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SOA update and what is going on [JP]


【7/5(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:30頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもってイベント『託した想い、明日への誓い』『駆け出し技術者と凶つ星』などが終了となります。ご了承下さい。 #アナムネシス


----From facebook----


• Maintenance
Duration: 5 July (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 16:30 JST

MT Contents:
- New Event
*All 2018 Wedding Character variants (Bride Reimi, Bridegroom Fayt, Bride Precis, Bride Clair) will be completely removed from the pool

Following Events will end,
- 2018 Wedding Event, Ocypete Necromancy & Land Kraken
- 2017 Wedding Event, Beast Monarch
- Adhesion Alma Event
- Facula Dragon Event
- Both Colossal Beak Coin Exchange
- Armaros Depth Coin Exchange

---End of facebook----

So yes the brides are going to be removed completely no more less random chances on getting them.

Bride Reimi, Bridegroom Fayt, Bride Precis, Bride Clair until next year for you sorry for the people who did not draw you.

I myself is happy with Bridegroom Fayt boy he drop on my alt the first roll and my main account had to chase him with lots of gems that was my experience with bridegroom Fayt.

So the brides are going to be removed until next year.

This wedding event was fun but my disappointing they focused on couples this time like Edge and Reimi and not like the first time but it was fun to see that and yes it do feel like Edge and Reimi are more canon now.

But to me Bridegroom Fayt had no part in this story that was sad it still leaves in the air how Bridegroom Fayt come to be we know how Bride Clair was here.

I'm going to stay with my theory how Bridegroom Fayt come to be for a moment in Fayt wedding story he thought of him being a 'Bridegroom' and thus Bridegroom Fayt is here that's why he says
'No....' in the begging of Fayt wedding story before Faize come in.

And yes Reimi and Fayt was voted for the bride event people paid real money for this this time it wasn't a random choice of brides this was voted with real money and people voted for Reimi and Fayt.

And this is what we got did you like it? Did you hate it? Or was you only in for the brides? I myself wanted another Fayt and more story and we got it.

So after getting the goal of Bridegroom Fayt will I be drawing for more characters? I don't want to I got my goal however random characters falling into my lap from all the time not drawing since Bridegroom Fayt that is another did happen I was not expecting it.

My alt

Bride Clair from and Ace ticket O_O

She is pretty

One ticket used for her I was working on original Nel and Bride Clair come in hmm.

My main account

Nooo Nurse Fiore I was trying my hardest to avoid her but she is good for a healer and yes I got her on my free draw.

I do got a enough stones to LB her on my main account for saving that long I might maybe.

But yes my main account Luna got a free Nurse Fiore without trying.

But my rental on Luna and Zero accounts is still going to be Bridegroom Fayt for now.

And yes I'm slowly working on my gems on my min account since Bridegroom Fayt made spend a lot on him my alt account is not so lucky on gems not like my main account.

That was my experience with ace tickets and free draws it can happen even win your not ready for it but yes Bride Clair for Zero and Nurse Fiore for Luna that what I got without spending gems that surprised me.

So say goodbye to the June brides until next year it was fun and now...we wait for Twin Eclipse to drop.
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