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西暦2017年10月、地球では事件が起きていた。『お菓子をよこせ…!』呻き声に人々が恐怖する中、遂に光牙師団『光』が立ち上がる― 次回、STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #18 『ハロウィン』 詳細は⇒  #アナムネシス

"0/2016, incident were happening on Earth. "Give me candy. "While moaning that scares people finally stand up light Fang Division 'light'--next time, more"Halloween"STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #18"

"There was a certain incident that occured on Earth on October of 2017... People began turning into monsters, roaming around the city in order to appease their hunger...

"Give us your sweets......!"

Just as the groaning of these monsters had instilled fear into many, the Light Fang Division, "Light", had begun to take action!" ----From Facebook

Facebook people guess it's Claude and Fidel...come on we got more light users beside them and we had Prince Claude so he is out.

Light Division?...Fidel do fit that so do Fayt who else is a light user? Turn into monsters that sounds more SO2 then SO3 if you ask me so...Rena and Claude?... we don't need anymore Rena or Claude please.



Keywords- Halloween? or Light...(I'll update this win I get more info)

On twitter people expect it to be Claire?...O_o

No word on discord yet.

I know one thing never expect who you want you might someone else.

Get ready for Halloween event coming soon and who we will get is unknown yet.

I want a mix of girls and guys please no all girls and we get nothing but girls...

So yes I'm ready for this upcoming STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #18

But the notes I tied to translate makes it sound like...Nel and Claire maybe... or maybe it how it said?

I'm just guessing but people on twitter is saying Claire we don't know yet.

So who do you think we will get?

This is making me anxious a bit I'm also excited.

Expect anyone but people are really saying it's Claire...or are they wishing for her?

I do want people from SO3 I would like the guys to be added like Albel, Fayt, Cliff beside the girls who already had outfits Claire would be a good choice.

Since we already have Wedding Nel, Wedding Maria, Swimsuit Sophia.

girls would go crazy if Albel or Fayt got a Halloween outfit just saying.

And it can be anyone beside the SO3 cast.

Let's take a look at the Light users-

Claude- People fan favorite Claude is a light user that for sure him doing a Halloween event he would be stubborn but do it if Rena involved and Japan loves Claude more then anyone because his girlish looks but remember he is married to Rena that is cannon.

Fidel- Fidel would be a nice choice he would do it with small protest but Fidel is easy going and might do it and Fidel is another light user.

Fayt- Oh boy good luck with that one Fayt would be the most stubborn one to do this you would have to drag him away from the VR room to do this event Fayt is more into the Virtual reality world then anything else that last event we had with VR proved it otherwise but Fayt is another light user.

Claire- she is not a light elemental user but the whole Light Fang Division do fit her.

Ivilish- She is a light user and she can work also that if they think of adding her.

Relia- She is a light user but I doubt it not unless they do go down that road.

There also Edge and Celine are a possible but we got Fed Edge so he might be out and Celine that can work also.

But yes who do you think is going to be added with the whole "Light Fang Division?" Win I think of Light I'm torn between Claude and Fayt and Win I think of Fang Division I think of Claire or Nel.

Oh but Fang...fang...fang of the wicked?...Albel?...nah it can't be...

This is my guess it can be anyone so expect anything.

And Claire is going to be the 'Guest' another Claire?...

SO3 incoming event with Claire and Nel and...a light user?
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