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GU+ sequel... for the Manga.

Hello eveone this is SP. for the game. and behind the game.

.hack//G.U.+ Second Series Chapter 1: A Letter From the Dead

Narration: A world of steam, spells, curious adventurers, and "Power".

The World R:2 is back!

*Recap of GU+'s ending events*

Ryou (Haseo's player): This is Haseo's "Power".

Ryou: I saved Shino, who had gone into a coma while playing an online game with my avatar--from Ovan and the "Final Boss" (AIDA)!

Shino: Let's stop seeing each other for a while.

Ryou: Shino... why?

Shino: Haseo--Misaki Ryou-kun--because you've only just begun.

Haseo: Shi-Shino... Don't go...

Haseo: Don't leave me!

Haseo: Shino--!

*End Recap*

Ryou and Kusaka Chigusa (Atoli's player) are sitting at a restaurant.

Ryou: ...Ah--I'm bored.

Caption: Misaki Ryou (Grade 11)

Caption: Kusaka Chigusa (Grade 10)

Chigusa: How about a movie?

Ryou: There's nothing good to watch.

Chigusa: Why don't we go shopping at Paruko (A shopping mall in Shibuya)? I want to look at some cute things.

Ryou: Atarts playing a game on his cell phone.

Ryou: You'll just end up buying something useless.

Chigusa: Then maybe we go to the arcade and play a rhythym action game--

Ryou: Nah. I don't feel like it--

Chigusa: It's Sunday, and I came all the way from Chiba to Tokyo.

Ryou: There's nothing to do in Chiba anyway. Oh. I died.

Chigusa: Don't treat Chiba like it's nothing! If all we're going to do is eat at a restaurant, it doesn't matter where we are!

Chigusa pouts.

Chigusa: Uwaaa... I guess I really am just a replacement for Shino-san.

Ryou: You know... You two might have similar PCs in The World, but in real life, you look nothing--

Chigusa: Uwaaa... I'm being harrassed.

Ryou: Anyway, you're the one who's comparing yourself to Shino!

Chigusa: I bet you only came to me because you got dumped by Shino-san.

Ryou: I didn't get dumped! We're just... not seeing each other for a bit.

Chigusa: No, that's the same thing. It's not like you decided on a date to meet again.

Ryou: ...

Chigusa: But something so cold... can't be put into words. People get nervous and their hearts beat fast.. when they're with someone they love.

Ryou and Chigusa are shopping. Chigusa picks up a duck-shaped toy.

Chigusa: Oh! This is cute!

Ryou: Huh?

Ryou: Wow... it's not pretty on the eyes.

Chigusa: ...

Ryou and Chigusa are outside.

Chigusa: Ryou-san... I'm a bit scared.

Ryou: Why?

Chigusa: I don't know. I guess you can say it's... the gap between Ryou-san and Haseo-san.

Chigusa: Back then, Haseo-san saved me.

Chigusa: Atoli, who was infected by a virus in The World and turned into a monster... Haseo-san--Ryou-san saved her.


Haseo: I won't tell you to "Do your best".

*end flashback*

Chigusa: Then... Our hearts met.

Chigusa: But... What you're thinking now, Ryou-san...

Ryou: You're saying I'm different from my character?

Ryou: We're not game characters. Try putting your hand over your chest.

Ryou: The internet and real life are two different things.

Ryou: Now is different from back then- People are creatures that live on one purpose alone!

Ryou turns to leave.

Chigusa: Oh! Ryou-san! Um... aren't you coming back to The World?

Ryou: I have no reason to go back.

Ryou: the reason I played The World was to save Shino, who was in a coma. Nothing else.

The World R:2

Caption: Root Town Mac Anu

Kuhn: I see--Haseo isn't coming back.

Atoli: I'm sorry, Kuhn-san. I wasn't persuasive enough...

Caption: Atoli- Class: Harvest Cleric

Kuhn: It's not your fault, Atoli.

Caption: Kuhn- Class: Steam Gunner

Atoli: But...

Kuhn: Oh, how sweet. It makes my heart beat so fast, looking at a lovestruck girl!

Atoli: ...If Haseo-san is going out with Shino-san... I'll give up.

Kuhn: But we're still not really sure about Shino-san, are we?

Atoli: I... don't like fighting. To fight over something with someone else...

Atoli: I... can't do that.

Kuhn: I see. But you know, just because you don't like fighting... does that mean it's okay to give up?

Caption: CC Corp. Project G.U. headquarters [Serpent of Knowledge]

Yata: The destruction of AIDA, triggered by the Rebirth program... The recovery of his unconscious sister... the goals Ovan put his life on the line for have been reached.

Caption: Yata- Class: Macabre Dancer (Leader of G.U.)

Pi: There have been no new cases of Unreturners.

Caption: Pi- Class: Tribal Grappler (System Admin)

Yata: The World has been running smoothly since it resumed service.

Pi: But with the Third Network Crisis, caused by the "Rebirth", stock value has fallen by 40%. CC Corp.'s stock value has fallen by half.

Yata: Well then... I wonder what the higher-ups are thinking right about now...

Ryou is in his room.

Ryou: When you're with someone you love, huh.

Ryou: The only time Shino lost her composure was when she was with Ovan.

Ryou: Shino put her trust in Ovan, not me. Even if she were to throw away the real world, she wanted to give her heart to Ovan in The World.

Ryou: She didn't... want to be saved by me.

Ryou: But... I can't do anything about that!

The computer beeps.

Ryou: An email...

Sender: Ina

Ryou: Ina...?! From Ovan's little sister?!

So Yeah the REAL Truth is Haseo Quit the game after Shino is saved. and left eveone even the person he Married and being a big jerk becuse Shino don't want to see him no can tell if they did have a Sequal of The .Hack//G.U. Game if would be a new player *Cough* Midori. Midori info.

SO that leaves me with some qustion what happens to the Azure Knights that are sent to Proctect Haseo becuse he is the *Key of Twilight*?.
Not unless!...Theory here--Haseo player becomes a A.I. that would be fun to see and Ryou can't acess Haseo no more that would be funny but serious in it's own way. Poor Atoli...she says 'Ryou' is much diffrent form 'Haseo' in the real world much colder. as Ryou says...

"I have no reason to go back. the reason I played The World was to save Shino, who was in a coma. Nothing else" Ryou says.

It seems Ryou didn't care for anyone!...but Haseo did. meh two diffrent people I would love to see Haseo go at with Ryou who acting cold becuse Shino dump him lol. for Ovan!...ShinoXOvan Forever!.

So My Advise from me DO NOT MARRY SHINO IN VOL.3 becuse the Truth well hurt you. Shino loves Ovan or has some sort of strong attachment to him. and she Dump Ryou I wonder what 'Haseo' thinks of all this Dharma.
and *Hints* that why win 'Ryou' ask 'Shino' about 'Ovan' win he dose the Wedding Event with her she Avoids it...well if she WAS *Innis* Real Host. That means Shino has many Masks. 'The Mirage of Decadent' The Master Of Illusions...blah and I wanted to make Shino nah I'll just stick her with Ovan and bring Haseo back as a A.I. that would be a good Fic!.

But it seems Vol.1 of .Hack//G.U.The World Manga Sequel is out all ready!. I must find and buy it win I get money later on but for now the truth has been told.
*Yata Them* Ryou Quit the game after Shino that left Haseo asleep for a wale since *WE* control in Vol.3 Haseo that means we are playing him. what I'm saying in we must enjoy Vol.3 since we ARE playing Haseo not Ryou so that means do the Wedding Event with who ever you want to be with since the next Sequel for G.U. on the PS2 might not come out in a long time so we have are chance to play as we want!.

I hope I done the right thing...but yeah I would love this game even if Ryou is acting like a Cold Hearted boy. but yeah talk to you next time.

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