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I well get this Ova...

Hello long time no see. I was Wondering if anyone has any Torrent link to .Hack//G.U. Returner OVA?. It a OVA tells you what happens After game. But I Don't think no one heard of it...I know Some people HAS seen it over at place...but I well ask here dose anyone have any Info on it?.

The only thing I come up with is Yahoo Auctions Japan. it it listed there.
But thought I would just ask...

I'm asking ALL around as we speak I even ask my Friend to help who shell be nameless at this point. But I SO want this Ova...I would die for it. (Okay maybe not that fair...) but I heard some News that people all ready seen it over at Dothackers SO unfair they should Share the Torrent link right?...or Youtoube it or Veoh it...and the SAD thing is it in no Japanese Store yet...they Should make Vol.3 come with the Dame OVA(Fixed) we won't be hurting like this...but I thought I'll let you guys know.
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