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.Hack//G.U. Japanese actor!...


Urrrghhh!...I didn't know THIS!...I just found out today why I love Haseo Japanese voice SO much!...Because it done by the one and ONLY...!
Takahiro Sakurai!. Who you ask? why don't I fill you out?.
In Japan he done not only .Hack//G.U. BUT he rolled in Fina Fantasy 7 Advent Children!...As Cloud Strife!!...why didn't anyone tell be before?!...
That why I Loved FF7 AC Jap so much! yeah I have to say I love Haseo Jap voice but don't get me wrong I'm learning to like Yuri Lowenthal who dose the English Voice of Haseo. But yeah I thought let you guys know
.Hack//G.U. Jap is good man I wish Takahiro Sakurai did a English voice I wonder how it would sound...

But here you go-

Haseo's Japanese voice actor-
Haseo's English voice actor-

Japanese guy are lucky they get Japanese Cloud Strife voice well we English get...uh the Vary good Yuri Lowenthal. SO I well now Wave the Final Fantasy 7 Banner along with .Hack//G.U. Banner as proud as I can!.

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