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SOA talk about L-O-V-E


So we're having this talk again this is from people talking in discord and I felt this might be a good time to talk about this since the Wedding event is coming up soon.

So let start off with the topic of the day

Fayt yes Fate it seems he was a topic among people again people are upset that Fayt has not chosen between Maria or Sophia the war between Maria and Sophia is still going on and the fans are getting bitter about it.

My thoughts is Fayt has not chosen sides in SO3 unless you the player makes him chose side that what made him different since the arrival of the other main character like Claude now that guy has his priority straight it cannon that Claude will end up with Rena.

And we have a Roddick and Millie another couple that reminds me of someone we know...Roddick who a bit dense to Millie love for him...yes it reminds me of Fayt and Sophia.

Fidel and Miki felt like the only couple like Claude and Rena who got well...together but I myself see Fidel more with Victor then Miki.

Now if Fayt falls in the same category like the other male main characters it will be the same and then I know they are running out of ideas it almost like win the given Fayt that one skill to make him more like the other main characters win Fayt didn't even have that skill.

And the fan base is not helping they want Fayt to pick a side Maria or Sophia right?

But all the hints I'm seeing in SOA and SO3...Fayt is not dense like they say Fayt is no...I think Fayt might be attached to guys to some degree and attached to girls to some degree also so I'm thinking Fayt might be Bi that would not surprised me.

Fayt attached to girls was Mirage right? SO3 the begging of the game so it might be a hint Fayt like blonds, Fayt ending that Fayt ended up solo you fight Fayt with Luther and having Fayt call Luther his 'Owner' is creepy enough in the SO3 solo ending so that might be a hint yes Fayt can be shipped with guys.

And Fayt has a connection to Albel it hinted in SO3 PA hello that ships that however coming to SOA world Albel and Fayt kinda parted a bit...they are not clingy as they was in SO3 and they are seeing other guys...*cough*

Albel is another wild card Albel wants to be with Fayt to some point but whatever it is it's not love no it might be lust but Albel has always in SO3 been hinted to be trying to see Clair or Nel I'm thinking Albel might be Bi also or straight and not talking about it.

In SOA Albel is connected to Ashton right now not Fayt so that leaves you to think about that.

Maria is somewhat SO3 she ready to retire and become you're wife it hinted she wants to get married and have kids and she a bit Tsundere with the guys it's hard getting Maria ending from what I heard.

Sophia I was wondering why she bugged me a lot...she reminds me of...Yukari Takeba from Persona 3 now I know why...Sophia is a Lovers Arcana >_< how Yukari acts in P3 Fes an how Sophia acts win Fayt is not around or talking with her...they act the same and it hinted in the begging of SO3 win she talking to Fayt on the beach she not looking at Fayt head nope Fayt head is up here not down there
And in the whole SO3 it felt like Sophia is more sexual not wife materiel like Maria

In SOA Sophia swimsuit says the whole thing that she has sexual desires and she wants to use it so far in SOA Sophia is still bitter that Fayt is not responding to her like she wants him to and win We had that school event Sophia showed how she can lash out that Fayt was not walking with her but Fayt was more into Albel then her.

So far in SOA whatever Maria or Sophia dose it looks like Fayt don't care given the fact how many events we had with Maria or Sophia, Fayt wasn't involved the only time Fayt was there win Chisato was going to label a love triangle between the 3 of them that win the girls left upset and Fayt just let them leave.

And Fayt has more events with the guys in SOA then Fayt did with any girl in SO3 and SOA put together if that don't say anything I don't know what says.

Now since they are going to make the Wedding Event coming up it would surprised me if they start making Fayt pay attention to Sophia or Maria but it would be like making Claude pay attention to Rena his future wife it would be the same

Why are they so afraid of being different? Half of the fan bases already guessed that Fayt liked guys the ones who are crying out for Fayt to pick the side of Maria or Sophia has not seen the hints or don't want to see them

Why do you think that Fayt was most voted by the people?? They want to put him with Albel or Cliff as the other side wants to put him with Sophia or Maria

And the guys who wanted Sophia they are lusting after her you know that 100% she is sexual for the guys to the male point of view they want Sophia with no Fayt

It's going to be the same with Reimi win her wedding event comes around she attached the guys and the guys who paid for her to be the wedding girl do you think they want Edge in that event??

For Fayt I'm expecting the same people paid for him and having Sophia or Maria there is going to sour the event we already had a Wedding Event with Maria and we was alone with with her so I'm expecting it to be the same with Fayt unless they really want to bring Sophia in I'm expecting to see her.

The only other time Sophia looked at another guy was Leon with his event that where Young Sophia come in and you can ask her about Fayt and her respond was 'What...Fayt?...' and she didn't want to even think about Fayt win she was chasing Leon around if Leon was older Sophia might of went with Leon that the only other time I saw Sophia look another guy beside Fayt.

After Young Sophia failed to get close to Leon, Young Sophia was trying to get close to Fayt that win Maria and the 3 of them was talking that win Chisato was going to label them as love triangle
Fayt didn't like that that win Maria and Sophia left upset

So it hinted that Fayt is aware that Sophia and Maria was looking at him but Fayt has not responded to them at all much like in SO3 it was going no ware.

Win Maria wanted to do her own thing with Dias in that Cherry event Fayt didn't stop her I think Fayt and Roddick almost support Dias getting with Maria somehow that if Chisato didn't ruin it

And yes Fayt has been hanging out with Roddick and Faize and our character and the VR room as far as I can tell Fayt personality changed a bit but Sophia personality is still 'Yukari'

In SO3 players chosen what Fayt can do and who Fayt ended up with in the SO3 ending but win Fayt is doing his own thing in SOA like playing VR games and hanging out with Faize and Roddick and our character the fan base can't accept that.

It's like win the EdgeXFaize fans are upset since Faize is hanging out with Fayt more then Edge they can't accept that.

The VictorXFidel fans was bitter that the event that Fayt and Roddick did in the winter event pushed Winter sky Fidel and Mike together and it hinted yes Roddick and Fayt both like romance girls speaking to say they like playing cupid

And how it hinted that Fayt and Roddick both like food O_o uh...much to Albel emotion about food in that Cherry event that the only time Albel and Fayt was in the same room and never talked to one another that might of hinted yes Albel and Fayt moved on from one another

Maybe that's win Albel start hanging out with Ashton and trying to fight him that moment win Albel landed on Ashton no Alt Albel landed on Ashton that was the fan girl moment 100%

And it also hinted in SOA that Albel and Fayt are both dominated elements no Fayt is not the Uke here maybe that's why Albel and Fayt parted in SOA?

In SO3 Fayt was skinny and almost girly like that's why they put him with Cliff or Albel...hence Uke however in SOA Fayt....changed Fayt not that skinny no more *cough* they made Fayt more like a guy and made him more dominated air about him

Fayt likes to be in charge that why putting him with other males is difficult I know from Auto-battles who Fayt likes and dislikes Fayt also has a possessive side very possessive

You can tell win Fayt is being possessive if Fayt shows up a lot from your Ace ticket :P
I joke not it happens win you keep getting the same character out of your tickets they are thinking of your character.

So keep in mind if your rolling for a girl and that same girl keep on coming she thinking hard about your character or pouting girls in this game are somewhat possessive that why I don't like using girls characters only if I need to.

Another odd thing Fayt like 'us the player' mostly Fayt likes me playing as A2...>_< Fayt likes it too much Fayt has no issue with A2 other girls Fayt blocks them Fayt really dislikes Rena for some reason that's why I never use Rena outside of healing on boss and I never use Wedding Rena on my main account, Hmm Rena is another dominated element maybe that's why Fayt has issues with other dominated elements I think.

As I said before it was also hinted our character likes food and water in it was hinted in the story the jokes about Bananas is one of them.

And it the first time alcohol has been in any event in SOA and I wished our character did drink...
But if Wedding Maria was right about our character age we are 'young' she hinted at so maybe our character is not old enough yet...hmmm I know for sure the opening tells us our character is male...

All I know is that our character had black hair (maybe) from the opening win you start the game and that we are young that was hinted from Maria from the Wedding event we had with her.

And that our Character is the captain and that's why everyone wants to be with our character somehow jealousy is there if you play on auto-battle it shows who like who and who dislikes who

So I'm getting off topic now yes that my thoughts on it everyone can have different ideas

This is my thought on this topic of Love and other stuff

But have fun in this game this game has lots of hints and I'm really looking forward to the Wedding Event I need Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt.
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