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.Hack//G.U. Story


This has spoilers you have been warned.

So it all begins where Shino is PKed and Haseo trains himself for that long to get her back.

Over the time in G.U. main story we learn that Haseo was happily with Shino and Ovan just the two of them.

And yes Haseo admits that he gets frustrated that Atoli looks like Shino that the only reason he likes her until he learns about Atoli deep emotions.

Atoli has dark emotions and it true that maybe at some point she did like Sakaki and Atoli liked the whole sādist between them she enjoys pain and pleasure *hint* that's why Atoli is drawn to Haseo beside wanting his attention.

So Haseo story is about finding Tri-Edge who he thinks thanks to Ovan is Azure Kite but win Haseo finds out the truth that Ovan is Tri-Edge he don't want to believe it you know why.

In the light novels Haseo admits to Endrance offline that Haseo likes guys and girls but he prefers girls over guys.

In all of G.U. Haseo is blindly following Ovan words around like a lost puppy not once Haseo stop and question why Ovan told him to do this and that.

That leads up to the dramatic vol.2 ending where Ovan shows his true identity that he is Tri-Edge and he killed Shino witch Haseo break down and don't want to believe it.

That leads to the bottled up emotions that Haseo is feeling that 'his' 'crush' is Tri-Edge yes we can say that Haseo liked Ovan and Shino that is Haseo dream to be with them.

In the e-mails Shino knows that Haseo likes Ovan in g.u. story we see that Shino also loves Ovan not Haseo and it is hinted that Shino was with Ovan all this time seeing what he was doing.

Because Shino mind excised with Ovan since she WAS the first Innis host yes if Ovan AIDA Tri-Edge didn't PK her she would of replaced Atoli however Shino was killed before she can fully awaken and since we know Atoli has bad dark emotions what do you think of Shino?

Despite being with Ovan in all of G.u. story Shino didn't mind since she loved Ovan she wants to be with him and she tells Haseo that near the ending I recall (correct me on this one)

That leads to the awkward ending in Vol.3 where Haseo leaves Shino for Atoli that what people saw that was the ending right?

No after that in vol.4 we find out for 1 year Haseo had left Atoli to find Ovan and he did find him not only that he told Shino NOT Atoli about Ovan and Atoli was pissed she knew what Haseo has been up to all this time and Atoli knew that Haseo was seeing Ovan that hurt her.

Haseo excuse is that Shino was close to them but Haseo admit that he never never wanted to tell her either about Ovan basically Haseo wants to keep Ovan to himself.

That's a low blow to Atoli and Alkaid fans since Haseo chosen Ovan over them.

And Shino is aware of Ovan not wanting to awake up it true Ovan finally shows his emotions that he don't want to story he created for Shino and Haseo to end however Haseo is that determined to wake up Ovan win Ovan awakens he not that happy in fact he wanted to die with the world.

Haseo get pissed and says that he has to live for Aina and Shino and himself witch he don't say out loud Haseo shows his emotions that he loves Ovan over anyone.

If you max out Ovan emotions you get Ovan ending witch is Haseo becoming Ovan Wife...Waifu it shows yes Haseo did love Ovan and he finally admit it after all these years we get a pretty picture of them getting married and Haseo in a dress.

So the story of G.U. and how it ends Haseo fights one last time with Ovan and that how it ends Ovan is sadden how it ends and he is having fun for once Haseo tells him there story is only begging the story of Haseo and Ovan offline you mean *cough*

And we find out the song YASASHII RYOUTE a.k.a. gentle hands/kind hands it wasn't about Shino no it was...about Haseo and Ovan that what we found out in vol.4

So in the end of twisted romance the triangle of Atoli, Alkaid and Shino and Haseo ends up leaving them for Ovan win you find out about that in vol.4

I'm kind of blah about vol.4 and how it ends the story of g.u. is 'ugh' about it win it comes to romance as I said before I'm never never playing vol.4 I don't know the whole Ovan and Haseo fan base was that powerful I myself never liked Ovan.

Unless they add DLC to vol.4 I'm not touching it I'm not a big OvanXHaseo fan I'll never be one.

I just finished vol.1 and starting vol.2 slowly and seeing all the hints in the story is...'ugh' and how blindly Haseo is following Ovan words around I'm ignoring it.

From what I can tell the person you married in vol.3 don't count in vol.4 all the hints you get from marrying the person in vol.3 don't count don't matter since it Ovan and Haseo. badly I don't like it but that what some people was getting upset about.

So my goal has not changed I'm going to play up to vol.3 and stop it and say that how it ended.

And yes Alkaid fans was pissed no hint that Haseo liked her or Atoli in vol.4 no word on how Endrance fans feel about this.

As a fan girl I was pissed win I saw Haseo drop all his romance in vol.4 for Ovan of all people and not only that Haseo married Ovan on top of that.

But hopefully this will please the Ovan and Haseo fans I don't care for vol.4 at all.

Sorry for being negative but that my emotions on it.
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