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SOA EoE incoming.


---From facebook---
Zephyr (Ace Attacker / Guns)

- ATK+30% / If target is at Long Distance, ATK +60% (All)
- If HP is at 100%, AP Recovery through Normal Attacks +100% (All)
- Evasion AP Consumption -50% & Invalidates “HP Reduction Field” (All)
- Evasion Distance & Evasion Speed +100% (Self)
- Upon a Perfect Evasion, AP Consumption -100% (Self / 10s)

- Rush Combo: [Invincible Struggle / x4000% ATK]
Large Damage & AP Consumption -30% & Crit Rate +100% (Self / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp & Official SOA Twitter):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo & Victory Pose

- Vashyron (Ace Defender / Gun)

- HP +30% & If HP is at 20% or less, won’t flinch (All)
- Damage to Single Target +20% / If HP is at 100%, Single Target Damage +30% & Crit Rate +20% (All)
- After using Hell Invite, Damage Received -100% (Self / 0.5s)
- ATK +10% & DEF +20% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Invincible Drive / x4000% ATK]
Large Damage & Recovers 30% HP & Crit Damage +40% (All / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp & Official SOA Twitter):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo & Victory Pose

- Beach Leanne (Ace Shooter / Rifle)

- Damage +30% / If HP is at 100%, Damage +50% (All)
- Absorbs 10% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attack (All)
- While attacking, will not flinch & Damage Taken -20% & When chaining 3 or more Skills, AP Consumption -30% (Self)
- ATK +20% & HP +10% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Invincible Breaker / x4500% ATK]
Large Damage & AP Consumption -40% & ATK Damage +30% (Self / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp & Official SOA Twitter):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo & Victory Pose


• “End of Eternity - Letters -” Event
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: 24 May (After MT)

- Pitted against Cannon Daddy. Humanoid with some heavy weaponry such as cannonballs, missiles, and other jumping mechanics. Also stays airborne and delivers a shockwave upon landing. Weak to Earth Element.
- Annihilation & Extinction Difficulty (50 AP & 60 AP) to be added on 5/1.
- New Stamps
Vashyron Stamp, “Are you even looking?”
Zephyr Stamp, “Eat dirt!”
Leanne Stamp, “!?”

[Event Weapons]

[Vashyron’s Gun: PMF-84W-B]
- Damage of Hell Invite +20%
- ATK Damage Taken -10%
- (LB5) AP Recovery Speed +50%

[Beach Leanne’s Rifle: PMF-BEACH]
- Damage of Warhead Delivery +20%
- ATK Damage +10%
- (LB5) While attacking, ATK Damage -15%

[Zephyr’s Gun: PMF-84-S]
- Damage of Rage Scream +20%
- Damage +10%
- (LB5) Recovers 3% HP every 5 seconds

[Event Accessories]

[Event Accessory: Mr. Pigs Long Sleeve Shirt]
- If HP is at 10% or higher and target is at Long Distance, 40% chance to survive a fatal blow.
- Recovers 2% HP every 5 seconds


• Pickup Gacha (Zephyr / Vashyron / Beach Leanne)
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: 24 May (After MT)

- Rates up for the Limited EoE Characters, Zephyr, Vashyron, and Beach Leanne


If you missed Champ Pater’s Event in the previous EoE Collab, don’t worry as even his event will be reprinted.


— Awakened Leanne (Original Shooter & Attacker) —

• Awakening Celebration Pickup Gacha (Original Shooter & Attacker Leanne)
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: TBA

- Will put up info tomorrow when the event is out.


[EoE Collab Campaign]

• Gem Sale
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: 10 May

- ¥120 for 500 Gems daily

• Limited Item Shop Bundle
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: 24 May

- Special Bundle added into the Item Shop

• Limited Login Bonus
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: TBA

- Special Login Bonus for 21 days.

• Limited Achievements
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: TBA

- Clear a Mission within 1 minute: x1 4* ~5* Character Ticket
- 3-man Rush Combo: x10 Limit Breaker S
- Limit Break a Weapon 1 time: x1 5* Weapon Ticket
- Attain a Victory in 20 Multiplayer Matches: 1 000 000 FOL
- Obtain 100 000 FOL: x10 HP Seed
- Defeat 100 Enemies: x3 Prism Crystal
- Attain 200 HITS in One Battle: x1 Limit Breaker L

• Hammer & Thread Missions
Start: 26 April (After MT)
End: TBA

- Event Stage to attain Hammers to enhance Weapons, and Threads to enhance Accessories.

---End of post from facebook--

We have another Leanne so roll for Beach Leanne if you don't have Opera or did not roll for her having a Rifle user will be good with the GS user also.

Champ Pater is weak to light and wind get your wind and light users ready for this I'm going to have Rena with light weapon ready and Fayt and maybe A2 I'll see

Weapon Name: Tome Brand
Type: Sword
Factor: Damage to Humanoid +40%
AP Usage Reduced by 15%

Fayt sword is going to be good for this event if you have it time to use this weapon again more likely time to dust it off and use any light weapons you have and light users or wind users.

So EoE has come back again like the people asked for it they hinted it on twitter and youtube chat so with EoE return I'm not going to roll I'm saving my gems I'm safe.

I'm saving for the wedding event come on wedding Reimi with rifle and wedding Fayt.

I'll do the gem sale time to buy more gems but I will do this event to get what I missed out last time.

If your rolling for Alt Albel and Opera this is your last time for the rates to be up Alt Albel is good for a starter GS user and if you don't have A2 many people don't like him but if you use Alt Albel right Alt Albel can be good and people on facebook did solo with him so that says much.

I say just play with who you like but having a good character will help you if your doing MP

In Rena voice "are you ready?" For this update? and will you roll for them?

May the RNG luck be with you if you are and farm now if you are doing old events.
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