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SOA launched NA. [EN]


So we get the news

"We’re excited to announce that STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS has officially launched on the App Store and the Google Play Store! Enjoy 5,000 gems, 5* Faize, and other great rewards as a result of hitting the top goal in our pre-registration campaign! Download now!"


The most talk is this is the 'NA' version and people in EU want it and other places it might take time or the worse case is you might not get it at all.

I would say use QooApp and use the apk.

Now about the game itself it smooth and runs on both my in English the only issue I'm finding with it compared playing the Japanese version is the voices I think the English voices might grow on me I'm not too sure yet but they do have Japanese voices to switch to otherwise it's run like the same.

And no I'm not using Zero or Luna for the NA account :P I'm still deciding on two accounts I'm playing around with yet to make it my 3rd account...>_<

Oh boy got love the random RNG for trying to get good starter characters I have money thanks for not spending it on SOA Japanese version so I might. Before I do I want to get my 3rd account but right now I'm playing around with 2 possible accounts.

>>Looks at Reddit lots of posting
What might come is 1st crossover?? We're not sure yet no word on it yet (Theory)

If we did I would be rolling for them on my EN account Fina is good so is Rain as for a healer getting Fina before Rena is good but Rena is good.

So good luck on getting starter characters and have fun with the English ver.

And play with characters who you like and have fun.

Now I'm running into a bit of lag.

STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS OP almost true except no Bacchus not even in Japanese ver.
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