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Star Ocean Anamnesis RNG pics.


Now I get to show you what and who I got.

Incoming pics coming in.

Chisato draw on Luna

Winter sky Fidel <3 taken lots of gems to get him T_T

I do like this artwork of him.

Yes Winter Sky Fidel was not cheap at all and I also got Holy Night Precis I forgot about her

Did I ever post this? Random Fayt Damage it can go higher that one time it was high and I didn't get a pic of it T_T

Fayt in the new event with Ice Sword that I never got a second one.

Chisato draw on my alt Zero account one is the loneliness number that you ever be...

Ugh here she comes yes I got her on my alt I'm never never using her sorry.

This pic is a bit nice I don't know what else to say.

Not only once but twice the power of Ivilish I'm not using her poor alt.

So I got Ace Ticket for my alt after getting Ivilish and nothing after that I used it in hopes of getting someone maybe Winter sky Fidel or someone but I got...O_o

Fayt...come to me after LB him to 10 and maxing him out...O_O

This surprised me my alt got Fayt out of the act ticket I think my alt got Fayt feels almost déjà vu to me.

You think Fayt is trying to tell me something on my alt?? Even after buying gems for my alt with the special gem sale I never never got a rainbow after drawing Fayt...*cough*

I got a lot stones to LB someone on my alt but no rainbow at all so I think Fayt triggered something on my alt account and putting a stop from me getting any rainbow cards after that.

Sometimes I think that happens whoever your leader and who you use has some kind of effect on the RNG that you can get or rainbow cards that just a theory for now but it might be linked to whoever you have in party and how they feel about your character (theory how much they like us) and yes Fayt is still a possessive element.

Win I did draw Fayt on my alt again he sounded way too happy that sounded off with his battle quotes and how he is I wonder if that a new line? I never got to record it but I heard it he almost sounded...happy and affectionate if that possible it surprised me it didn't match his battle quotes and his personality so far in SOA.

It makes me wonder if they did add more lines to the characters that we draw? I'm not too sure if they did but the lines from Fayt sounded new to me or I can be wrong and Fayt is very happy and affectionate toward us.

that was my RNG draw and what I experienced so this is my pics of Xmas event.

Luna got many double of characters and Winter Sky Fidel and Holy Night Precis.

My alt got Snow white Ivilish and Fayt and Winter sky Fidel.

And both got Chisato in some way who I never use sadly to say I wanted Leon but no.

Update my alt got Winter sky Fidel!

Winter sky Fidel draw I'm happy ignores another Snow white Ivilish >_> game you know I'll never never use her sorry to say and this is my party set up

I just LB Winter sky Fidel to 1LB and we need guns for both accounts I only use the powerful one for boss I do got another gun but I'm holding off on it for now and this my alt Zero account my alt finally got Winter sky Fidel after many draws of gold.

Yes I just spent more money on my alt that will be enough money for now until we got new characters and I did vote for Fayt and the girl I voted for is...Celine O_o on my alt not my main, my main account just voted for Fayt no one else.

So this my set up I'm using Fayt, Fed Edge and Winter Fidel for both accounts I can say goodbye to Prince Claude and Faize for now.

Now the story for Xmas event.

Spoilers are ahead it has to with Ivilish and Fidel who want to experience Xmas it was suggested by Precis they do this event so Ivilish and Fidel get dressed down and they are excited now there is choices here you can react to how jealous they hint you are that Ivilish and Fidel are getting to close me I chosen the one that would push them closer the results is
"......." from both parties and the gray emote so yes this story hints that you might be jealous of Ivilish and Fidel or Ivilish liking another guy I don't care for Ivilish at all.

after that the whole battle thing and you find out that it was all set up to make this winter wonderland for Ivilish everyone was involved.

after that you get branching stories now this is more fun then the main Xmas story.

3 stories come up first one is Fidel trying to figure out what to with the gift the red box the guys make a suggestion and Fidel go off on his own

To the left story is one with girls that is funny and cute how Fidel almost freaks out over this after doing that Myuria comes to Fidel who almost freaks out again but she tells him to give it to someone who he really cares about.

To the left across the story is another story set up by Roddick and Fayt?? They both get the hint and make a quick set of date win Fidel arrives Miki is waiting for him O_o not only that pink hearts are around her but Fidel don't get it and Miki get disappointed she ask about the 'red box' he says it not hers and he gives her a white box they have a talk and that it.

The middle last event is at top it has Claude and 'us' and Relia who is waiting for Fidel win Fidel sees her he goes into parent emotions and he drops the red box Fidel is more worried about Relia then the box witch she sees and asks him about it and she opens it and nothing inside...

morale of the story comes up and Claude finishes it with how the gifts of something another and our responds is ".........." the end of Xmas event.

Now this story is short but it was good it almost better then the Halloween story and the fact they hinted that Roddick and Fayt know how to be romantic unfortunately Fidel is not romantic yet unlike Roddick and Fayt in this story them setting Fidel to talk to Miki did surprise me it was like obvious we are going to set Fidel up with her of all people I think they was trying to cover up the hints with Halloween Victor and Fidel in the Halloween event?

So this might lead to if Roddick or Fayt get chosen for the Jun bride they will be more Romantic? Hint hint?? But I'm more surprised they dragged Fayt away from the VR room who knows if Fayt did get chosen it might be VR like Wedding Maria's was maybe?? We don't know.

Yes that covers the winter event and yes there IS Ivilish/Evelysse romance hints in the story if you care about that I do not the story makes it like our character is upset that she with another guy but the choices we make can change that a lot I did because I don't care for her it almost feels forceful again.

To balance that off we need Ivilish jealous win we are with someone else I'm not into the whole our character going to end with her of all people as a romance lover they really do push for it hello Wedding Ivilish that was 100% obvious there twitter is lukewarm about her being a romance icon for our character discord don't care facebook don't care and guys they aim for win they do girl characters they don't even talk about Ivilish at all they post about some other girl so...I don't know if this is going to work or not make sexy powerful Ivilish to draw in the people and get them to like her and accept her and maybe think about the story that is here that our character might be jealous that she with Fidel now....yeah I'm not buying that.

Sorry I never will like her.

So this my post about RNG luck and the story.

I will say this Winter sky Fidel is OP...he can do damage but his defense is...bad you need to LB him soon as possible I'm slowly working on him on my main I replaced Prince Claude with Winter Sky Fidel and I'm using Fed Edge two shooters and Fayt that works.

For my alt is sill the same party I'm not using snow white Ivilish at all she at level 1 and collecting dust so on my alt I'm going to focus on Rain.

And good luck if your going to draw people do want Winter Sky Fidel and Snow white Ivilish.
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