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Star Ocean Anamnesis - Twin Eclipse PV


スターオーシャンシリーズ初のスマートフォン向け作品 『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス』の 新バーション『スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse-』の先行PV 新バージョンの稼働は2018年夏予定 ▼「スターオーシャン:アナムネシス -Twin Eclipse- 」テーマソング 『何度でも』 ▼アーティスト 『CIVILIAN』

Arc 2 to drop in Summer of 2018

For the phone no this is not Star Ocean 6

However the news on SO6
Answer- Star Ocean: Anamnesis is being supported by many fans, and there’s enough demand from fans.

So they want fans to support Anamnesis for now as they said they are going by demand and popularity right now SOA is doing good it being very supported by Japan not very liked in the west you know west NA people don't like phone games so that might be a problem.

And fans want it beyond SO3 timeline if they are saying SO3 is canon fans don't like SO3 ending if you played Star Ocean 3 you know how it ends so maybe that why they are not making a game beyond SO3 yet.
SOA takes place before SO3 so it works somehow but SO3 is still the end game for the whole star ocean universe timeline.

I myself want SO3 remake with SOA graphics I would buy it they prove with SOA they can remake another game or even SO2 remake that would be amazing.

They also said "wait a little longer"

According to Kobayashi:

I understand, I know what else everyone would like to hear, but speaking frankly, it’s not that simple to make.

If it could be made without tri-Ace, then surely it would possible. But that’s not the case, is it? I’m saying please wait a little longer. Won’t you please wait a little longer?

Please keep faith in us as we continue with Anamnesis. I’ll also do my best. That’s all I can say today, but I believe that everyone’s support will empower us to work hard.

That might say right now they are focusing on SOA not SO6 I know fans was spamming SO6 in the chat
I think if we get another SO6 game it might take place from SOA maybe? They can work with that but I don't see SO6 coming anytime soon right now they are very very focused on SOA and it doing very good.

SO5 was disappointing it didn't make the sales they said it and it reminded me too much of SO3 *cough* and it made me wish they remade SO3 not SO5 I feel if SO3 is really that loved why not remake it for the PS4 or PS5? They can pull a FF7-R how they are doing the game and make it like that.

But for me I'm not all worried about SO6 I'm too busy enjoying SOA I'm supporting it and I like playing it.

They did light talk about SO6 that fans wanted to know and why it not coming out or hinted at this is there answer for now and they are focusing on SOA right now.

As for Star Ocean Anamnesis - Twin Eclipse I'm all ready for it as for the scythe weapon I can see more possibilities for more crossovers characters that used scythe weapons beside the teaser of Arumat.

That girl with the scythe she remind me someone...Kokore is you?

Anyways I'm ready for Star Ocean Anamnesis - Twin Eclipse and if you want to get into this game remember Nox is dead you can't use that so you might want to make a account if your using iTunes.

or if your can get
Link- this on your phone your good to go.
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