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SOA Maintenance


---From discord--
Maintenance on 3/29 14:00 - 16:30
- New Contents -

New Application Version
※Download from respective stores
New Event
New Campaign
Revisions to Terms & Contract

- Ending Events/Pick-Ups/Coin Exchanges -

Nier Collab Campaign
Nier Collab Event
Mother Virus Pod Reprint
Shine Golem Reprint
Nier Character Pick Up Gacha
Sakura Dias/Maria Pick Up Gacha
Nier Weapon Pick Up Gacha
Sakura Weapon Pick Up Gacha
Nier Event Box Gacha
Prehistoric Psynard Coin Shop
Lucifer/Cyril Coin Shop

※All 3 Nier Characters and Weapons will be removed completely when maintenance starts
※Both Reprint Coin Shop reset at 3/29/2018 14:00

---End of discord---

Goodbye Nier weapons T_T Nier characters and Sakura Dias and Maria who I hope you did roll for Cherry Dias is good people like him.

I have to say Nier event was fun I never got the second drop of the accessories yes that white flower so I'm sticking with the accessories that I have on

I never got 9S on my main account I got him on my alt account that is good enough I do have a A2 that is good for my main account I'm good for defenders now

I was this tempted to roll for Cherry Dias I almost did like him Cherry Maria wasn't that bad I did try her however my leader Fayt collided with Cherry Maria so that was a 'no'

Got to love auto battles

So how did I like the Nier event it was fun felt more like a flashback to our characters past and it was disappointing not even one dialog from the Nier cast or even a nod it was all some kind of...flashback dreams and going though this area with the Nier characters helping somehow but not really fun.

The ending area was more to it fighting that boss who was re-skin of a boss we have was...uh alright but that where the story come into play

I will say this it felt like Fayt got a lot of screen time with that one I expect more of that for the Wedding event and out of all of them Fayt event or flashback was the most emotional one especially win Emmerson had to knock him out before Fayt went mental and it showed yes Fayt anger is still tied to his powers.

Rena dog dying wasn't that emotional and Faize flashback was...him dealing with his own demons but it wasn't bad as Fayt was Mavelle was alright.

For Faize one dealing with his own demons must lead to the whole you know that ending and boss fight for spoilers.

This almost felt like the whole Nier event was the characters trying to overcome there emotional issue I think they was aiming more Nier style.

If it was full Nier style it would be no happy ending lets put it that way.

The Sakura event that was fun I wanted more of the story sadly to say the map was way too small playing that right after the Nier event was refreshing in it own way.

I wanted more Sakura characters it almost reminded me of something from Bleach yes the anime Bleach.

~Plays Bleach Opening 3 - Ichirin No Hana~

But it almost made me want the whole DiasXMaria to be true...darn it Chisato

Anyways back on topic Maintenance is going on be ready for the Maids

Update-blocked emulators the new agreement people are saying any Emulator is blocked if your using a Emulator and has not back up your data with the registered with sqex bridge you're data might be...gone T_T

I was going to use the NOX but that out of the water if you to play this game you might have to install it on your phone or tablet you can find out ways on the internet but good luck on that and yes I'm still playing the game.

I was tempted to pull but I'm not too sure Maids are not my thing but I'm waiting for the June Wedding event to come around so I can get Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt to come out.
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