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SOA Update weapons.


So we got another weapon gacha upcoming.

--From Facebook--
[PMF-M4: Rifle]
- Adds Earth Element to Attacks
- Crit Rate +15%
- (LB5) Evasion AP Consumption -50%

[PMF-45: Guns]
- Adds Earth Element to Attacks
- If HP is at 20% or above, 80% chance to survive a fatal blow
- (LB5) Recover 5% HP every 3 seconds

[PMF-226: Guns]
- Adds Earth Element to Attacks & Damage to Human Race +20%
- ATK Damage +15%
- (LB5) AP Consumption -10%

[Bloody Sword: One-Handed Sword]
- Damage to Human Race +40%
- Absorbs 10% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks
- (LB5) Rush Combo Damage +10%

---End of Facebook---

So that sword looks good and it might be good for 2B and Fayt and one handed sword users that you are using I myself got 2b weapon if you did not get 2b weapon go and roll for this sword for me this sword is temptation I'm not going to roll for it and yes I did end up buying more gems.

And if you don't have Fayt own weapon I say roll for this sword I have Fayt sword so I'm not going to roll for this sword even if I want to.
must save gems for wedding event come on wedding Reimi with rifle.

good luck with the RNG if your going to roll for them I got gems and tickets saved for the wedding event that win I'm going to roll as I said before I'm going to skip this banner so updated pictures of EoE characters from me after playing around with a rented beach Leanne she is fun if you don't have Opera go for beach Leanne and there is no reason not to use both.

I will tell you it's hard for me to warm up to girl characters win I do i will warm up to them it taken me a long time to warm up to reimi for that very same reason and I did and I'm a reimi fan and yes I did vote for her in the wedding event so I'm going to roll for wedding reimi and wedding fayt, all I need is wedding reimi to complete the reimi set I'm serious. :P

A2 was a bit different I automatically felt connected to her and liked her more over the other girls 2B not so much I don't know why but I'm lukewarm about her.

9S I do like him and I never got him on my main account however on my alt account got him and yes my main account is still very very salty about not having 9S.

【10連3回目で新武器1本確定!】 5/1(火)0:00より、10連3回ごとに★5新武器1本が確定のガチャが登場! 新武器は「PMF-M4(ライフル)」「PMF-45(銃)」他全4本。効果は地属性付与や、人間系へのダメアップなど。期間は5/24(木)メンテまで! #アナムネシス

so good luck with the RNG rolls if your going to do it and have fun farming the new events.
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