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SOA event story with--and talk.


I did find....

Alt Albel and works O_O must put...them...

I knew putting that Alt Albel with Cliff works >_< Here comes the fan wars

Now let me go over the event story with Alt Albel and Opera

This surprised me Opera who has no idea who Ashton was this was before she join SO2 group

This also surprised me Sophia and Alt Albel in the same party not fighting over Fayt O_o

Yes Sophia is in this event it almost like she preventing us from talking to Alt Albel

Was...she looking at Alt Albel since he's in pants now??

Sophia and Alt Albel have time to talk to one another shockingly they agree on stuff...

Fiore and Ashton join us in this event also it starts off with Alt Albel talking to Ashton wait wasn't Albel talking to Ashton before like this?? I don't know if that a hint or not...

Sophia joins us in order of helping Fiore again? (I think that what is was) she goes between Fiore and talking to Alt Albel a lot in this event and we use Alt Albel memories witch Sophia tells us about (shockingly) she knows more about Alt Albel then we do...and we go to the past where we see Opera who Ashton recognized but she says she don't know him...

That where Opera notes that we can fight and she asks us to protect her but Alt Albel makes a challenge and it ends up being a drinking challenge and Ashton, Alt Albel, Fiore all pass out from all that alcohol we end up being her bodyguard like SO2 story with Opera she chasing Ernest.

It pretty much ends the same way except we fight a boss from SO5 not SO2.

The ending is we get warp out and Opera is shocked that we transported out she notes that we was suspicious enough and she leaves alone.

This whole event felt was more aimed at Alt Albel and Sophia nothing else.

Much like the Cherry Dias and Cherry Maria hints this event had small hints nothing big.

It feels like Sophia spends time with Alt Albel more now they are talking like friends or maybe something more it hinted but not that big of a hint

I think what they are doing is pushing this so the Wedding event with Reimi and Fayt will go uninterrupted or we are going to see salty Sophia.

But no Alt Albel nor Sophia mention Fayt at all so if that a hint that has to be one.

Alt Albel talks to our character once and act like 'I don't care' witch makes Sophia talk to alt Albel more so this felt more like Alt Albel and Sophia event strangely enough Albel and Sophia in SO3 never do talk to one another like this but they do now and here.

To me I'm getting a major Alt AlbelXSophia vibe from this a part of me wants to ship them another part of me wants to ship Alt Albel with Cliff.

And also Meracle is in this event she says that we 'smell good' O_o uh...she voted us as leader confusing the group that win Alt Albel ask if we are that powerful? Fiore and Sophia try to explain our power to Alt Albel who get frustrated about it and just tells us to lead the group

(They try to explain how our character is fused with other party group and our powers witch don't go over smoothly with Alt Albel that talk leads to more Alt Albel and Sophia talk)

And no Meracle don't drink in this event but the others do and no Sophia don't drink either not in this event.

But yes Alcohol was in this event and no our character did not drink either...T_T

This event is going on and if you want to see if play this event and see for yourself.

This whole event started off with Alt Albel and Ashton and (sexy Alt Albel) in pants :P
And ended like Sophia is the one who gets to talk to Alt Albel a lot it like she moved that quick stopping anything between our character and alt Albel.

And what's the deal with Albel and Ashton? If that not hint I don't know what is.

To me it looks like whatever Albel and Fayt had in SO3 is gone completely I think as I said before Fayt had a crush on Albel but moving into SOA we see them with different guys...*cough*

Fayt spend his time win VR room with Faize or doing something like setting up Fidel with Miki with Roddick it was also hinted in the Cherry event that Fayt like to eat....O_O and him and Roddick was talking about food and how Cherry Dias and Cheery Maria looked good together

Another strange thing is our character likes to sleep and eat >_< the jokes about bananas is one of them there was a few hints in the main story and off the story that our character likes food and water

I don't know win Fayt habit of eating started it could of been win he was with our character with all the events going on or it could of been all the time he was with Roddick

So Fayt spends time in the VR room with Faize, Roddick or our character.

And it looks like Albel spends time with Ashton and Sophia now??

And it looks like they are letting Maria do her own thing like win she wanted to be leader with Dias.

As long as Fayt don't turn into Allen Walker from D.Gray-man about food I'll be alright with it

Them making a new personalities for the main cast of Star Ocean 3 I'm talking some time to adjust to it seeing Alt Albel and Sophia get friendly like that surprised me

But yes this whole new event with alt Albel was more like him and Sophia event

One of the things I did noticed is they did change Albel and Fayt personality a bit

Fayt in SOA likes VR, hanging out with Faize, romance like setting Fidel with Miki with Roddick, Hanging out with Roddick and hanging out with our character and food.

Albel is now opening up to Ashton and Sophia doing what we only saw bits of that.

So far Albel and Sophia have no contact with our character but Fayt has contact with our character we did have lots of events with Fayt.

We had some events with Sophia but she never talks to us like she talks with Alt Albel or someone else we can ask her about 'Fayt' about something and she goes 'what Fayt?' that was one her responds in that young school girl Sophia event.

So it hinted that Sophia has no inserted in our character in this event with Alt Albel it more like she wants Alt Albel to talk to her and no one else that how it felt.

Putting Alt Albel for the fans in this event and putting him with Sophia was that a good idea?
Albel fans might be ranging about this and Albel fans are salty since Albel is not with Cliff or Fayt in this event but with Sophia.

But this talk was on my mind thinking about and playing it 2 times with my 2 accounts and reading the lines (with my broken Japanese) and making sense about this event.

And thinking about the Cherry event and how they acted it make sense now maybe...

Now I'm really looking forward to the Wedding Event with Reimi and Fayt

Remember Reimi has not spend any time with our character that is going to be inserting how they are going to put that up and I got a feeling Edge might show up for that one.

Fayt event we did have lots of events with Fayt and our character more then we did with Reimi that says a lot so I'm expecting Roddick or Faize or Sophia to show up in Fayt event and maybe a salty Sophia we don't know yet.

But since Sophia had this time with Alt Albel seeing her in Fayt event is going to be majorly awkward if you ask me.

But I hope you have good luck on getting Opera who is OP and Alt Albel who is good and if you don't have A2 get Alt Albel good luck on your RNG.

Remember this all my ideas and my experiences people can have different ideas about all of this.

Play the new event and see for yourself how you feel about it.

Update- Did the side story Alt Albel and cats beside the bar people that wanted to talk to him he goes out side to encounter cats and he sees this one with emerald eyes that is different he tries to get close to it and it turns out it's Meracle she transforms into a cat and normal and runs off Alt Albel goes chasing her and runs into Ashton they both fall to the ground and Ashton asks what's wrong and alt Albel says 'never mind' and has a gray emote over his head.

Opera story part 2 is about her talking to Sophia and Fiore about why she did that she looking for Ernest and she did it for love and now Sophia is surprised and then she starts talking about Fayt
(here we go) now she talks about Fayt we might see her in the Wedding Event after all.

Side story

It's not a cat it's Meracle

Cat out of the bag

Meracle caught

Ashton move out of the way

Or not

Alt Albel runs into Ashton and Meracle escapes

Yes Alt Albel was on top of Ashton how...romantic...and the fans go wild...


More talk


Event finally over with

No I did not take a pic of Opera story it was the same as SO2 version with Fiore and Sophia and Sophia talks about Fayt and how she might be inspired by Opera determination about her love for Ernest if you don't know Sophia wants to be more then friends with Fayt however that never happens it never hinted in Sophia and Fayt ending at all and Fayt just always brushes her off somehow.

The only other time Sophia was thinking about her and 'Fayt' was in the school event where she wanted them to 'walk together' like couples do and she gets upset throws a fit win she realized Fayt wanted to talk to Albel not walk with her and Albel was taking a nap in this event and Fayt get frustrated that Albel didn't want to talk or fight him and Fayt ends up fighting random guys in the end.

Sorry about the pics it off my phone and yes I'm still playing this game.

So if you can get into this event and see for yourself do so.

Wait...why did Sophia stop our character from talking to Alt Albel if she was going to start talking about Fayt in the Opera part 2 event??

>>Sees Alt Albel leave with Ashton grumbling about Meracle

Yup we will never have any connections with Albel or his Alt sadly to say.
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