IS a light elemental symbology user and Faize is darkness.

But that's odd that Fayt nor Edge do not have symbology in SOA like they should have somehow.

(Heck even in FFBE Fayt had some kind of symbology but not in SOA that really made me jealous I was like Fayt has symbology in FFBE but not in SOA?)

But Fayt symbology is more mixed elements not one element like Edge.

Maybe that why Edge and Fayt do collide in SOA if they are put together beside personality wise in auto if I have both in party they do not get along at all especially if I have Fayt as leader and Edge is getting so jealous :P man got to love auto battle it makes battles so much interesting.

One thing people said on discord if you play with Fayt or Edge one of them only one can be in party do not put them together I think it might be to do with the buffs they both have.

However Fed Edge is a different story you can put him with anyone unlike the real defender Edge however it is wise to start LB him so he won't die win using him and he is a shooter you know how shooter defense are.

Crowe they said he goes good with Ashton (tries to ignore the shipping) *cough* sorry that the first thing that come to my er...never mind.

But most people like to put Fed Reimi and Fed Edge in the same party and some just want all Reimi party Swimsuit Reimi, Reimi and Fed Reimi.

I did try Crowe out and he's...alright I wasn't really into the whole Crowe is the new 'thing' now I know a lot of people was comparing him to Albel somehow in skill wise and some people just love him to death.

One thing people did say or rather remember in the road map they did yes did you forget that?

One thing that was listed was 'Awaking' new skills now some have come to theory that this is from FFBE Awaking that it's linked that a theory for now and this was all planed out from the very begging this is the rumor going around discord right now rumor for now.

But we won't get the character awaking until much later first we got to have Halloween.

So the road map is not done yet we got until dec then what happens after that we don't know.

We do know part 1 of the story is now finished the main story what happens after that is unknown.

The whole awaking thing did surprised me honestly win they first announced it no one thought of FFBE 'Awaking' type that is until now and the crossover they had and the CM got to me I was like hey they hinted a Crowe and Fayt with angel wings that he don't have out in SOA but has some kind of angel feather effect in FFBE...was that hint to Fayt 'awaking' in SOA?...or was that FFBE Fayt?.

This makes me want to skill thing to come faster but first we got Halloween and who we get.

So who do think we will get? I do want someone from SO3 I would not mind Fayt and Sophia and Nel for Halloween but they might mix it up a bit I do hope for some guys this time around no all girls like the Swimsuit girls or wedding girls that was too many girls.

Some people are guessing Celine and some others but we don't know yet.

And they can do characters that we are not expecting and have the fan base get upset again.

But yes looking forward to some info on Halloween event.

And get ready to do more farming I'm expecting harder level to be added to the boss or something new.

And if you're aiming for Rena for top heals try getting her now.
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