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SOA X NieR:Automata event.


This will have major spoilers if you had not played the new event play it now.

My random theories about this story.

So this story stars off with Rena, Fayt, Emmerson, Mavelle and Faize exploring the place.

Innocently enough it starts off good until that white light scans Emmerson and he is hit with memories of the past and Emmerson past almost hints toward our character past of surviving a exploding ship *hint*

Rena past is less dramatic it's about Dias telling her about her dog dying and her learning about life and death and mostly Emmerson is more worried about his 'mom' and anything else Emmerson shows his worry for Rena this time around.

Mavelle past is shown but she tight lip about the whole ordeal win they ask about her past she tells a little about it that is another spoiler for that game.

Faize one is creepy it starts off win Faize decide to jump ship and side with the Grigori who was telling him promises of him being powerful the last thought Faize thought before jumping ship was something to do with 'Edge'

Now it startles the group win Faize start laughing O_o uh...hello

Apostle of creation anyone??

Now that win Faize says he 'thinks' he knows what happens to him after he jump ship? But he don't want to talk about it not only that Faize speech changes a bit that also startles the group a bit Emmerson and Fayt and Mavelle and Rena try to talk to him and well he just...tells them it's alright not to 'worry' about it and Faize leaves the room alone.

I think they might be setting this up for Apostle of creation to come into play?
(My thought they might and they might not)

Before this happen Faize was acting normal and cheerful but after this I see his emotions changed big time Faize feels like he pushing people away now I think he might 'know' or remember what happen to him after he jump ship from Crowe ship in SO4? I think that might be a hint there.

I will say this Faize was very friendly with Fayt oddly enough they spent lot of time talking to one was hinting a lot with VR games and story hints beside Faize time spending with Edge was also hinted but after this it felt like whatever friendship Faize had with Fayt or Edge is gone...Faize did a 180 turn with that laugh it was creepy the way Faize talked it felt like he was you know the boss from SO4 for a moment.

Yes it was hinted Faize spent a lot of time in the VR room or working with Edge so it was also hinted Faize spent a lot of time with Fayt who 100% VR gamer you know they also pointed that out win we had that event with Fayt with the whole VR thing.

Sure that made a lot of Edge and Faize shippers salty that Faize had more time with Fayt over Edge? It was hinted.

Now Fayt past is very emotional one they pick the part where is 'Father' died...yes Fayt throws a emotional attack but that not all.

Now the people who guessed Fayt powers are linked to his emotions your right there was a few stories on Fayt powers in the past where win he got upset his powers would kick in right? Well your right.

Putting Fayt in his stressful event like that well his powers start acting up even in SOA if it wasn't for Emmerson hitting Fayt and knocking him out his powers would of...destroyed something I'm happy they put that there it shows that hey Fayt has that power yet.

Not only that it looks like Fayt powers are not acting with how stressed he gets and how upset he can get so...he might need someone there to calm him down? I see why Fayt into VR a lot I think the whole destruction with combat keeps Fayt calm down.

So Fayt comes to his senses with the help of Rena and Emmerson he was able to move on oddly enough Faize has no say in Fayt event and Fayt was able to walk out the room stable again with Rena...but not Faize...odd.

Now this felt like whatever friendship they had it split them up no more Fayt and Faize.

What disappointed me is our character had no view we get to see the others but our character past...that sad.

Now we get close to the end and we discover the voice that was leading us to 'it' was Adominia Star Dogia who wanted to give the gift to this world of being painless and becoming robots...*dies*...Android so they can be carefree but with a price to pay.

>>Tries to remember NieR:Automata story...

Anyway before anyone can say anything and we can't say anything because it was Fayt who rejected it for us O_O very very very vocal and it looks like Fayt is very upset about feeling those emotions from 'his' past and Fayt argues with the Adominia Star Dogia about this before we are forced to fight it.

After the fight Rena asked if it over with? And Adominia Star Dogia comes back sparking the flame that is Fayt to want to fight it again then the voice shuts it down.

Then we discover that voice is...and that what happen to 'them'...T_T

So the ones we summon through the gacha are...I want to say copies but I'm not 100% sure on this.

That get Rena and Emmerson and Mavelle to ask the questions and a very emotional Fayt to ask something so with the left over power they send the group to...

Happy ending win the light moves on I had to re-watch it.

This says a lot it mostly felt like it as another Fayt event oddly enough with Fayt being the emotional past out of them and having Fayt respond to the question that was asked to our character and having Fayt saying 'no' to reject that offer.

The only choice we have as our character is with Emmerson who wants to take charge like a captain he ask he there was anything wrong with that second choice leads to Emmerson being very proud of being 'The warrior of light' son looks like Emmerson stop hiding the fact for now that he is the son of Claude and Rena not only that it looks like Emmerson was going to go out with the ship if he had to.

And yes though all of this event Emmerson was acting like the overseer of the group even in Faize creepy laughing event and knocking Fayt out to wake him up and showing his protective feeling for his mom Rena who had that past experience.

In Faize event the group dose try to talk to him even Fayt but Faize just pushes them away I think it might of hurt Fayt a bit since they was...together beside Faize being with Edge so that win I say whatever friendship they had is now gone I can see the split emotions coming with Faize walked away from them alone.

So that means future Apostle of creation fight with Faize conflicted emotions??

I mean even win Rena and Fayt was trying to tell Faize to be positive Faize flat out rejected it I think this is where they split Faize from everyone again they did that in SO4.

But what about Edge and Fayt?

Well We don't know at this moment about Edge we do know that Fayt was hanging around the VR room with Faize a lot if Faize is going to start ignoring Fayt and everyone else going to that mood again what's going to happen to Fayt?

Uh...The only thing I can think of it that leads to the Wedding event...O_O

I'm kidding and not kidding we know that Fayt and Reimi are both chosen for the Wedding event so maybe splitting Fayt from Faize is part of it??...I don't know.

It was hinted with the FFBE Crossover win Fina was walking around you asked a question and found out that Fayt was seeing Faize that win it was starting between the two even Edge was shocked by this and he almost felt salty about them being close.

Boy the FFBE event made EdgeXFaize shippers upset win they found out about that.

And it known that Fayt win he is leader he would not protest with Faize that what I saw in auto battle they do get along too good.

It also said with this event that Fayt is still emotional person that uses combat to settle his powers or to keep them in check and that he still plays VR a lot but what shocked me the most is how...Fayt respond to the Adominia Star Dogia for us it like it asked the question to 'us' and Fayt step in front of us and rejected it :P

And Faize did not say anything win Fayt did that it really felt like they broken up...

Sadly enough with Faize he recalls why he jump ship in SO4 it was to do with Edge so he might become loyal to Edge again if he remembers that is...

And the thing is that both Fayt and Faize saw a part of one another they did not expect to see if it wasn't for Emmerson knocking Fayt out Fayt would of used his powers.

After re-watching it it looks like Faize is trying to resolve this issue by himself
And yes Fayt did want to destroy something if Emmerson didn't knock him out.

I'm expecting to see a upcoming Apostle of creation fight now maybe one day.

And I'll say this after going over the story again Faize and Fayt has not broken up :P it looks like they are very friendly with one another yet *hint* and yes fans on twitter are not happy Sorry Albel and Edge fans.

So this is my take on it people can play this event now and see for themselves how it is and it sounds like something right out of the fan fiction.

That my take on this event the emotions I feel.

Play this event and see how you feel about it that all I got to say but this event was fun now I got to play it again on my alt with no Rena for heals T_T

It did draw me back into SOA again and it made me spend money on RNG luck that given me...

I'll post later about it...

New comic.

I hope RNG luck is with you on getting the characters you want.

"現在、特定のミッションにおいて、アプリが強制終了しやすくなる症状を確認しております。原因は調査中となりますが、強制終了する方はバトルに使うパーティメンバーの編成を変更することで改善される場合がございます。お客様にはご不便をおかけして大変申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス"

"At present, we have confirmed that the application will be easier to kill on certain missions. The cause is under investigation, but the person who kills it might be improved by changing the organization of the party member used for the battle. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to our customers."


I hope you enjoy this event and have fun.

All this drama makes me want to do a Star Ocean story...O_O the hints the real.

Keep in mind this is my thoughts everyone can and will have different ideas.

Now I'm going to say this talk has theories in it.
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