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.Hack//G.U. Last recode mods?


Looks like the new hype is mods for .Hack//G.U. Last recode over on Steam yes people are already for this


So if you have the Steam version look out for mods hype.

Now in my last post
We saw the ending for vol.4 right?

I'm still going to support this game I got it order from amazon digital and a copy on it's way.

I might buy the Steam version for the mods if they make some.

People are really hyped about Alkaid mods and adult you know over at Steam.

I would like unlocked all party members mods if I ever use mods in this game.

Since we already have cheats in this game.

My thoughts on this game .Hack//G.U. Last recode is I'm going to play up to vol.3 I think after seeing what happens in Vol.4 I'm not even going to play that as I said I have nothing ageist Haseo and Ovan...*cough* but I'm not interested in that.

And I'm going to take my time in this game not rush through it like last time I did with the original .Hack//G.U. Japanese version and English version.

Back in the day long ago people use PS2 cheats and mod the game like this

It was possible to change Haseo out for anyone with cheat codes and yes CC2 has been aware that people used cheat codes in this game that why we got a cheat thing in last recode.

Master Code 0R8M-H6W1-PBUHQ GUFR-02BY-X8NTN

Play as Azure Kite(Name will be what was converted) PBNK-B82G-7G51N E1A4-KJGM-N3RVH

Haseo as 2nd party member(highly recommended for story reasons) NUA8-201A-6RUR9 EN5B-XH7U-NXPQ4

That Codebreaker codes is from youtube now PS2 codes was from money, to EXP to infinite items even cards you get to send to you're group was limitless and yes CC2 was full aware that people was using PS2 cheat codes in this game there was also PS2 cheat codes for stats like attack, magic ect.

And you have a fully maxed out Haseo and just pawn everything with maxed out money that was fast.

So that why people are hyped about mods in this game now win I used to use cheats I used to replace Haseo with Shino it worked playing as Shino was slower then Haseo but it was fun :P

And I already got codes on my PS2 save file if I want to go back and load and yes Codebreaker PS2 are hard to find I got one for my PS2.

If you're going to buy the Steam version look out for the mods if not enjoy the game.

I'm still going to support and play this game just not vol.4 that what I'm going to do.

And yes before I forget prices for .Hack//G.U. for the PS2 might drop maybe I have not checked yet so if you want the PS2 versions keep a eye on them if not wait for Last recode.

Old news update-
Bandai nacmo registers new world...what?
Quote-"Bandai Namco Entertainment previously launched a game as New World: Vol. 1 Ginrui no Otome for iOS and Android in January 2016. The company then renamed the title to .hack//New World in June 2016. The game ended service in December 2016."

Hello I played that phone game win it ended it was .Hack//N.U. vol.1 and people expected .Hack//N.U. vol.2 but this new world is for phone and consoles?...

So we might get .Hack//N.U. vol.2?? hint hint...but nothing on remake on .hack//INFECTION.

And if Last Recode dose good we might get something out of it? a...Phone game?...or something else?.

This is just little info I'm not putting my hopes into this yet until we get more info.
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