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Infinite Undiscovery collab

Infinite Undiscovery? What game is that?...

People on discord don't know it and someone said it was a bad game.

So the main hero name is...Capell? Er a X-box-360 game never played it never heard of it.

They kept saying "Microsoft" a lot so...they made a deal with Microsoft??

Er...that guy Capell 3d viewer reminds me too much of...Fayt somehow hahah and the way he fights it a re-skin of Fayt and Fidel! lol but his battle pose is a bit different and he has Swimsuit Reimi moves.

This Capell guy reminds me of...Adol from Ys series it has to be the hair...

People was not expecting another collab so soon I wasn't and with a game I never played.

"【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM速報】 スタンさせやすさを強化する、エレメンツ・バーストファイター! 『INFINITE UNDISCOVERY』より「カペル」が参戦です! #アナムネシス"
"[Flash STAR OCEAN PROGRAM: enhance the ease of use, and Stan elements and burst fighter! "INFINITE UNDISCOVERY" than "Chapel" is war!"

So that means no Moonbase?? No SO3 right?

The girl Aya is a mix of Fed Edge and Lymle mage with fire her rush is almost like Fed Reimi rush with a fire bird I'm not even lukewarm with her.

コンボをつないでダメージを大幅アップ! 連撃型与ダメージバッファー!
『INFINITE UNDISCOVERY』より「アーヤ」が参戦です! #アナムネシス"
"[STAR OCEAN PROGRAM breaking] hand combos, greatly increased the damage! -Shoot-give damagebuffar! "INFINITE UNDISCOVERY" than "Arya" is war!"

I might not roll for them I don't need another sword or bow user but I'll think about it.

『INFINITE UNDISCOVERY』より「シグムント」が参戦です! #アナムネシス"
"[STAR OCEAN PROGRAM breaking: fire and darkness to acquire, directs the companions attack the Crimson attack Commander! "INFINITE UNDISCOVERY" than"

3rd is a defender and a sword user Sigmund he has swimsuit Reimi moves and Edge air attack his rush is Roddick lighting attack but toned down.

I don't want Sigmund or Aya but maybe Capell maybe if I did roll.

I heard they got permission from 'US' side to use this game...but why isn't SOA out in US!?

Simgund has Talent: Imbues Fire and Dark Element to attacks (Self).

So that would be the 3rd elemental user Fed Anne, Ashton are the same Fayt has fire and light.
Simgund is the opposing element to Fayt who is Fire and Light so if you don't have Fayt or don't use him try getting Simgund.

Them using Ivilish to make her look special I'm not inserted in that.

--From discord--
[Backed Bow : Bow]
- Pheonix Feather Damage +20%
- Critical Rate +10% when Hit Count is over 100
LB5 Factor - Damage towards Human Race +10%

[Crescent Sword : Sword]
- Slashing Canon Damage +20%
- AP Consumption -10%
LB5 Factor - ATK Damage taken -5%

[Emblazoned Sword : Sword]
- Grinn Valesti Damage +20%
- Critical Rate +10%
LB5 Factor - Critical Damage +15%
---End of discord---
No elemental sword AP and Critical weapons for swords no elemental swords I'm not rolling for them *sigh* the Bow is almost alright.

People on discord ask why do a game that wasn't liked in NA or in Japan? This crossover?

Another one asked they was losing money?

Youtube chat in Japan now wants Radiata Stories I would go for that is one game I did play and Radiata Stories did have SO3 Fayt Armor for Jack some people guessed that Fayt from SO3 or someone else did contact Jack about Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact a.k.a. UP3 and Fayt was always a fan of it *cough* SO3 Fayt that is.

So yes Radiata Stories had contact with Star Ocean.

I'm a bit lukewarm with the whole Infinite Undiscovery collab people on discord think this is not the big collab but a small one not the one they said on on the road map.

And no info on skills yet.

Next Livestream #20 will be on 11/29 and that we might get info on skills?.
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