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1st look into .Hack//G.U. vol.3. English.


It's been a wale eh?.

From IGN. But no English Video game play yet. they are showing off the Japanese pic. But yeah I SO want .Hack//G.U. Vol.3 Redemption US Ver.
As Much as I love the Japanese ver .Hack//G.U. Vol.3 Aruku Youna Hayasa de. Japan ver. I want to know what that NPC says win He/She Marries off HaseoXKite lol. Beside that I want to play the US one so I can Understand what they are saying!...I so fair I know the Japanese story line by Pic...
But yeah I So want this one...but I heard rumors saying it was coming out around SEP OR OCT...make up there mind!...*sigh* so until then (Looking at Vol.2 US and Vol.3 JAP) I well play those two...but I also want to know who the NEW NPC/AI is going to be sadly to say I got some news on that it says...

Quote- I just converted Japanese Volume 2 Data to Volume 3, and you get a bonus video. It thanks people for attending a .hack conference, and then points out three NPCs that have custom names, the winners of the same contest being held here.

While I absolutely love that we're doing the same thing, I'm a little disappointed that no one knew they did this in Japan as well.

Quote- On AltimitCorp, they're doing a contest where several fans are getting NPCs in Redemption named after them. Many people assumed it was American-only, but it seems not.

So yeah like a 1 out of Millions to get you're NPC name in Vol.3 so yeah there goes my dream...but what Am I saying? user name
asukai is a Japanese last name oh well but this is what I got for you for now.


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