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SOA upcoming maintenance 1/25


"【1/25(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。また「ルシファーコイン交換所」ほか「復刻祭 第2弾」イベントのアイテム交換所は1/28(日)13:59までとなります。 #アナムネシス"

"[1/25 (Thursday) maintenance: after tomorrow, 14:00-we 16:00 to add new events due to maintenance work. Also besides Lucifer coin Exchange item Exchange, "reprint 2nd Festival" event 1/28 will be (Sunday) 13:59. #アナムネシス"


--From discord--

Maintenance on 1/25 14:00 - 16:00
- New Contents -

New Event
Your Bridal/Groom Championship Results
Minor Bug Fixes

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Ruins of Trial - Poison (Revival)

- The following ends later on 1/28 14:00 -

Reprint Festival Part 2 Coin Shops
- Executioner, Lucifer, Colossal Beak, Armaros Manifest, Adhesion Almar

---End of discord---

The only news I'm hyped for is...

VP part 3?....

Nooo not that no more VP please...enough Valkyrie Profile please a.k.a. VP.

I'm hyped for Your Bridal/Groom Championship Results you did remember to vote right? The voting is in for Jun bridal and groom is...we don't know yet but the results are in.

For Bridal was Reimi.

For Groom was Albel.

Second place was Clair and Fayt.

That was the last results they posted I don't know if changed or not but I'm hyped.

The war between Albel and Fayt was real twitter kept saying Albel was going to be in a dress yes the fans are that desperate I voting for Fayt because we need a alt Fayt and I'm a SO3 fan I'll be happy if Albel wins but I won't roll for him I'm not a big Albel fan much as the Fan people on twitter are.

I'll roll if Reimi wins I think I've become a an Reimi fan much to discord feelings about Reimi again...some people love her some don't want her.

My guess it going to be one guy and 2 girls again they like pushing out girls did you forget that? If I recall them saying why they didn't have guys in first round or in summer event is they didn't know how to make guys look 'cool' was there excuse.

a.k.a. meaning they didn't know how to do a guy story right how they are going to handle this I wish them luck they do girl stories amazing but they need to adventure out more and see the fan base is not one sided.

So I tried if Fayt didn't win that's alright I got a feeling why fan people on twitter voted for Albel I think they wanted to put him with Cliff or Fayt right?

If they do a Albel story I hope it focused on Nel or Clair the unanswered questions who Albel really liked in SO3 the NPC hints say he was looking for Clair in SO3 win the PA hints says he was into Nel that was confusing as much.

And no I'm not buying the whole Albel, Cliff and Fayt love triangle the fan base can be dangerous and one sided win it comes to that.

The whole PA between Albel and Fayt felt like it was one sided in SO3 I think to some degree Fayt might of liked Albel that way but Albel only saw Fayt as a friend or even a one night stand friend but that's my feelings on it.

But then again people would bring up argument over this.

Then again you got to see Star Ocean Anamnesis a.k.a. SOA is it's own game and universe so hopefully whoever wins Albel or Fayt that will change people mind on how they feel in Anamnesis things are different they did make Sophia more clingy and clingy and Albel and Fayt friendship is...different.

The major different is...well if you have Albel and Fayt in party they will fight over 'you' win I switch to another character leaving Fayt, Albel will glare at Fayt and push him into the wall that happen many times before that is why I don't use Albel that is my own experience that's why I say in the Star Ocean Anamnesis world it is different I don't know if people know that or not.

I have to say this if Albel wins the Groom he better be the most girly guy you can see they better have him in a

But I do want a alt Fayt.

I would not mind another Reimi she is cute I'm now a Reimi fan.

Alright I'm getting way off topic here sorry for my long talk about this.

But yes the Albel fans are...on twitter and they did talk about Albel in a dress so that might be a reason if he wins?...

But how are you're feelings about this?

I just want another alt Fayt to have for girl I would not mind Wedding Reimi.

Now if another girl got in second place would be Clair I don't mind her.

But if Clair got in I would not roll for her I got Demon Clair that is enough.

The Bridal/Groom voting are in who did you vote for and are you happy with the results?

Come on...come your making me anxious...
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