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SOA Wedding story part 2.


So the whole story is around Percis much like the first event with Reimi focused this one is mainly focused on Percis and her trying to do something.

Reimi and Fayt do show up but don't stay long in the story moving on. the ending with Percis successful at what she was trying to do.

Now Percis with her price charming Claude?...No she after Ashton not Claude O_O she even goes far as pushing herself toward Ashton who freaks out and runs away that ends that dream.

Next event is Clair will she be hinted with Albel?...No she with Cliff and Emmerson and Farleen who teases the guys that Clair is going to marry...Fayt??...>_> Clair stops it but in the end she secretly don't mind 'one day' being someone bride and yes fayt name did come up in clair event so that lead to this (theory) for now.

>>looks at Wedding Fayt design looks at Wedding Clair...
Yes there colors match too good...

Maybe Wedding Clair was her desire to marry Fayt?...*hint* (theory) if Adray was here he would push for that they should of saved wedding clair event win adray was around that way wedding fayt would have some kind of event.

So the couples this time was

Edge and Reimi
Percis and Ashton
Clair and Fayt that is hinted in Clair story
Fayt story however he says 'No...' and Faize shows up

I know in fayt story there is no girls...however what made wedding fayt is still up in the air maybe fayt thought of being married to his new job? like Delacroix?...fayt was working with faize a lot and our character doing some work.

But nothing with our character not like the 1st wedding set we had with wedding nel and wedding maria and wedding rena so this is a mini update on the wedding story part 2.

That just my take on it and go play the story yourself but I have to say bride clair is cute and no I did not roll for her.

this time it's all about couples and I'm a bit disappointing but the story was alright.
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