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SOA 6/14 (木) Maintenance [JP] Wedding Event Part 2.


"【6/14 (木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:30頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもって「花嫁レイミ/花婿フェイト」のピックアップガチャなどが終了となります。ご了承ください。 #アナムネシス"

"[6/14 (Thu) Maintenance Notice] We will carry out maintenance work related to the addition of new events from 14:00 until 16:30. With the start of maintenance, "Bride Reimi/Bride groom Fate" pickup and exit. Please understand."

---From facebook--

• Maintenance
Duration: 14 June (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 16:30 JST

MT Contents:
- New Event
- New Campaign
- Adjustments to Bride Rena & Bride Evelysse
- Bug Fixes

Following Events will end:
- Wedding Campaigns Part 1 (Wedding Item Bundle, Gem Sale, Limited Achievements, Limited Login Bonus, Character Enhancement Great Success Up, Rainbow Evo Materials Dungeon, Rainbow EXP Materials Dungeon)
- Pickup Gacha (Bride Reimi / Groom Fayt)
- Pickup Gacha (Bride Maria / Bride Nel)
- Pickup Gacha (Fayt)
- New Weapon Pickup / Guaranteed / Step-Up Gacha
- SO2 Event, Hell Siren
- SO2 Event, Michael
- Ruins of Elements (Ice Elemental Weakness)
- Gerel Legacy Coin Exchange
- Jie Revorse Coin Exchange
- Both Dimension Beast Coin Exchange

Wedding Event Part 2 is among us, with Bride Clair and Bride Precis dropping by tomorrow!
Bride Clair with ATK x4500% Rush Multiplier, and Bride Precis at ATK x4000%!
Please wait for more info during the radio later.
---End of facebook---

Can you wait until another year for Wedding Reimi and Wedding Fayt? This will be the last time this year to get them and yes Wedding Fayt is good so is Wedding Reimi and no I don't have wedding reimi
I stop trying to get her after getting wedding fayt.

News for NA-

Coro has made it very far on the goal map thanks to everyone’s support! You can exchange the Launch Coin in-game for a 5 Star weapon or enhancement material of your choice! Pre-register on the @GooglePlay Store or follow us to unlock more items!

Daring explorers lead the way with our STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS Closed Beta Test for #iOS users. Sign up now!

So if your lucky enough to get into the close beta have fun this game is fun keep in mind the close beta is only for NA a.k.a. US for now people outside of US was having trouble trying to get into the page so far I have not got a e-mail for the close beta and I'm not getting into that it looks like.

Good luck if your going to pull for the wedding characters or wait year may the RNG be with you.

Bride Clair and Bride Precis I'm not rolling for them but good luck on them.

艦長!明日のメンテ後に登場予定の「花嫁クレア」さんのラッシュコンボの動画もゲットしましたよ!ラッシュコンボ威力はATK×4500%! あわわっ!そんな微笑みで見つめられてしまうと僕っ、僕っ…!(;`◎∀◎´)ノ 詳しくは、この後のスターラジオーシャンで! #アナムネシス

艦長!明日のメンテ後に登場予定の「花嫁プリシス」さんのラッシュコンボの動画をもらってきました!ラッシュコンボ威力はATK×4000%! お花に囲まれてプリシスさんも無人くんも楽しそうです!ヾ(◎∀◎´) ノ 詳しくは、この後のスターラジオーシャンで! #アナムネシス

Looks like wedding fayt is the only male character to be added to the wedding set no wedding albel since he did come in second and bride clair is here she also placed second...looks like bride precis come out of nowhere.

I have to say clair has so many alts now but her wedding outfit is cute need to pair her with bride nel for win.

good luck if your going to roll for bride clair and bride percis may the RNG be with you and no I'm not rolling for either of them got my wedding fayt I'm set.
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