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SOA What did I get yes...I did.


I did I wasn't going to after I spent that much money on voting >_>

Win all was lost Luna finally got Fed Reimi

I was not expecting it.

So Luna now got Fed Reimi.

I did another draw after saving up gems this one was...

That luck O_O on her banner to

She come up surprised me I did test her and she is fun.

I did say one draw right?...*hides* I got her on one roll after that tried again much later got another drop of her.

Luna was lucky that day

So I said hay I'm going to have luck for Zero right?...well...

Free draw my first rainbow free rainbow on my alt I was so happy

My shining free rainbow is


So how many times is this?...not that I mind I'm thinking Fayt is telling Zero something right??...O_o

So another Fayt draw for Zero oddly Fayt never shows up for Luna...but Zero has luck on getting Fayt it might show how much Fayt feels about this and how much of a stalker he can be that my theory for now.

So right after that I went and draw on the real banner and got...

The same card as Luna did?

Nooo Zero got 'Leon'

1st time I was jealous over my alt account

Leon drop for Zero my alt I tried to roll like I did and got that copy of Freya.

So Luna got Fed Reimi and Freya.

Zero got Fayt and Leon.

So I did another draw and got

Cloud skin...wait this is the wrong game...yes I'm playing this...on Steam...

Back on topic it feels like Zero is really lucky on getting Fayt unlike Luna who never got a copy of Fayt at all but Fed Reimi on my main is nice now I got 3 of them
Reimi, Swimsuit Reimi and Fed Reimi nice we need Wedding Reimi now.

Leon is fun it play as I did try him on my alt and alt Fayt is...kind of 'yeah' 'nah' with Leon right now it maybe lukewarm but I did see a few times already alt Fayt has glared at Leon who went running by Winter sky Fidel yes I have Alt Fayt, Winter sky Fidel and Leon for my alt party.

For Luna party it is Fayt, Fed Edge/Winter sky Fidel I sometimes switch Fed Edge and Sky Fidel from left to right sometimes it depends on my emotions and I'm still using them both on my main account party I did get the wedding ring maxed out it silver and it looks good.

So that my RNG for both accounts I still want Leon for my main but yes both accounts are not using Faize so we don't have Faize in party.

After getting them and this RNG luck my luck has been gone so I'm not expecting anything and I'm not drawing on the new gacha.

I know some guys in discord wanted Freya bad and playing as her is fun she really fast at casting I think she has no casting time she that good playing as her no negative from party but I think Fayt did pout a bit win I switched back and forth.

So good luck if your going to roll for the RNG.

I think facebook people was trying to get rid of there accounts so they can re-roll for Freya now here the inserting thing I was looking at Yahoo Japan and people was selling there accounts O_O it surprised me they was also doing high gems on account and selling the account like that.

Why I was looking at Yahoo Japan I was trying to buy something and it cost me a lot...of....I'll post more about it win I get it but I did get something that's all I'm going to say and no it is not Doujinshi sorry.

In fact I never got any new Doujinshi in a long long time.

And yes the new update is going to be out tonight or soon.

VP round 2 fight...ugh can this be over with now??...

I Hope this cures the people who wanted this crossover and I heard there is a VP 3 coming up...noooo.

People on discord was talking about one month and a half of VP?

After this no more VP please this made me not spend any money in this game in gem wise this time around so I do got some money I might go look into some Doujinshi...hmm.

I don't know if they are getting money or not but I have not spent money since this VP started and all the gems I was using was on my account.

Oh the only other money I was spending on was...Final Fantasy Mobius...I'm guilty there I was playing that waiting for my accounts to recharge I also got some PS4 games I have to play now beside .Hack//G.U. I'm struggling playing be honest I'm on Vol.2 and the story is getting to me...

I have not did any stories in a long time never got any time to do them and nothing spark my writing yet so my creative emotions are not running right now but win they do...we will see.

Did we ever find out who won the wedding voting?

It's either Albel or Fayt for the guys and Reimi or Clair for the girls that my guess.

But good luck on your RNG draw hopefully you will get what you want.

I'm going to skip this Gacha and save for the next one after VP part 3 win we do have it (rumors) for now.

This update is VP crossover part 2 for the people who cried on youtube and twitter they got VP the last time we had a crossover they was pissed it wasn't VP but if the rumors are true part 3 of VP that would be one month and half so January and half of February we might get stop just for Valentines day maybe.

And I ask you is that enough of VP now I myself think this part 2 is enough for part 3 to come I'm going to be very very very bored and disappointed.

So far out of the VP girls Freya is the one you want to get her cast is that good.

People on discord guessed the chances of us getting Lezard is not good since he is a boss we might not get him at all but I do hope for him I think people did want him.

If we never get Lezard he up there with Luther and Cyril who we might never never get T_T I do want Luther and I do want Cyril I don't know why they don't add them they will draw in the money.
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