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SOA bit story what? [JP]


So I did a rough translations on the wedding event after story

"I will help you too. Everyone, however...." Fate
"To the Convention on the Protection of the Planetary planets" Precis
"Do not Conflict!" Precis
"Right?" Precis
"I know" Precis
"KATAABUTSU Fate~!" Precis
"And Katabutu! What?" Fate
"Precis! I'm!... ...." Fate
"Heh." Clair
"Fate, it's just a joke." Clair
"Please do not get so angry." Clair
"Well, everyone gets along" Reimi
"Let's support the revival of the village" Reimi

(KATAABUTSU?...looks on the internet finds Kaibutsu...I'm thinking Precis is calling Fate a...Monster or trying to insult him look at another name for Kaibutsu is...bitch and asshole...>_<)

So that just a rough translation on what is going on I'm thinking Fayt is still with the whole UP3 issue and Precis wants to be herself and not with the whole UP3 that is Fayt always with even in SO3 and Precis wants to make fun of it that's what I'm thinking of I can be wrong and we will see win they translates this it's going to be interesting.

So even now in SOA Fayt is with the whole Do Not Disturb UP3 going on maybe that's why Fayt can only get along with a few characters like Faize and Roddick and our character.

And no I did not translate the wedding ending story with Fayt and Faize not yet.

The story I did a rough translate is the ending split story before you get to Clair and Precis ending wedding story the story with no Faize yes that one this was a rough translation of it.
And I'm going to think they might change the dialog here and I know from what people was saying about the beta they already was changing dialog already.

It feels like Fayt character did change a bit in SOA fes win Fayt had that anger win they thrown the girls at him Fayt was not happy at all and it feels like Fayt can now get more angry easy. and win Fayt gets a mix of anger that rise up his powers start acting up that only almost happen win we had the Nier automata event if it wasn't for Emmerson knocking Fayt out Fayt might of destroyed something.

And in auto-battle Fayt emotions are...possessive and dominating win I use auto-battle that what I see if you use auto-battle you can see how your party reacts to one another if they like one another or dislike one another only for hard bosses I take Fayt off auto-battle and play as him I have to say bridegroom Fayt is fun to play as. maybe that's why Fayt and Rena don't get along with one another with Rena kind want help everyone and Fayt UP3 Do Not Disturb maybe that's why they conflict?? (Theory) we don't know. I know in auto-battle Fayt and Rena don't get along very good.

This translations I did was rough maybe bad I would not take this translations seriously I want to see what they was talking about and that is what I got.

If I do a rough translations on Fayt wedding story I'll post it here now for Fayt wedding story I got a feeling it has to with Fayt emotions being a weapon and Faize telling him that he is not alone .a.k.a. Reimi and Edge that my guess.

So I'll take a look at the wedding story and see if I want to do another rough translations on it maybe maybe not I'll see.
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