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SOA new Evelysse cosplayer is....!? [Mature]


Warning this might be mature

So the new Evelysse cosplayer

Why she hasn't showed up to the live steam we had she...

A pron star...O_o

I think I died...*dies*...rumors is she thrown out her hip on one her videos

We found out that guys name is Takaaki we know that he loves Nel and girls but this is too much...this is a video game not a porno game...

Everyone on discord is talking about this why the new Cosplayer never showed up is because she thrown out her hip in one of her porno videos but twitter says she fallen down...

(Discord says she a porn star and also a gravure I'm just going what they say for now)

I'm never looking at Evelysse the same way again...even with this girl they have...

I want to ask who got this Cosplayer known what she dose beyond Star Ocean Anamnesis??

Another news I heard she is also a gravure model

So this says they are aiming for guys not women.


This as female gamer makes me sad...even win I love Star Ocean a lot I love JRPG

This puts me off on this game seriously if it wasn't for my love for Star Ocean I would drop this game and my love for the June wedding Event I will support this game

However I know there main focus now is for aiming for male players only.

I'm now cautious how hyped I will be win they announce new characters

This not news of hate this is news of discover I never knew...she was a...yeah...

On this subject I will say one thing positive Evelysse cosplayer looks cute and she fits Evelysse a bit but her background just made me go O_O yeah...

I think after the June wedding event I might hold off spending money in this game

My goal is Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt for now.

Sorry I have mixed emotions and seeing this news made me feel...yes that.

I apologize for this news it shocked me a bit.

And I apologize for her fans that like her videos and...mature stuff.

If this is wrong please correct me on this one it just the news I saw on discord.
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