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SOA weapons


"【新★5武器追加!】 11/22(水)メンテ後より、火属性付与などの★5新武器が登場! 1人1回10連で新武器いずれか確定ガチャや、10連3回毎に新武器いずれか確定ガチャで先行配信! 新武器は「サジタリウス(弓)」「エクリプスソード(片手剣)」ほか全4本。期間は11/30(木)メンテナンスまで! #アナムネシス"

"[New ★ 5 weapons added! ] 11 / 22 (Wednesday) maintenance after more fire attribute, such as granting of ★ 5 new weapons! One in 10 new weapons or definitive Gazza and 10-3 times every one new weapon or delivery by definite Gazza! The new weapons "Sagittarius (Archer)" "Eclipse sword (one handed sword)" Besides all four. Period is 11 / 30 (Thursday) maintenance!"


---From Discord---
[Instrumental Sword : Sword]
- Gain Fire Attribute
- Recover 5% HP every 4 seconds
LB5 Factor - 70% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above

[Sagittarius : Bow and Arrow]
- Gain Fire Attribute
- 70% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 20% or above
LB5 Factor - ATK +10%, if hitcount is 150 or above

[Eclipse Sword : Sword]
- All Elemental Damage +20%
- Damage to Humans +30%
- DEF +15%
LB5 Factor - +50% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks

[Onimaru Kunitsuna : Sword and Sheath]
- Damage to Humans +40%
- Critical Chance +10%
- Critical Damage +15%
LB5 Factor - ATK Damage Taken -10%

---End of discord---

2 Swords well one of the might be good for Fayt that The 'Eclipse Sword' it's Sigmund weapon and it's the blue sword the brown sword is the 'fire' sword that is good for someone who don't have fire power *cough* if you don't have Fayt you might want to get that sword.

The Instrumental Sword might be good it will be worthless on Fayt but it has Recover 5% HP every 4 seconds that something to look at.

So I did another sword draw on my main account and got another 'Wind sword'

Weapon Name: Storm Dealer
Type: Sword
Factor: Gain Wind Attribute
Absorb 5% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP
Limit Break Factor: 50% Chance to survive a fatal blow, if HP is 15% or above
LB5/Lvl 20 Stats: 963 ATK / 958 INT

That is Edge weapon but it a bit powerful then Fayt own weapon at the moment at 1LB now.

And my alt got another Fayt weapon however my main didn't get so lucky on Fayt weapon.

My advise if you're using someone else that is not Fayt try getting the Fire sword you will need it if you're using another sword user that isn't Fayt try getting the new fire sword.

But in that sword draw I did get lots and lots of Sword and Sheath weapons T_T My main account is cursed with that luck I was crying tears of joy win I got that second Wind Sword draw I did want Fayt weapon or Swimsuit Reimi weapon her sword is pretty nice but I got the Wind sword it will do for now.

So my main account has the wind sword on and my alt has Fayt weapon on so if you see 'Luna' or 'Zero' its my two accounts :P

And I did one draw for the 1 time per-account guaranteed banner and got Eclipse Sword one weapon I might not use some people says it's good for Fayt some people says it's bad for Fayt but that on my main account and after that I went to draw the normal banner for weapons *cough* swords.

And yes I never did draw for the new character banner on my main account I did try on my alt and I never got a rainbow it was 'ugh' so I don't have any of the new characters.

I did try Aya she is a bit fun almost like Fed Edge but she's alright if you have her use her I just rented her and yes she is alright.

That is my weapon draw and yes I'll keep trying to get another sword weapon on my main account however people are renting my alt account so that's good.

The ranking over on discord is that Sigmund is good and might be better then Rain however I still like Rain myself if you don't have Fayt or not using him I will say try to get Sigmund.

Sigmund-Talent: The One Called Hero - Imbues Fire and Dark Element to attacks (Self)

Fayt- Silent Fighting Spirit - Attacks gets Fire or Light Attribute (Self)

And if you have both try putting Sigmund and Fayt on the same party it see how that works.

And if you're going to roll of the new weapons good luck to you and people says on discord this character banner is not 'very good' but Sigmund is one you might want to get and save gems for the next banner.

If you have Rain or Edge or Dias you might not want to get Sigmund since Rain is also good to use Edge and Dias is well...somewhat alright but Dias is more of and attacker and Edge can't hold aggro that something to keep in mind.

I use a 10LB Dias on my party to do more damage someone like Rain with the party who rented Fayt can do more damage I did get some pics of that I'll post them later.

For healers Rena is still queen of heals and Fina is pretty good and Swimsuit Sophia is one if you don't have Rena or Fina use her.

But we got another upcoming character banner I'm going to save my gems for them and see who they are hopefully we can get someone good.

So good luck on you're draw of you're going for the characters or weapons banners.
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