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.Hack//G.U. Vol.2. English. not That Bad as I thought it would be. the leveling up is slow. Becuse I got it late. meh The story as it is good. The Voice acting I need to get Use to agin. but over-all it's kind of fun. But Me being me I bounce between US one and Japanese one. but Sometimes I forget X and O are yeah playing Vol.2 US, and Playing Vol.3 win I get tired of Vol.2 US is so much fun. well they give me something to do. but yeah I Finally got the Nerve to Do a Fanfiction...! it has a Bit of 'Slash' in it since I'm a Fan Girl hehe. I just might post it!...we'll wait and see all right?. but yeah I also made 3 new friends at...

Joinnn if you dare...But I'm just being my safe over there and answering to .Hack//G.U. Qustions and such. I'm asukai over there, but yeah I'm felling a bit Happy tonight...But I got to work on flowers for memorial day.
I'm making Black Flowers...and some other colors beside that too bad I dint have a Scanner I would love to show off a Red Rose to all of you...meh it reminds me of Master Endrance flowers the Flame Red ones...but yeah I'm talking off Topic agin sorry about that. Hurry up Vol.3 English one...I wanna here what NPC says win he Witness Azure Kite and Haseo Wedding says lol. and some other Wedding Event's...

But yeah Talk to you later.

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