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SOA incoming teaser


"艦長!明日のメンテ後に登場予定の「青春のメリクル」さんのラッシュコンボの動画もありますよ!ラッシュコンボ威力はATK×3500%です! 見ました!?これは僕ではないですか!?あ、彼女のパンチもなかなかやりますね 詳しくはこの後のスターラジオーシャンで! #アナムネシス"

"艦長!明日のメンテ後に登場予定の「ルシフェル」さんのラッシュコンボの動画をもらってきました!ラッシュコンボ威力はATK×4000%! 嵐のような大技はまさしく【亡びの風】という名前がぴったりですね!(;`◎∀◎´) 詳しくはこの後のスターラジオーシャンで! #アナムネシス"
Cyril O_o

We are getting Mericle of Youth and Lucifer a.k.a. Cyril

SO2 Cyril for me otherwise known as Lucifer don't confuse him with Luther.

Now we need Luther and Indalecio.

Cyril looks amazing I do like him but I will save gems for the wedding event so this is another temptation but I'll think of it.

In Star Ocean Second Evolution they just renamed Cyril to Lucifer but he will always be Cyril to me.

I do want Cyril so I can use him to fight Luther pun indeed.

But good luck if your going to roll for both of them Cyril looks good he has that whole elegant feel to him. but you know seeing them makes me wish for a SO2 remake and now we need the rest of the ten wise men to fight in star ocean anamnesis.

And if your doing events farm now and if your going to pull or save gems good luck on that.

but I did not roll yet this is temptation I tell you I'll think of it I can buy more gems if I must but may RNG be with you if your going to roll good luck.
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