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Cute ^_^

Love how Kite and Haseo kind of go at one another in this and this shows off Haseo personality a bit...Tsundere Haseo :P

(it's hinted Haseo wanted to do this alone but Kite being Kite is not taking a 'no' for that)

This was posted a short version of what happen in the world or the story is.

This made me a laugh a bit I would not mind a game with this cuteness added to it.

In the voting yes they did vote

Link- looks like it's over with...

Haseo was in lead with Kite in the popularity vote so maybe this video is linked to that?

I did vote but I don't think that helped much..T_T

And maybe this is a hint to the end game that Last Recode has?

New characters? Or some kind of hint?? (we don't know)

Overall this is Kite bashing Haseo being a 'hero' we know Kite is jealous of Haseo popularity but this is almost like Kite is childish and a bit bitter over this maybe Kite wanted his game to be out not Haseo G.U. one.

(It's known that the fans asked why .hack//INFECTION remake or HD wasn't out first before G.U. maybe this a responds to that? Yes fans wanted Kite story first but we got Haseo story first)

And it looks like Kite do tease Haseo a lot in this video.

This is not to be taken seriously win it get to Haseo part that Kite wants to cut it.

And that ending was funny Haseo wants complain and talk about not having enough 'time'

Before the ending was 'cut' Haseo was sounded like he was getting 'pissed' off by all of this so Haseo personality kicked in and win the video was getting cut Haseo sounded disappointed then pissed off hence Tsundere Haseo.

So that was .Hack timeline part of it the phone games was not added for some reason.

They left out .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. that did happen.

They are letting you get caught up in the timeline for now.

But oh boy I want to see Kite and Haseo argue again that's cute and oh man Haseo is a bit demanding and Tsundere here and that's why people love Haseo he has the 'Uke' moving on.

Now I'm more excited for .Hack//G.U. Last Recode and hopefully they do add more characters.
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