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SOA Maintenance.


---From discord---
Maintenance starts now and last 2 hours.

Maintenance on 11/9 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

New Planet Vant
New Event
Adjusting Demon Clair's Hazy Wheel so it hits more easily
Minor bug fixes

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Werewolf Millie/Vampire Victor/Demon Clair Pick-Up Gacha
SO5 Pick-Up Gacha
Guaranteed 5☆ Pick-Up Gacha
New Weapon Gacha
Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha
New Weapon Step Up Gacha
Light Element Weapon Step Up Gacha
SO2 Event Michael
Academy Coin Shop (Both Normal and Destruction)
Simulator Coin Shop
------End of discord---

The only hint we get is this!?...ugh I don't even like Ivilish but that is supposed to draw in the guys that for sure.

So new story with Ivilish romance incoming??

comic is also Ivilish focused.

comic 2 is that is not Ivilish focused.

"【11/9(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ②】 本日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベントの追加や不具合修正などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテナンス中はゲームをプレイできません。詳細はゲーム内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。 #アナムネシス"
"[11 / 9 (Thursday) maintenance ②] today 14: 00-16:00, add a new event or failure will be doing maintenance work due to fix. Cannot play the game during the maintenance. For more information, see in-game announcements and official site."


So looks like Ivilish might comeback into the spot light >_> honestly I don't like her but people like her and they might be promoting her again especially with this

And just a new weapon banner so the rumors are saying nothing new.

We do get a new story and more gems you do the story to get gems.

Or maybe the hint we got is there desire to make more girls? >_> the guy behind this true nature.

Sorry for being negative but that hint I was not expecting that.

The story can be anything so expecting anything but this is just my emotions on this.
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